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Just got the a1923 heavy linen pants from hide-m. Excellent pants -- really nice fabric and construction. Definitely m.a.+ influenced but haven't had them use a heavy linen quite this nice imo. I think its some kind of vintage linen so the texture reminds me of some of the military pants that luc does. might be worth checking out alexandertg given we have I think similar builds -- it's not the slimmest of cuts which is nice. i wish he didn't adopt boot cut though for these.
The indigo variant looks great, good luck.
That guy always has awesome footwear at great prices... I think I've bought from him before. Those CCP blue derbies are incredible. The python carpes as well. I have the gundam julius sneakers, have yet to wear them in a fit, but they are pretty sweet even if just to hold. That sole is ridiculous and the things are tank-like in weight.
Totally understood and heard. I mean think you'll find in this space -- as long as you do the right thing in the end it'll work out. Because fundamentally there aren't that many retailers who stock the brands those of us are interested in and given that you are one of them -- as long as people want to buy this shit they will come to you and unless you are super egregious they will see past a bit of unsubstantiated "shadiness" I'm no expert, but I think it's very...
Thanks for clarifying.Well your email didn't say that it was private, don't share or secret and it didn't come from an email address that communicated that clearly either -- so I get that maybe I wasn't supposed to share it in a public forum, but that expectation was not communicate clearly.The only place it said private was "To request info or to place a private order, please direct inquiries to *@cruvoir.com" Quote:Originally Posted by cruvoir uhm ... we've got enough...
Yeah that's what I've heard -- nothing overt beyond stuff like dude might be wearing his own stock which he then sells as new since he shows up in candid fits wearing stuff that folks know only 1 in that size was produced etc. (non-lookbook/model shots). Have you heard anything firmer and more definitive? My purchases/transactions so far have been fine -- though no sales tax even though we are both based in cali which seemed odd. We'll see how my pre orders play out :/...
Lol what. Just got a special order email from cruvoir about making orders for IE stuff -- I mean I wouldn't expect that cruvoir actually could make deliveries happen until other folks start getting their overdue orders, but if cruvoir could get stuff then... I feel like if I were his other retailers that have been waiting I'd be pretty upset. Edit: Looked at the image pack. It's just a mishmash of like every picture of IE's stuff over the years, file names aren't...
You mean Erik of IE or CCP? I know that about CCP but even if he didn't where his brand is at people are willing to wait and deal. I don't feel like IE is at that stage yet.... Needs brad Pitt rocking his shit or something. Oh and a functional business
Yeah I don't honestly know. I have a few ??? in my own head because how can he operate as a business without making seasonal deliveries? His brand isn't exactly like huge, maybe he's independently wealthy or has his attention divided by other streams of income.He makes really nice stuff so I hope at some point he gets his shit together and sticks with it -- but I've taken the let it happen when it happens approach.
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