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Yeah, been down with the flu since last Friday... about 90% now but first time in 10+ years that I've taken more than 3 days to beat any kind of illness -- which I think means my unhealthy lifestyle is finally doing what it's supposed to be!But an excuse to cosplay harnden cannot be missed...."Hello stranger, you must be new to these parts... I am this town's osteopath, the bones of this town's young and old are my domain....mending, breaking.... one hand gives, the other...
I was actually kidding, in response to the Simone article calling him the best shoemaker in the world. Pretty sure menswear cobblers would probably have either of them beat.... Imo all that really matters is your personal preference. Personally not a person who will choose a consensus best over my personal preference best ;p
Much better written and laid out. I hope one day they have a shoe off to determine who the "best in the world" actually is.
No... Harnden makes size XXL and some designs fit quite large... say a size XXL long mac probably would fit up to a size 58 comfortably. Most pants fit quite large.
One day we will learn that eckblk is actually Willie of Willie's and this thread has all been a sham in order to get suckers to send business his way. His reputed Texas base of operations is fictitious and his carpe pictures are from a Japanese cousin who doesn't speak English or use the internet. They call that the long con.
I'm a true 50/slim 52... size l fits me perfectly, hits me around the knees and great sleeve length.I picked it up direct from Frank Leder (through their boutique) -- it was sold out, but they got a re-issue of the fabric and I asked if they could reproduce it and they were kind enough to hook it up.
I picked up his double breasted coat in heavy grey moleskin thing is mindblowingly good (knee length). his heavy moleskin is no joke.
Got the layer 0 sail cloth hemp American Pants. First piece of layer 0 clothing and very impressed. Fabric, construction, details and fit, pockets are all really impressive. Think out of the "darker" designers (not including PH) -- layer 0 stuff, taichi, a1923 and ccp have probably put together the nicest pieces of clothing I've run into.
I get that rarity generally correlates to price, but there are people who rarity doesn't matter e.g. in the rolex context non-rolex geeks other than if you are just trying to sell/buy one yourself for profit reasons.I myself fall into that boat. So really for me it's just a small cosmetic difference and really I could make the claim they are basically the same watch and people who differentiate are morons, because from my point of view and my system of values that's how it...
I mean they give pretty different feels based on the fits in my eyes. But people have differing ranges and sensitivity on "feels" Imo the people who pay multipliers more for a rolex because of a red minute/hour hands or sun damage doesn't make sense due to the very small cosmetic differences, but there's a whole hobby of nerds who geek out to that shit and pay big bucks for it. It just doesn't see like it's possible to get people to agree on what level of differentiation...
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