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Yeah that raw silk blazer you had I still remember as one of the first ED pieces I saw in a fit and it looked great. Nothing else has really hit the right notes for me.Ahhhh -- interesting info on the wider shoulders, yeah -- that's one of the reasons I love PHs fit because I have kind of narrow shoulders for how wide my torso is.
oh nice! yeah been thinking about picking up some of his sweaters they look really comfy and great in a slouchy context.
hlorenzo just posted up its yak linen buys to -- black/natural for both cardigan and the short sleeve where my pre-order sadly got canceled due to yak shortage So picked it up there at a much higher cost. Really -- you guys should pick up the eggplant ridged fabric kimono/pants suit at Atelier solar shop. I have it from the pre order and can wholeheartedly claim that it is the best fabric of the season amongst a lot of great fabrics. I love the rough linen too,...
This is what's made me hold off too + I think the US West Coast suffers a little bit more of an availability problem than Australia. The button placement is strange on a few pieces. It's a little bit too dark romantic in the ann d sense which has never been my jam. The fabrics aren't as compelling for me. That being said -- there are some great pieces from time to time.I didn't know that about the cut though.. that's disappointing. I would have assumed that PH's fit/cut...
I have a few boxes full what jjve pieces did you pick up?
probably just 1's and 0's.
us crime is serious business -- clearly requires tanks and machine guns. really -- probably need belt fed grenade launchers and drones too.
Yeah the red and dark green incarnation high necks this season were quite nice. Also like ~800 dollars cheaper at The Archive than the spring summer iterations, I imagine thanks to the way the exchange rate has swung -- I picked up the light grey from that as well as the cotton/hemp version and wear them a lot. I think the only slightly weird thing is it is a very long jacket in terms of torso length... wish it fell a little higher.
Fuck it got the coat -- probably more of a size 4, but sounds interesting.
You first!!
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