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Maybe that's why they have to discount it. All the pieces have been dishonored by subpar modelling.
thanks, wow they have a great buy... some really rare pieces there like the backbone sweater, the crescent collar jacket and that trench. and that double layer knit the reverse side is really awesome. and that handstitched knit coat, damn
I too have joined the military bread bag pants club. They had it in grey at thearchive and couldn't resist. This year it's 45% linen, 45% hemp, 10% ramie... my trifecta of favorite fabrics. Hard to believe they bagged bread in that shit.
Yeah 5 is good for oversized or layering, but 4 would be for a more fitted look and if you don't plan on layering much. I'm a true 40/50 and wear 6 in shirts, blazers, but 5 in knits and most coats and don't layer much at all because I live in California.
Heehee I remember when you were like meh on CCP because of how armor-like and restrictive his stuff. The conversion has been slow but you can't really escape it. I need a high neck at some point, but it might be time to start breaking out the scarstitch.
should definitely get it... shouldnt be hard to sell in japan if it doesnt work out ;p
I just have this sudden urge to see overdyed belts become a trend. So if someone could be the originator of such a trend, in this moment, i am very much enthused for such a reality and someone stepping up i am sure this will pass quickly
Not that I'm invested either way, but realistically speaking... do you think anyone's ever regretted blocking someone that they are on the fence blocking? I feel like fomo on the possibility they might generated worthwhile content is vastly outweighed by not having to think "should i" or suffering the annoying stuff.
I hope this is a gateway drug to you overdying a judo belt, twice, and wearing in lieu of a normal belt in life-settings like work and clubs.
Also, sources say that thatoneguy just got a pair of m.a.+ and may be located in MELBOURNE.
New Posts  All Forums: