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Sure, other people have bought long knits before. Yours, kelvin's purple wizard robe, etc. But you never post long knit fits and and when I mean "in" I mean now lots of people are buying them and maybe they will wear them effectively in fits and thus they will have a bigger SF presence
I hear eckblk actually has 3 families that he operates independent from each other. He only wears derbies when hanging out with one, zip boots with another and laced boots with the third. This way no one family knows exactly what he's spending on footwear, but really its moot because he can afford all three families and the footwear. Less drama though this way.
Seems like long knits are in on SF I applaud, but probably won't follow since I don't even wear my currently owned knits.
Shrug, seems to me like there are enough kids being made without needing a commitment to contribute from myself. It's not something I'm ruling out per se, but it's not something that's super top of mind. Fundamentally I barely have enough time and energy to live my own life and I'm not really at a place where it makes sense to introduce more variables, not currently anyways. I think life-emptiness or lackthereof is a personal set of values. One should live the way that...
I do too.. but uh i am no longer putting deposits on or paying for more until i teach myself how to sew back on buttons. so many pieces not being worn because 1 or more buttons have fallen off
Actually to add more to the IE hype... besides the unexpectedly good fit that also allows for full/comfortable range of movement... the other amazing thing to me is how accessible and easy to get hands in the all the pockets.. front and back. placement is great too. i think part of the magic is in the lining which feels like it makes it much easier to get into.
pm at a small startup nowadays
Oh nice, yeah I'll be around and make time. New job has insane hours but I'm starting to figure out how to balance things. Heehee Uzairh I'm lucky that neither Attachment or Julius stock my sizes... so really it limits my options to second hand stores that might happen to have pieces in my size and Jun Hashimoto. Though undoubtedly nicelynice can likely find me a few more spots to blow through my bank accounts.
Man 115 to a dollar... so tempted to fly out. Last time I was there was like 78-80 yen to a dollar. Time before that it was like 130 yen to a dollar. Big fucking difference from 130 -> 80 I bought way too many Jun Hashimoto samples at 80/dollar.
The buttons fall right off though
New Posts  All Forums: