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Should buy this soloist flight jacket size M for $1000 here
Thanks for the feedback. No worries on negativity front at all! But both the jacket and the shirt are meant to be a bit on the oversized and shapeless side. I recognize that may not suit my body, but ahwell. I can try the fit with different pants and footwear at some point to see if with a different balance might help the top half.
Yeah I'd say it's as you pointed out, goofy collar -- cuffs a little long. Is that the guidi designed or collab leather? I forget who partnered with them on those... layer 0? If not it looks just as awkward as those jackets ;p Collar would be the deal breaker for me.
Will try this again with wider pants next time.... have some other indigo ones coming in the mail. [[SPOILER]]
I'd probably reach out to chinorlz as I'm sure he'd know if its possible and how to do so.
Someone need to buy your l'maltieri wool/ramie jacket I can only wish it was my size ;p
Normal a1923 thickness. I don't think there's a difference in leather thickness based on seasonal climate. I have the grey oiled horse/cavallo from the archive from ss15? i think (though maybe aw14 which makes my input useless laf) and it's beefy as hell.
Its jan jan van essche in indigo linen twill. atelier solarshop has the same model but in a charcoal cotton/linen satin fabric. They have another version coming out in aw15 in a thick rough linen that's charcoal or black too I really wanted this linen devoa one too, but admittedly it was a pipe dream since any devoa jumpsuit that would have fit me would have been for like a 6'4 person
Join team jumpsuit!
Ah much appreciated. Yeah I've seen office photos before in the past, but never actually done business with them before. Thanks for the clarification.
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