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Yeah KKA is the mainline. In julius terms it'd be the julius_7 while Attachment would be the ma_julius.
Dunno about backzips, but my CD sidezips use ykk zips
It's not like there was a time of plenty where all their leathers were made from oiled calf and now the well is dry. There were only a few issues where it was used and they weren't that long ago. I think gleam was one (2010) and then one after that... maybe there's more I'm sure kunk or other RO experts would know. RO is just not a brand that focuses on thickness or quality of leather used, it's more focused on design like many other designer brands. And oiled calf isn't...
Oh berkeley is great as are parts of oakland which is definitely up and coming... and marin is beautiful if you count that as east bay (not sure to be honest my grasp of geography is pretty weak), but don't knock san mateo its actually pretty awesome. Downtown is pretty badass and has some of the best asian food norcal has to offer. Amazing ramen, my favorite chinese restaurant and the best boba in the bay oh and good sushi too from what I understand (I don't eat seafood,...
15% is more than fair percentage wise, but you have to think in terms of what the pay off is worth to someone than just on a strictly percentage basis. Even if you offered 99% on a 1 dollar item I don't think anyone is going to take you up on it... Proxying is a huge pain if someone isn't already going to make the trip for themselves as it not only means making time to go somewhere, trying earnestly to actually get the item requested and then there's shipping. Dealing...
Fit is crazy good Lokesh. Glad you ended up with it.
Maybe the outdoor lighting will make it not look like a 20 dollar blue cotton jacket. Maybe in the future do a macro shot of the price tag or sew some diamonds on it though to make sure people recognize.
I got the fujifilm x10 recently... its about 300 on amazon.com. Not sure how it stacks against current/more recent models or if it fits small/lightweight, but it's still a pretty good camera for my needs.
Haha well at least you are rubbing in with some great shots sir
Haven't looked at the footwear much, but am reasonably sure the quality is legit. Many VA pieces I've been interested in, but most of the size 4/5 pants and tops are cut too slim for me even :/ Heartbreak almost every time.
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