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Yeah I've had 3 pants ordered in November 2013 -- and what's the date today? may 2015? Though let me be clear, none of this is hide-m or holger's fault. Just a lot of stories from Erik (IE) about having to change tailors for production and a constant stream of missed delivery promises "2 weeks" -- 2 weeks later with no emails -- blah blah blah repeat
Shrug. IE is having production problems -- I'm not sure that he ever delivered FW14. If you want to make an order maybe Holger can help you out at hide-m, but I think he will tell you that it's unclear when IE will get his shit together and actually deliver stuff.
Agreed, wouldn't mind seeing such photos ;p Need an inspiration thread for such -- lead us to the promised land beneysd! More than just build (e.g. lanky or stocky) -- I feel like its also your proportions too which even if you fall into one build type or another -- variations on proportion can make or break fits like if your legs are extra short/long even for your build, narrow or wide shoulders or barrel chest etc.
I hope you quit your job in IT so that you could become the Erin Brockovich of TOJ. I would watch that movie.
#forumsworld problemz -- only tier above the first world. Been banking and rationing my thumbs since day 1 -- could replace all my fingers and toes with thumbs that's how deep I'm rolling.
I guess you haven't received the memo on the impending thumbs shortage crisis. Soon LA Guy may institute mandatory thumb-rationing I've heard.
I think its very simple. There are simply more tornados out in the wild. I'd guess at least 10x and while demand may not be equitable -- it's enough that with the secondary market supply that prices are what they are.Especially when you have people accustomed to paying whatever the price is if they want something badly enough -- I mean at this point "value" is almost too subjective to really mean anything. You can't tell someone who wants drips and already has tornados...
Thanks guys. So I got more details and its very smh in wtf. So apparently the retailer says the shipper interpreted my california 94109 zipcode into ca9109 -- and it was fucking delivered to some rando in the UK (I live in SF aka the US).Since the retailer didn't give me the tracking # until last week, a week after it was delivered, and I couldn't get detailed delivery information until now -- it's been 3 weeks since it got delivered to a rando in another fucking...
Man that green is amazing.
It says nothing, says there's no package matching the tracking #. I tried it with ups, dhl and fedex to see if they might pick it up. This wouldn't be the first country where their postal service tracking # gets translated to a different one during the US carrier hand-off though. Basically hoping the sender gets back to me either with the zipcode he entered in (if it's wrong) or whatever zipcode format I need to be able to get the detailed results/signature.
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