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Yeah actually I do a lot. That said 2 of them fit me really well.. if they didn't fit as well I could see how it'd be insanely uncomfortable since it is very thick/stiff (The last is the grey/green SS07 overlock in calf leather... but I keep it around for collecting's sake). Then again.. take my opinion with a large grain of salt. I hunt after super dense/thick/stiff fabrics in my pieces. That's why I love the a1923 wool/ramie pieces from this season... and why I loved the...
This is personally the best high neck I've ever seen. But don't think it'd look nearly as sick with grain. Ah and it's horse.
Well this is just my 2cents/personal feelings, butI dunno bison seems okay too, but I'm not a fan of grain personally with CCP's styles which CCP's bison tends to be...though I've seen some pretty smooth bison tornadoes that looked nice. Perhaps more importantly I've heard it is softer and the rigidity of his horse/cordovan seems to fit his style better which I believe is somewhat known for its armor-likeness and lack of comfort.His horse leather is basically invincible.....
Or they may be turds who get a thrill out of walking around and rubbing their feces on every exposed surface they come across. Not saying that's what this dude is about, but I have no more or less reason to believe the poo-smearing scenario to be true than the "something worse than breaking up with a girlfriend" scenario.
Everyone wants to help you nicelynice! Fighting each other for the privilege Feel like it's between A + R and a1923 Uncontrol really just typed what we were all thinking, but clearly you have a huge problem with him so why don't you just block him?
Bam, pretty sure the pic you posted is of his 4 button blazer as opposed to the 5 button style that nicelynice is considering. The lapels are significantly thinner on the 5 button when worn down. Yeah I'd describe the a1923 blazers as if harnden blazers and devoa blazers had a love child. Not really accurate, but definitely something harnden about it especially as they crumple, but cleaner, more form fitting and with harder fabrics like devoa (Without the sharp shoulders...
Yeah a + r in the wool linen for sure.
Those are tough choices. a1923 personally works better for me slightly more so than devoa. I love both's jackets a lot though. I'm sure the Abasi + Rosborough is great too though. What fabric is the devoa piece?
Get the boutique one jet!! Join the wine club.
NYC thrift stores are clearly magical places if somewhat less magical than Tokyo ones I always favored the vengeful ex-girlfriend theory. Couldn't have ended up in better hands though and a better story for the piece than a "kopped at 80% off!!!"one
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