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Awesome Zero History reference... feel like that entire trilogy especially Zero History is extremely relevant to SF/SZ in terms of brands/marketing.
I like the paper gats myself ;p
grey as well
Well I'm 5'7 so I'm just going to wear it long styles ;p
Yeah the shirt is tempting, but I've yet to commit to full jjve yet as you have and executed well so I decided to hold off, plus it seems a bit sheer for my tastes. The jogger pants were my second consideration. Definitely great pieces around. I think I'm still jealous of your emerald shirt.
Generally most places also offer a discount with pre-orders. Also... if the location is in another country right now the dollar is extremely strong. When the pieces actually drop this may not hold true since US exporters are lobbying for some currency weakening.So money reasons too Sweet Watashidrake... yeah black looked great and amazing in the fit, but I have too much black stuff as is. Very excited to have a long knit + yak x linen material!Still, nothing comes close to...
Ya i ordered it in grey
Because the guy is obsessed with knits and probably almost of his "R&D" or whatever techniques he's experimenting with are mostly knit oriented so probably sunk costs into that. Don't particularly feel that LUC is on par with CCP in pricing since I don't think they sell anything in the 5k+ range. Pants maybe are on par-ish.
How do his button up shirts fit? Are they pretty consistent. I'm true 50/slim 52 with armholes/chest being usually what doesn't fit. Would folks recommend size 50 or 52?
Caveat is right on the sz front, but to clarify it wasn't purely just a label thing -- most people that commented weren't particularly taken with the actual fit either.
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