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probably just 1's and 0's.
us crime is serious business -- clearly requires tanks and machine guns. really -- probably need belt fed grenade launchers and drones too.
Yeah the red and dark green incarnation high necks this season were quite nice. Also like ~800 dollars cheaper at The Archive than the spring summer iterations, I imagine thanks to the way the exchange rate has swung -- I picked up the light grey from that as well as the cotton/hemp version and wear them a lot. I think the only slightly weird thing is it is a very long jacket in terms of torso length... wish it fell a little higher.
Fuck it got the coat -- probably more of a size 4, but sounds interesting.
You first!!
Yeah pretty sure after i realized that a single day of walking around on fresh leather soles wasn't enough to give them traction -- vibram every time.
Ah, fair.
Well it is good to know that he draws the line at $800 dollar sneakers. I'm sure the community appreciates the head's up. I know I do!
Yeah it was a low offer -- I mean who knows if he really did talk to them or not -- but if its between believing that he made the effort and that was what he could get vs believing that its some sort of condescending backhanded token placation move -- it doesn't seem worth it to feel out the unhappy path. I mean dude definitely reads these forums, so maybe my post triggered the offer, who knows, but I try not to go too deep into the conspiracy thing, at least not...
I dunno I would try on in person... honestly have found VA in pants and tops to be extremely slim. Slimmer than attachment/jun hashimoto/devoa and incarnation, maybe Julius/wjk slim. To the point where I couldn't get size 4/5 VA on (pants/tops/outerwear). I have 1 VA overcoat that does fit though, size 4.You are definitely slimmer than me sinnedk, but would probably not buy online without return options (or very careful sizing/measurement questioning) until one has had...
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