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is that the green stripe black? end up buying it? ;p haha never thought you'd go ph again after bergfabel
Same as daad-dantone ;p DHL, super fast, but DHL always hits me up for duties before it delivers ish.
Yes often. They usually throw in shipping after I get more than one non-sale piece. They don't underdeclare but I don't think I've been hit by duties for their shipments or maybe I have been hit once.Unlike daad-dantone and shop number 4.
I mean -- obviously the primary culprit is the exchange rate making 4-5 thousand dollar boots into 2-3 thousand dollar boots and to some extent a1923's continuous pricing climb.Once they weren't 4-5 thousand dollar novelty ridiculousness and really not that much more than the more pricier iterations of a1923.... they became more accessible and once people accessed -- hype started being generated and here we are.I mean they always were pretty nice -- regardless of if you...
Both are great -- going to have to link the Alaska one to my Alaskan friend.
wow yeah those cosmic wonder + nonnative pieces are great.
Really? Dang, I've never broken any of my guidi laces -- have always been impressed by how long they last given the strain I induce when tying my shoes (I pull pretty hard).The worst laces were the ones on my av_field derbies. Those definitely disintegrate under any strain. I dunno if the lace leather was buried too or the dye was just stronger than anticipated, but yeah always wanted to replace them with guidi laces.
thanks sir! nothing compared to your acquisitions
Ah the IS coat came in and turns out 5 is a perfect fit. Fabric is nice and pretty happy with it for the money. Lining is solid.. my only nit pick is I keep sticking my hand in the small pocket above the normal sized hand warmer pocket. I'm sure I will train myself out of doing that at some point if it makes it into rotation often enough ;p
Honestly -- the eggplant ridged is the way to go on the kimono -- if not that then the speckled linen/wool. I think the washi does better in the trucker's jacket as does the coated cotton. But then again that's the combos I went with ;p The washi is a crisper fabric so I don't think it does as well with the softness of the kimono design, but then again washi breaks in so... may be what floats your boat. Well, not to make any guarantees based on production variations, but...
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