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Ah that must be the japanese brand they were talking about on sz. i think they said yeah its pretty much a straight ph rip off, but quality of construction is probably nicer ;p find out if they do a men's mac and make my size please thanks That jacket in particular looks more like a1923 to me.
Yeah I figure he's tiger on sz who has some pretty great for sale threads there now.
He does a jean and continuous pants which are lined and probably a few more cuts. Both I'm sure are great but I like the continuous pants. He then has many fabrics to choose from. I have these same pants and they are great.
http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18523 New size 48 probably size 3 IE pants. Looks to be the Japanese denim... Great fabric with an awesome texture.
Very karate kid!
sapporo miso ramen is indeed great... had one at the yokohama ramen museum and it was the best ramen i'd ever eaten
Kinda a reasonable price, no funds though haha.
Not sure. I know tornadoes and sidezips generally get design tweaks including shaft narrowness from year to hear. But not sure if the two designs are in tandem e.g. 2009 sidezips= 2009 tornadoes except for zipper but diffetent from 2006 sidezips Curious myself
Yeah the whole foods boxes are the same design. Apparently he also does stuff like skateboards out of leather. Not rideable and more like art objects.
Wow yeah the texture is next level this season thanks for sharing.
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