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Haha let me know which of your a1923 you are thinking about letting go when its decision day.... I'm sure there are interested parties here and on SZ as well, but I said I'd let the guy who I bought my PH mac off of know as he was interested. No offense, but knowing your holding patterns... didn't seem likely you were keeping all 4 pairs Edit: For me... it's between first m_moria or getting that special order in for a CCP vestbag.
Yeah great deal. I do want m.a.+ suture lace derbies at some point in cordovan.
So I don't know anything about wearing oversized fits with a similar build... but out of curiosity would that fit have been better if the knit was longer and fell lower? I feel like maybe? I know people say oversized can look good on people with bulkier builds because of Yoji non-standard models, but... I have yet to seen it executed consistently well in non-model fits nor have I really gotten a sense of how people make it work. I suspect that it still has to fit right...
I imagine at the least... you, uzairh, eckblk and I will end up in that boat. We'll see if eton and others resist ;p
It is nice pants. twdawson is a good seller... he sold me that grail of a marvie lab reversible blazer... unfortunately for me I'm more of a 50/52 in luc pants.
Oh interesting you have a pair of those kurta. When were they produced? It's interesting they don't have that joint in the toe that I believe other models I've seen have. Are they are uncomfortable as rumored? It sounds like the answer is no ;p
Man... I used to think this was the best leather jacket in the world and how crazy it was that sq4you had it.Tastes have changed a lot in the course of a few years.
Yeah I had a pair of beater 43.5 donkey guidi derbies. I've destroyed most of the stitching, but the edges of some of the leather seam edges have actually somehow worn away so I think this pair is actually pretty close to dead. I used to wear them 5-7 days a week and in all sorts of environments... they probably lasted me 5 years of hard wear and were somewhat used before I got them. They came vibrammed and were revibrammed 3x or so. The laces never broke though Guidi...
Actually I shoetree my baller boots with lesser shoes. Ordered a bunch of butteros to stick in guidis -> a1923. The big question for me now is do I get a giant pair of m_moria ordered so that I can stick my existing collection in them. Or order baby sized a1923/cp to stick in my wearable m_moria... Actually what fist says. A day of rest should be good.
Thanks! Honestly wouldn't worry very much. Asofar I think a1923 has shown consistent progress in their product development. I compare the new derbies to the older a1923 I have, which while still nice, is just much less nice. For me quality has scaled well with the price increases. So as long as you can absorb the price increases the product will be equitably nice.So I'd expect that a1923 will continue to release cooler and cooler pieces each season. Personally, it's nicer...
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