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ugh that's terrible on the ccp jackets at lift. i'd guess that layer 0, attachment and jun hashimoto are probably pretty consistent with coloring.... m.a.+ maybe as well.
Oh man you got that linen JJvE jacket... totally jealous. Glad you snagged it though
Oh that is kind of a cool thread. I could see myself posting on there a lot since I'm more about articles of clothing/belongings than style. But then again it kinda died so maybe I can do my grail-masturbation somewhere else in the privacy of my own home ;p Edit: Grailsturbation - is that what that dude who does the Alden shoe fondling videos on youtube does?
That's a cool idea. Or how about "The fit you wear while running out of your burning house"? Maybe it'd be centered around the pieces you most would want to preserve with other pieces to complement and complete the styling. Or it could be super disparate since you run out wearing grails that don't fit together. Or naked (pantsless).
Wow... that is NUTS
wow what's the fabric on that geller blazer wbaker? texture is amazing
Edit: Culinary grail hopes dashed Next time, turducken, next time.
I have a sous vide supreme as well. It seemed to make the most sense for a beginner, but getting a separate circulator like the anova + a big rice cooker or crockpot for cheaper or the same money may make more sense.The research I saw seemed to claim rice cookers are about the best value from a heat perspective in terms of retaining heat evenly where as other devices may bleed heat faster -- this matters because then its more of a challenge keeping the temperature constant...
Yeah I'd say that ccp has the best blues imo. a1923 and ccp both have good reds.
Yeah same. But I've gone the route of desiring purple/green/blue/red in footwear. So many great shades of green from a1923 and some great purples from them and layer 0. cyc wid it, not sure what eckblk was told exactly, but i think the usual artisanal party line is the same as wabi sabi in denim ;p Blah blah inconsistency is intended -- its one of the reasons why arthur from the archive suggests not special ordering with a1923. Because what ends up with stores is...
New Posts  All Forums: