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The floral print qasas are less wearable than expected at first glance. Urge to buy gone, phew.
Yeah both have had some great work. Along with Kolor/Kapital etc. But haven't delved deeply in any of them yet... By Walid's retail prices are intimidating. The designers of Sacai/Kolor are married and their relationship/house both sound awesome ;p http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/10/14/homework-two-designers-and-one-very-modern-house-in-tokyo/
I'm just wondering if I could have picked up something on deep discount from By Walid and it would have hit the same notes for me ;p Why isn't it more blue and grey gahhh. I was going to wear it with clean black, slightly cropped pants, a grey zam t-shirt, blue marled-ish uniqlo socks, black derbies and black mykita sunglasses. I guess I'll take a look at my closet and see what makes sense.
Hrm this showed up and it's pretty different from the runway/product shots. Much more brown and less blue/grey, and the back looks different. I like it, but not sure it's worth keeping. To return or not? vs
Nah, but I have friends who have tried it in various online forms and a few who do brick/mortar.
Haha never ever open a boutique with that mentality ;p That's never going to be more than like 1-5% of your customer base and that's probably being generous.I mean here's a simple example: What percent of clientele might find the ability to go to a store like Atelier to get a sense of how a brand fits and then turn around and buy the same thing online from a Euro/Japanese retailer to work around the mark up as well as take advantage of currency exchange rates and take...
Yeah but "showrooming" is on the rise where people go to B&Ms just to experience something in person and buy online. How do you manage that? B&Ms are providing the value, but it's not being monetized effectively.
Glad to see In Aisce back for aw15 http://www.sz-mag.com/news/2015/02/inaisce-fw15/
Hrm I haven't checked on the status of the IE drop in a bit.... any newer outlook on "end of februrary"?
Yeah I'd say different color pants seemed like it might have been a positive, but overall great layering.
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