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When are we going to start the Meat Hall up??
Best of luck then I can only hope one day a size L shows up! Btw my atelier solarshop package just cleared customs so any day now! pretty excited. esp by the emerald shirt
yeah 83% feedback is pretty bad but good luck that jacket is sick
Do you guys ever lose track of pieces -- which you expect to turn up after you go through your closet and tidy up, or move. THEN THEY NEVER TURN UP. MYSTERY. Or sometimes they do and it's great.
The floral print qasas are less wearable than expected at first glance. Urge to buy gone, phew.
Yeah both have had some great work. Along with Kolor/Kapital etc. But haven't delved deeply in any of them yet... By Walid's retail prices are intimidating. The designers of Sacai/Kolor are married and their relationship/house both sound awesome ;p http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/10/14/homework-two-designers-and-one-very-modern-house-in-tokyo/
I'm just wondering if I could have picked up something on deep discount from By Walid and it would have hit the same notes for me ;p Why isn't it more blue and grey gahhh. I was going to wear it with clean black, slightly cropped pants, a grey zam t-shirt, blue marled-ish uniqlo socks, black derbies and black mykita sunglasses. I guess I'll take a look at my closet and see what makes sense.
Hrm this showed up and it's pretty different from the runway/product shots. Much more brown and less blue/grey, and the back looks different. I like it, but not sure it's worth keeping. To return or not? vs
Nah, but I have friends who have tried it in various online forms and a few who do brick/mortar.
Haha never ever open a boutique with that mentality ;p That's never going to be more than like 1-5% of your customer base and that's probably being generous.I mean here's a simple example: What percent of clientele might find the ability to go to a store like Atelier to get a sense of how a brand fits and then turn around and buy the same thing online from a Euro/Japanese retailer to work around the mark up as well as take advantage of currency exchange rates and take...
New Posts  All Forums: