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Yeah that's what I've heard -- nothing overt beyond stuff like dude might be wearing his own stock which he then sells as new since he shows up in candid fits wearing stuff that folks know only 1 in that size was produced etc. (non-lookbook/model shots). Have you heard anything firmer and more definitive? My purchases/transactions so far have been fine -- though no sales tax even though we are both based in cali which seemed odd. We'll see how my pre orders play out :/...
Lol what. Just got a special order email from cruvoir about making orders for IE stuff -- I mean I wouldn't expect that cruvoir actually could make deliveries happen until other folks start getting their overdue orders, but if cruvoir could get stuff then... I feel like if I were his other retailers that have been waiting I'd be pretty upset. Edit: Looked at the image pack. It's just a mishmash of like every picture of IE's stuff over the years, file names aren't...
You mean Erik of IE or CCP? I know that about CCP but even if he didn't where his brand is at people are willing to wait and deal. I don't feel like IE is at that stage yet.... Needs brad Pitt rocking his shit or something. Oh and a functional business
Yeah I don't honestly know. I have a few ??? in my own head because how can he operate as a business without making seasonal deliveries? His brand isn't exactly like huge, maybe he's independently wealthy or has his attention divided by other streams of income.He makes really nice stuff so I hope at some point he gets his shit together and sticks with it -- but I've taken the let it happen when it happens approach.
Yeah I've had 3 pants ordered in November 2013 -- and what's the date today? may 2015? Though let me be clear, none of this is hide-m or holger's fault. Just a lot of stories from Erik (IE) about having to change tailors for production and a constant stream of missed delivery promises "2 weeks" -- 2 weeks later with no emails -- blah blah blah repeat
Shrug. IE is having production problems -- I'm not sure that he ever delivered FW14. If you want to make an order maybe Holger can help you out at hide-m, but I think he will tell you that it's unclear when IE will get his shit together and actually deliver stuff.
Agreed, wouldn't mind seeing such photos ;p Need an inspiration thread for such -- lead us to the promised land beneysd! More than just build (e.g. lanky or stocky) -- I feel like its also your proportions too which even if you fall into one build type or another -- variations on proportion can make or break fits like if your legs are extra short/long even for your build, narrow or wide shoulders or barrel chest etc.
I hope you quit your job in IT so that you could become the Erin Brockovich of TOJ. I would watch that movie.
#forumsworld problemz -- only tier above the first world. Been banking and rationing my thumbs since day 1 -- could replace all my fingers and toes with thumbs that's how deep I'm rolling.
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