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your parka is like that adopted kid the parents just assumed was chinese and raised thinking he was chinese, to keep him in tune with his birth heritage, but then the dad realized kid was actually korean! while filling out college forms. except also switch chinese and japanese.
What is the treatment?
Fear the linen/wool blend guidis ;p Great looking shirt.
that fabric looks great
Man the video of the frozen waves shoot is great. Still my favorite concept in concept/palette/execution ;p That sand/color blocked light shirt is still one of my favorite schneider pieces.
Dunno man. Gantz isn't exactly a dense read. Probably could crush all 25 volumes in a one weekend day binge sitting if you wanted
I just got the pants from JJVE.. how did you size them and how high do you wear the waist? Also do you ever not cover up the diaper-esque drop crotch with long shirting? ;p My first thought was definitely to cover it up with long ass shirts, but yeah not super sure.
Well guy is part owner/operator of Sartorialoft LA so I expect with his collection... it's hard to find time for, even what to us are, really interesting/unique pieces.
Are those the ones DHC from Sartorialoft was selling? The treatment sounds interesting. I too am not a fan of scarring.
yeah i mean im not a stooges fan, but before i even identified that as the design... it was like ugh the zipper color contrasts poorly with the shade of black - if the zipper was silver it would have been only mediocre and a poor value and maybe escaped the territory of atrocious
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