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man speaking of julius i keep kinda wanting these
that knit was schneider? for some reason i had thought it was dries, very nice either way
It's probably fine. In another 3-6 months, I'm sure he'll be the next regis, mikey or snowman ;p Or some amalgamation of the three.
Really? Damn. I have to say campily that I really liked Seed/Destiny. Or is it more badass in the vein of the more nostalgic series like Char's Counterattack or even Turn A. Will have to check it out. Sunrise for life.
Yeah I think I mostly was wondering if this was a filter you used when making purchasing decisions and if you applied similar lines of reasoning in other areas, because it seems reductive. Or an explanation for something you've observed in purchasing behavior.
But what if that's how one's talent skews? You can make marketable clothes that you yourself aren't into? Should professional musicians only play music that they are into listening to? Many authors never read their own books after they are published.
Sure there is the sz philosopher/artiste contingent, but I think tech geeks make up a big portion of the market. Not the more recent startup bro contingent (though some of that too), but I'm mostly thinking of the older unix/cyberpunk, long haired geek crowd.Edit: dickskin boots -- write sruli recht. may require a kickstarter at this stage in his design career.
That linen shirt is great. as are the trunks. finally scratched my 100% linen t-shirt itch with these thom krom t-shirts in black and in grey, not familiar with the brand but $115 was a price worth experimenting with
Well I guess it's probably pointless to resurrect this thread, but it seemed like the appropriate place to ask. Feel like there's a bit of a jumpsuit/onesy trend this year given the offerings I've seen and how fast they are moving. Never thought I'd ever be into a jumpsuit, but think I'm picking one up by way of Jan Jan van Essche and I almost want the Devoa one. Anyone else buying a jumpsuit or onesy for 2015?
Haha I have an idea of how little you paid ;p I saw where the bid was at and that 83% feedback rating ;p Not going to have a fit though ;p wasn't my size thankfully! So just happy that you got it ;p
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