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That and exclusivity rights ;p
Honestly would estimate it to be more like a 46-48 or a slim western M. Haven't found any wjk pieces that I could even pretend would fit me laf.
yeah already reburied them in a desert in prep for the "relaunch" at m_moria euro-strong prices
Wow got my pre order in from this collection and could not say nicer things about the fabric and styles offered for AW15. The especial stand out is the eggplant ridged fabric -- got the kimono blazer and the pants in the fabric and it really is exceptional. The washi/wool blend is great too as is the linen/wool speckled and the coated denim and the rough linen (jumpsuit in this is especially lux and amazing) and the morion blend striped shirt.
Really couldn't say nicer things about the wool/silk blend shirts he did this season. Picked it up in the two fabrics (olive @ neighbour and brown @ unionmade). Also picked up the bomber, which is great. The pull over -- great but hard to get into. The brown/green linen shirt which Frank mentioned was an especially nice small batch fabric and the yellow/white check linen shirt from south willard.
wow i didn't expect that fabric was harnden, looked almost like geller or something, nice! haven't tried that design yet but it does look great
hoo - have you picked up any taichi pieces yet ddohnggo? i have the nylon parka that's almost here. if it seems like it can handle it, will probably take it to burning man with me laf
I only wear footwear made from navy seals and competitive eaters (sup joey chestnut skin derbies).
first pairs of kuboraums -- black for darker fits and tortoise shell for the harnden/hobo fits. The materials are pretty insane. Made from hand-hammered bronze, Mazzucchelli acetate (supposedly finest quality out there, but not an expert on acetate), and porcelain nose bridges which stay cool on the nose are a nice touch. Hinges seem pretty robustly designed/constructed, but I dunno if anything can top Mykita hinges for myself. Price was pretty reasonable -- prices are in...
My corgi Juggernaut is great. I think mellowfellow is in love with him Synthese -- I like South Willard, Hlorenzo, Sartoria Loft, Maxfields (maybe both or is there 3?), opening ceremony maybe? i dunno there's probably a lot more.
New Posts  All Forums: