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Who else is scooping up stuff from holger's IE drop? ;p
Definitely the best LUC jacket that they've ever put out that I've seen. Not that they are known for jackets vs knits, but yeah that one was the best.
Wow, interesting kindofyoung -- read the book as well didn't realize they made a series out of it. Though I wasn't a huge fan of the book or period shows, might still check it out.
True sail hemp fans would get the sail hemp over leather boots layer 0 got! *cough* @nicelynice for the full on cospray or the hat?
It does look similar to my pair of a1923 backzips I bought in 2011?ish from MikeN which was indeed front horse. There was a term for it specifically which translated to leather from the front of the horse. It does look like that. Pretty smooth unreversed, but with a little bit of distressed looking texture. Leather is looking quite nice with wear. Generally wear it once a week at least, and I'm relatively impressed by how well it holds up in the line up even versus the...
I dunno about come off, but I closed the jacket once with just the hooks and one of the more rusted ones just snapped right off. CCP sent me 3 though, negotiated through lazzari, but haven't replaced it.
I thought yours was vegetable tanned bdude hence the color mottling. I'm surprised that black dye doesn't take well to white tanned leather. My understanding, and just reiterated in the SZ CCP thread, is that white tanned refers to leather that has been tanned white so that it can be dyed any color, evenly. I don't see why black would be an exception to this. Also, it sounds like some of the latest batch from PNP were white tanned hence the jet black even black...
Sweet Welcome to team eckblk/abraxis and maybe one day nicelynice! I wonder if its also the so-called white-tanned.
Splotchey black or solid black?
Ah the good old days -- I have followed his progress from then as well.
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