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Is Levi's Red the shirt? If so then that's an excellent piece and perfect use of it. That collar and hem shape are excellent in that context.
That v-a cardigan is about ~300 bucks I think so maybe it is worth it. Here's another longish cardigan that's about that price that might be cool on ebay. By the Paul Harnden "inspired" label Bergfabel http://www.ebay.com/itm/BNWT-BERGFABEL-HANDMADE-HEAVY-WOOL-LONG-CARDIGAN-M-850-PAUL-HARNDEN-M-A-AMADEI-/131377175626?pt=US_CSA_MC_Sweaters&hash=item1e96b09c4a
i think its pretty simple, people don't have exposure to it like many of the other brands (RO, m.a.+, luc, julius, attachment, carpe diem and even CCP). there's less of a secondary market, especially for the clothes -- which as LA Guy has repeatedly said -- is where most of us buy our "artisanal" shit since paying retail even at discounted euro vatless prices is tough. Doubly true for an unknown commodity you don't have any real experience with especially in terms of fit...
Oh yeah, I don't think CCP is like amazing construction, certainly not by MC standards, but my m.a.+ pieces feel like they may fall apart with each wear and bits have. Which frankly meets the expectation set when you visually examine the construction, it's rough. CCP is just finished much cleaner including the lining, and all pieces are lined etc.If someone knowledgeable weighed in and said they are basically the same in construction-terms, I certainly wouldn't try to...
They do! I think I've seen pictures of this at one point in time. It might have been the titanium knuckled version which after several years of long consideration I finally talked myself out of needing. I do have this unwholesome fetishistic desire for titanium in all things... it simply makes everything cooler. But imo that high neck needs no titanium and no gloving. Yes to grey and white though. Are you current with the guyver manga? I subscribe to some paid scanlation...
Yeah I'm definitely a little bigger in the torso. The 54 m.a.+ is a little tight. Size 50 CCP is tight if I've been eating heavily lately... probably would fit you perfectly. Grey scarstitch would be awesome. Especially if its that pale grey he does. Or you could go the nicelynice route and aim for a white scarstitch.I'm probably going the light grey or white for the high neck I'll get at some point.Also CCP construction is farrrrr nicer. Outside of his footwear, his...
Yeah my biker is size 54 and I'm normally a size 50. I also wear 54 in a1923. Both just fit weird. The downside to m.a.+ is the sleeves are extra long so 54 sleeve length hurts and I wouldn't want to mess with the sleeves especially with the spiral zips.
Translation: *butthurt* Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *butthurt*
I think the worst thing about Normcore is how its misapplied. I think I've seen rage-fests on SZ where participants are operating from 4 different concepts of the term. I still don't even buy that it was a real trend, versus something that New York fashion media created so that they could sell papers and seem relevant and what we see today is just the world reacting to what they fabricated.
linen/wool (wearing my 30/70 marvie lab trousers right now) or ramie/wool are where its at hrmm I have yet to experience hemp/wool but that sounds appealing too.
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