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Yeah I talked to hlorenzo they sold out of the ones above, but said I could may special order them. Might go ahead and do that. Yeah I've gone the other color route too... almost got those ccp red derbies but meh. i want a pair of blue boots and some point and yeah that olive green. Blue cordovan tornados used to be in my future, but now I have the white tornados. Need blue, that green, maybe a bright green and then a darker red that's not oxblood.
Maybe you can elaborate some more on why you think Cantonese is the best food in the world. Pretend its something by visvim. I mean I think it is regarded as one of the strongest regions in China but besides preparation of seafood not sure why.
Thanks for sharing. Will try and make some of this! This is really cool! I love AB Fits too, glad they are hosting one of the days.
Agreed, ramen/japanese style curry and bakeries combined are my second or third cuisine period. But I don't eat seafood :/ Which is why cantonese isn't my thing.
Wow some guy posted these a1923 derbies on recent purchases on sz... maybe the best a1923's I've ever seen by my tastes. Might need to track a pair down...
Not a fan of Cantonese cuisine at all. Sichuan for life.
mykita sunglasses are awesome in construction/function.. you won't be disappointed
I've eaten at Mama's.. didn't think it was particularly good pho. Prefer San Jose spots.
I like Ricardo's
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