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Yeah the whole foods boxes are the same design. Apparently he also does stuff like skateboards out of leather. Not rideable and more like art objects.
Wow yeah the texture is next level this season thanks for sharing.
Ah yup that's it. Not lunchbox yeah had forgotten what was after the not but was not lunchbox. Haha doesn't seem that fancy a design wonder what attracted him to it. Thanks uncontrol!
Haven't tried on any for sure. Just based on images I've seen of his collections. Absolutely may change my take when I try it on. Yeah maas and stacks had a lot of hender scheme stories. I don't have more details on his cobbler history, but other ones are: Apparently he also makes cordovan versions of the AF1s for $2800. But he will not do custom sizes anymore because this rich dude hit him up for a pair and the whole process was a nightmare despite a lot of money being...
spring/summer ;p
GBS stuff seems nice and I'm sure its nicely made/great materials and its nice how he participates on sz and shares knowledge, but aesthetically i rarely prefer it to harnden jacket wise. It usually seems more specific periody to me in a way i don't like.Elena Dawson is more interesting to me, but stockists are hard to find On that note.. picked up some hender scheme sneakers today and couldn't be happier. Almost everything I want in a sneaker. I still love a1923 for the...
Think I'm done with spring purchases. There was a great green smoke (green tinged grey) seer sucker blazer from Lemaire at maas and stacks but sadly size 3 fit me really weird.. tight in upper arm, armholes shoulders are weird with a slightly boxy body.Dries Van Noten Suit/shirt at tailors. [[SPOILER]]
Very true. Size up if your instep is high. Also agreed on the impossible to get foot in a pair of new sidezips. I'm still scared when I put on mine :/ I guess that's why I've only worn them 2-3x.
that's a pretty crazy good price for those. condition looks pretty damn good and vibrammed.
You mean normcore? ;p
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