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It was from dhhongoo (sp?) size 50 and he was the original owner. Thanks to eckblk for the head's up Honestly my fencing grail is one from that extra thick horse that BSR got one made in.. and not sure if JUICY > CORS, but it is an iconic iteration and nice/thick and significantly cheaper than custom ordering one + wait time so fuck it.
congrats but so jealous.. have 3 pairs on order since november. 40/60 and 60/40 ramie and the hemp/cotton as well.okay fine mountain parka is awesome.
Wow yeah so good.. end to end.
Bah. It was separate criticisms. I haven't had a pair of pants that have really fit me yet and most of the fits ive seen don't look great. I dislike any blazers, coats, jackets they have that have hook closures. I hate it when attachment does it too and pretty much everyone else.
Ah, are they at any retail location ?
I'm afraid to see the IE other stuff. Have the pics, but scared to go through them. Hrm devoa lets me down in pants fit in most of the ones I've tried and in anything with a hook closure. Only good hook closures are the scarstitch/overlock ones CCP uses, but those are backed by a zipper ;p No one should hook closure only
Well dunno if this is an option, dudes on SZ threw their jackets in the washer to shrink it down a bit. http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11700
Thanks for the insole recommendations. Yeah I started trying to figure out how to select the right insole model on amazon.com but gave up promptly. Will run to an REI or something and try stuff.
Sold! Thanks guys.
What do you ballers use for insoles? Upon second wear I absolutely should get some for my Jun Hashimoto's. Probably half a size too large
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