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Haha that and with the instep, I feel like there's no way I can fit into them ;p 42 min plz ;p my current grey reverse horse carpe side zips are snug as is and start to ache a bit after 5 hrs of wear. which means i don't wear them too much ;p -- started forcing myself and they are loosening up, but it was a process
My pants / boots shot. The 90% linen/10% cotton grey IE pants + attachment reverse calf side zips. Pants are fantastic and the current ones have little detail updates like black leather backing for the buttons on the fly etc.
Maybe I'll mature out of my heavy/thick = quality/desirable state one day -- but definitely currently still in that state.
hope the cors on my vest bag is legit haha
ya the french linen tent fabric is pretty great.
what does your fedora detector tell you?
eckblk and wormwood are the masters of finding carpe ;p docus as well for carpe clothing ;p
Can you list the fabric composition? I feel like it was mentioned at linen in one of the threads, but feel like it has to be cotton canvas or somesuch.
That is a lot of brain touching. You should set up milestones where after 100 brains you reward yourself with some new schneider pants, etc.
I hope when your neuro program starts you keep a running count of how many brains you've touched so far. I imagine you might have touched a few so far.
New Posts  All Forums: