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Yeah, that woman comment was pretty definitive. Not that I personally react very favorably to people who ask questions that trigger a negative reaction from 3 people, people (including styleforum's editor in chief who has literary training/hobbies) and subsequently blames the situation on others' reading comprehension rather than their own approach in asking questions. And then gets really defensive and takes the conversation to "finger popping assholes" and then is like...
I'm not sure what he expected, asking questions in an arena where people are clearly so bad at reading comprehension. Which clearly is what is at play since he is a fucking black belt at asking clear, interesting and thought-provoking questions that are devoid of both confusion and any indicators of stupid points of view.
That'sLol seriously -- are you incapable of liking how something looks outside of how it relates to you personally, besides the fact that you do like it? Where's the value in only liking things people wear that you'd wear?Do you have all wywt posters on block except for people with your build type?
Man that's not what they told. They told me they were still waiting to hear ;p Sad times ;p
Huh the tones of blue is great. Any word on if the triple wool crepe will ever come back??
He's a 48.
oh man the derbies and the hemp blazer -- very nice pickups
it's actually a ring of the t-shirt
That is unbelievable eton, will keep my eye out as well :/ I hope you recover them or the perpetrator is punished somehow.
vitatimh's idea of two buttons 1 for pure thumbs, 1 for thumb comments seemed like it might have potential. I hope you guys explore that one
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