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Yeah I've heard the fit and the anatomic stuff on the leon stuff is incredible. m.a.+ leathers fit very, very weird and construction isn't really even good in my opinion... in my experience.Huh never seen that iteration of the scarstitch. Pretty interesting. I do like the overlock style hooks though attached by handstitch. The hooks probably have the rusted engraving or filigree too like on the overlock hooks. Congrats on whoever got it.
nicelynice seemed knowledgable about it in the past. brad-t might know as well.From what i understand its a nice supple high quality vegetable tanned calf leather that isn't really inferior to the guidi leather they use. Fairly certain my brown leather jacket uses it and it's really nice and soft while substantial and durable.
That sort of baller boot elitism will find you well on your way down the slippery slope of some kind of m_moria only footbased never-nude policy.
yeah you might have to settle for some carpe diem
That coat dress from a1923 might be awesome, but i almost can't see how a1923 can compete with harnden for women ;p Not that they are the same aesthetic exactly, but
my buddy has the full suit with jacket and matching jeans from same fabric it looks really sweet
personally prefer the top one slightly. the shoulder seamz and the lack of hook closure. both are great though
I like the last fabric choice but all are good!
i may have narrowish shoulders but im generally a size 40/42 for most brands and wear size 4 devoa... so my guess is you'd be a size 3.
my monitor can't even render the image of that blazer in its true color
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