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Yeah I do.. but I hoarded when they were full retail ;p What were they going for on the sale? Will need to seriously think if I want to let them go at significantly less than retail. I bought multiples because I knew pants were going to crotch blow well before the jacket falls apart ;p
Sorry, but its worth trying to make happen even with a used pair. I got a pair of the original khaki jungle cloth collabs used and have never regretted it. Are you a size 31? I might be persuaded to parting with an unworn spare pair I have.
Wow what's the fabric on the LUC pants? Looks amazing.
I have this pairing and it's pretty epic when worn together.
Thanks sir! Snagged them. First Jan Jan piece.
If that happens NMWA should just start them on the long con. Yeah okay okay we'll take care of you.... it's coming the second drop. Yeah not sure what happened man guess there was a miscommunication. Next season for sure, size 7 for all. Second drop. Next season. Eventually Schneider no longer makes size 7.
Wow I should have made sure not to miss this. Big fan and have the new book. Thanks for sharing
I have not. But that was nicelynice's take and I'm pretty sure he's the most experienced/knowledgable about the label here and I trust his assessment. I wasn't surprised that their wool/linen wasn't as exciting to him... I have yet to encounter a wool/linen produced by any brand that has as much texture in terms of hand and color as what PH has produced. But I was surprised that the wool/ramie wasn't on par or nicer to him.Fundamentally I was only giving my sense of what...
cigars/whiskey and mk at canstyleace's house??
Yeah Bergfabel is probably a much better value. It's cleaner than PH which makes for a better comparison to a1923. Neither a1923 or bergfabel's fabrics are as nice as PH's so it's a closer comparison and given that bergfabel is half the cost....
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