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Haha buy those. I think it really depends on where sales season is at when you land. Based on my review of past emails and affiliate threads looks like it'll probably be largely over by then. I don't know that San Francisco has such a great selection or deals that necessitates hardcore saving There are great stores that maybe necessitate a purchase here and there, but the buys generally aren't so deep that you have that many mind blowing options at reasonable prices....
Haha I saw that too thankfully his size is nowhere near mine. The fabric looks great and how the shoulder looks when worn... is very impressive.
Yeah I saw that and was like man maybe I should put on someone should buy. That was a nice piece.
Actually I hear a1923 is produced in a magic garbage can. Dude throws in a small pony and stirs it around a bit and boots come out.
Ya that wick is awesome. The asking price seems high though
Man those renna tall boots are great. Not as grainey as the archive derbies. Would be interested if I wasn't committed to my next pair of boots being green ;p
Haha well 41 this season seems to fit large. I picked my derbies up in that as was advised and upon trying them on think that was true.
Ya I saw that looks very similar. But I want a cors CCP vestbag even if it costs 20-30x as much
Pennace is starting to replace mellowfellow in my mind Still along with nicelynice one of my favorite fit posters. Return of snake and mumma is excellent too.
Yeah vestbag is first in my mind. Who knows when he'll decide he's not producing those anymore. m_moria will require some time to research and determine exactly what model/leather/color I want.
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