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You got the current season one too? I like the color a lot more. Jealous Yeah a lot of japanese shops picked it up but only xs and s.
If anyone knows someone that has the green wool shirt in M or L hit me up. I missed out on the southwillard ones
Think nicelynice emails the guys directly, but the other answer is Japan.
I've heard that the tattooing is actually done not with needles but their own dicks. Dude tattooing a tattoo of himself getting a tattoo of another dude tattooing his dick on another dude's dick with his own dick. Then vice versa. Some postulate that this is a formalized courtship ritual, but much is still unknown. Apparently this sort of behavior actually has a small but rabid contingent of adherents. It was born from tattoo-obsessed heretics of the "Docking" and...
Yeah man it's like asking why have more than one thread.... across the whole internet. How you engage with content and others is all influenced by the context and user experience. Without compartmentalizing context into little discrete chunks that people can identify with, you have just have chaos and a whole lot of noise to wade through.You have different interactions and people display different facets of themselves to different audiences. Case in point... does tcwalter...
best texture on the pants from any LUC ever... the military recycled fabrics have nothing on those.
double post
^Personally not a fan... nothing seems to work together, but maybe that was the point? T-shirt seems short. Shoes don't seem to go with pants and the robe/bedford combo doesn't have any sort of synergy for me and they are draping weird? or just not on straight?Pants are amazing
haha text me what you are getting ;p though are you following eton's lead? For Germany proxying I think I reached out to flux on sz once for gyakusou stuff. She doesn't post much but maybe she can help you out via pm or contact her through her blog
Maybe it's THE white shirt. That from which all other white shirts are born and shaped. Now I want it too... to hang up next to my pieces of the True Cross[tm] and chunks of Promethean fire.
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