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Haha yeah, but some of my shirts have reversible buttons that aren't flush against the fabric it's sewn on. Instead there's like 1/4" of extension and thread wrapped around that. Need a guide on how to replicate that shit.
Really? I haven't heard that fit is something that has changed through the years. The fit has always been slightly, intentionally boxy compared to a lot of fashion brands from what I've heard. Wouldn't wait for MRS zips to come back ;p Hardware changes tend to be unilaterally towards cheaper and cheaper alternatives.
I really need to learn how to reinforce/sew buttons back on... so many great articles of clothing with loose or buttons that need to be sewn back on
That is an interesting and great colorway! Congrats
Ah thanks for the updates. Interesting HLorenzo is the first? place to stop both CCP and deepti
Trueish to size has been my experience.
No one. But if you deal in these brands and attend shows and are part of the community it's not surprising those pieces make it into their private collections. Arthur from The Archive also sells quite a few CCP pieces in his for sale threads even though no one in SF carries CCP. Though to be fair he also sells stuff on behalf of clients too I picked up my size 50 deerskin overlock from him.
wow that taichi bomber jacket fits you perfectly nicelynice.
Considered the layer 0 pants... But have to prioritize at this point. Which Taichi piece you get nicelynice? I checked out his stuff at archive as well.
Thanks! Yeah I've handled a few iterations that wafted between 100% cotten and 100% hemp and this fabric is my favorite version. I love my grey pair, but I'm not sure if it will pair well with the ph I've been wearing.. I think a nice black pair like yours might have been more effective for that but I do love grey so I'll figure something else out!
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