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Just to follow up on my Yang Li green bomber pre-order, not that anyone probably cares, but just in case! Retailer apparently talked with the manufacturer and offered a 40 euro discount which was supposedly a discount from wholesale from Yang Li to the retailer that they were going to pass onto me. I said nah, thanks for making the effort, was unexpected and appreciated, but there's no need for that. Just wanted to know if there's anything we can do to mitigate the risk...
Nod, so is real estate another industry that is ridiculously hard to innovate in or improve. I am hopeful though. I feel like we are starting to see the beginnings of a shift in power in who decides what gets made into TV whereas before networks had all the power because that was where the real money is and the eyeballs. This factored of course into production capabilities and decisions especially once a certain level of production value was expected in a network...
Right so maybe one day -- technology will change the nature of production and the balance of power will shift -- and there will be more control over production than whatever the factories throw back to them, changing the nature of the relationship between retailers and manufacturing. I mean maybe it's too pie in the sky to hold my breath, but not holding my breath. 3d printing??? One can hope. I'm not entirely sure how you divorce the balance of power and the industry?
That's why I said it's not the retailers fault and mentioned that maybe they can negotiate a whole sale price discount with the manufacturer when things change that drastically and pass the savings to the end customer. So -- with that in mind is what you said still applicable? I mean I get how the pre-order business model works and why no refunds or discounts can be offered, but maybe I'm missing a nuance that you are trying to convey to me. I'm sure there's still a lack...
Yeah it's a risk with pre-ordering for sure. Not really the retailers fault, but I feel like when the discrepancy is this crazy maybe there should be some kinda policy where there is a discount on the wholesale price and its passed onto the customer laf, but maybe that's just entitlement speaking.
When you get an email about your green pre-ordered Yang Li bomber which should have looked like: Instead was produced like this: And you are offered store credit because no refunds on pre-orders and there's nothing you want.
I only shop at boutiques that offer handjobs minimum
That and exclusivity rights ;p
Honestly would estimate it to be more like a 46-48 or a slim western M. Haven't found any wjk pieces that I could even pretend would fit me laf.
yeah already reburied them in a desert in prep for the "relaunch" at m_moria euro-strong prices
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