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Yeah... this post and surrounding posts made me very down on the potential durability of the rickdidas and also how they are going to look after a little wear... http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=460578&postcount=1167
Yeah jan jan's collection is sublime. The pieces that suspension point stocked looked nice, but these looks are really on point. Not sure if I could pull it off, but would love to try ;p
Great, do you happen to have pictures and the model details eton? ;p Want to archive it incase I ever need to replicate it in the form of a custom order.
Yeah not sure on how it will look worn.. open/closed etc. Well the nice thing with juicy hype is if it doesn't work out I should be able to flip without taking a big loss. That fencing in that uber, thicker than cors, horse leather that BSR was selling sounded like perfection though.. did you see the ad when he was selling it? It's gone now.
I'm sure it ranges per model/fabric possibly piece to piece, but IE pants magically somehow work with me despite big legs. I had a size 2 model which is like a size 46 which is drastically undersized for me.. I'm generally a 48/50 depending on brand. Not saying that size 2 fit me at all (Clearly didn't), but it blew my mind that I could even get them on past my knee. Pretty confident size 3 will fit me...
Yeah schneider pants unless they are oversized fit don't really work for us fatties. IE you can order/buy from hide-m and layers london. Pretty rare on classifieds too... just not a lot of stockists and so not a lot of them running around in the wild. Worth keeping an eye on here, superfuture and sz.
Nod, I have a cors scarstitch and the leather is my favorite out of all I've ever handled, but I have a special spot for horse leather in my heart. I also like the shinier finish. One of the reasons I was never super into Juicy was because the pics I've seen made it look very brown and the very fact that it's calf. I don't really believe that one type of leather is inherently better than the other for all people, but I do really like cors so am unsure if juicy can win me...
I don't disagree, but it's a very different price point. I paid 2-3x what I paid for most of my Zam pants. I haven't found anything at the 200-300 dollar price point that competes with Zam hence the value comment. IE pants are comparable priced to the m.a.+/luc pants I picked up at 50% from Atelier's closing sale and I think IE pants are nicer in fabric, design, construction and fit.
IE pants are so good. Best deal besides Zam pants imo compared to LUC/m.a.+/CCP pants ;p
He might have handled them in person, but from the pics the lien looks thicker, maybe that's why?
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