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Is Odessa as oppressively cold as I envision Russia to be? If not then yeah I can see it being nicer -- but the Russia cold situation just sounds beyond brutal much like the heat in the Middle East. Hrmm yeah maybe I'll check out some of those spots. This Ukraine chick I know said the Red Door or something is good too. The whole concept of borscht is pretty unappealing to me though ;p and boiled foods.
Russia seems like a miserable and hellish place which largely explains some of the cultural tendencies ;p Read some NYTimes thing where some american russian dude locked himself in a hotel room and watched russian tv non stop for a period of time -- did not sound like enjoyable programming. Also the cuisine seems terrible too based on my experiences -- though perogies can be good.
Is that beneysd in 20 years?? I am lost without the context for thumbing from thumb comments. jk
Hrm I can see the resemblance, but it also reads m.a.+ to me.
Another person that might be interesting to have do this is mellowfellow -- he hasn't been too active lately here, but he's pretty good at the instagram game ;p He may be interested!
Not to mention -- he probably has some responsibilities to his partners at the restaurant too taking up some of his time? He's probably beholden to give them some of his priority after you guys ruffled their feathers via reviews/facebook.
Treatments are basically the R&D cost for these sorts of brands alongside experimental pattern making -- so doubt anyone really knows exactly. But if I'm wrong, curious to know as well
It's all over the place for me -- some things fit fine at 4. Other things are too slim at size 5 e.g. this long linen jacket I have.
Yeah, that woman comment was pretty definitive. Not that I personally react very favorably to people who ask questions that trigger a negative reaction from 3 people, people (including styleforum's editor in chief who has literary training/hobbies) and subsequently blames the situation on others' reading comprehension rather than their own approach in asking questions. And then gets really defensive and takes the conversation to "finger popping assholes" and then is like...
I'm not sure what he expected, asking questions in an arena where people are clearly so bad at reading comprehension. Which clearly is what is at play since he is a fucking black belt at asking clear, interesting and thought-provoking questions that are devoid of both confusion and any indicators of stupid points of view.
New Posts  All Forums: