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Nod that makes sense. I guess based on what I see people wearing in SF, a tall black zip boot is already by nature pretty aggressive due to uncommon-ness so even wearing white tornadoes doesnt seem that much more out of place or me. That green is hawt.
Hrmm... Maybe I'm just not detail oriented, but those boots look pretty similar in the pictures -- does one pair work better with certain types of stylings vs the other? Or do you find them pretty interchangeable? Don't get me wrong, I buy a ton of the same or very similar things so not judging in any sense... I was just curious -- I know folks have said CCP's shape works better with non jeans/suits/tailored stuff -- which I dunno if I buy into -- and yeah the shape is a...
pfft angry blog posts.... better yet should be snide john oliver segments!
It was several seasons ago that he hated ccp and its armor-like uncomfort! Thanks for the clarification eckblk -- definitely did not read the booklet -- of course you'd have the straight dope -- hi5 team jet-black
yeah i dunno if its even ambition or that he simply started buying into his own hype. ,o(...I.. AM a GOLDEN GOD!!!!)
i think we are only a few more pages of posts away from being required to start referring to eckblk as uncle.
Ohwell - I guess at this point I shouldn't be shocked by inconsistency, but checking my lazzari web email recordz: Black leather jacket (Carol Christian Poell) [LM/2498-CORS-PTC/010]
The green spiral zips I got are pretty stiff. The leather isn't crazy thick, but stiff for sure. It might be an oiled vs unoiled thing.
Weird. Mine is pure jet black. Unblemished hide. Marledish could be cool too.
Dunno if that's a scarstitch exactly -- maybe it is. But that stitching surrounding the pockets is non-standard. Also not 100% sure there are hooks. First time I've seen him use goat. But some guy was selling an old school CCP leather bomber in pig so sometimes he uses things that aren't kangaroo/bison/calf/horse ;p
New Posts  All Forums: