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Need examples ;p apparently that charcoalish looking vestbags in the front/back pictures is col 29 which looks decidingly not as blue as the scarstitch picture... so having second thoughts heh. apparently that particular vestbag is arthur's from the archive so gonna drop by after work and see if it's as not-blue as in those pics... if so then may rethink color was thinking col 33 for light grey but eckblk pitched a burnt green black, col 12
Don't have a horse in this race at all, but if the path to justice is lined with poop then I think things are going in the right direction.
And so the wait begins. Sadly corv-ptc was not available so went with good old cors in the below colorway (dark blue/grey). this color
Not bad. But glitter is harder to deal with ;p Glitter is like ground glass but with sparkly hugs so less bad.
That Ys coat is awesome. Haha got the uniqlo coat in... I didnt realize the outer was synthetic and so lightweight. I wish it had more weight as it doesn't really maintain its shape with movement. Ahwell still awesome and I'll keep it around for summer beater jacket/water proof outer layer. The detachable lining is nice with the camo-ish style pattern.
I also hear Faust is Miran.
wow... if that's going into the suit challenge thread -- game over.
And it is funny, if anything he wants to be even more exclusionary and elitist. You think at some point he'd realize taking that approach isn't going to bring back the excellent contributors or drum up new ones and shit is dying.The reality is a lot of the folks that contribute content that would tickle his pickle don't find that sort of ivory tower environment engaging or rewarding to be part of. It's having a variety of different styles and posters, including ones that...
mumma fits always deliver, as does his for sale thread ;p
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