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Thanks NationS. I think I like these pants the best.
The Spiral zips are great. I look forward to seeing a duo fitpic with both you and umbr rocking your midnight blue bikers.Next year: m_moria, get that ccp vestbag order in, harnden pants
Who makes the linen tshirt and where can it be had? ;p
CJBreed is selling his CCP size 52 JUICY leather Overlock here: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?p=482028#post482028 A vaguely legendary thick, lush calf leather most famously used in the best iteration of the fencing.
Oh i mean i know he wears it a lot as those fit pics show up a lot and I don't doubt he bought a bunch, took it apart and it has had a major influence on his designs and there are similarities, but imo there's a difference between his jackets and bergfabel jackets. I tend to think that's where all his designs come from.... he falls in love with something, dissects it and then does his riff. I don't feel that he tries to hide his sources of "inspiration." The jackets fit...
Shrug I really don't think the jackets are any closer to PH than say the new collateral concept's blazer designs minus the pockets. Do you really think someone designs his other clothing? Or are you implying he is ripping the designs from someone else?Because given that his shoe designs are "inspired" by others but still executed presumably by him.. I'd guess that same goes for clothes? But yeah don't know for sure.
I dunno I feel like he's coming out with interesting new models at a fairly reasonable pace. Faster than CCP at least Got the 100% ramie Taichi pants from holger and they are quite nice and very interesting. The pockets are made from washi paper, but feels like straight up paper haha it's very interesting to surround your hands with. The details/hardware and fabric are all excellent. Turns out a size 8 fits me perfectly.
Wow that is nuts. Maybe even my "ultra" worn guidis can be fairly resurrected.
Er, that's my primary use case. Eckblk does for anything he wears, just not the stuff that is sold before entering rotation.
Haha, Hood by Air. I images.google.com the brand sometimes and just get gobsmacked. "What inspired the name, HOOD BY AIR? It came from going to underground parties, and we used to freestyle on the mics. And one night I was reciting something, and that came out and kinda stuck with me as an aesthetic and a way of living. It’s also like owning your influence on the world…make the world understand what you’re doing and why what you’re doing is so important." I'm secretly...
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