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shrug you could say the same thing about carpe or really anything for similar reasons i'm sure. there's something perfect though in the "boring" footwear from those brands because while there isn't really anything that stands out or is particularly attention getting... often can't find much of anything to nit pic. some laced carpe boots are almost indistinguishable from the semi-formed prototypical concept of a "laced boot" that exists in my head that most other offerings...
very nice.. wish he didn't notch the heels still though though that shit gets ground down when vibramming and i have it filled too still wish it wasn't there at all.
Haven't really experienced a thick-fabric'd schneider pants ever from either season.
What a strange website that domain is. Seems like spam in japanese haha
Never been. Yelp reviews look solid though. Apparently used to be called Bandera's? I grow up in Los Altos Hills and have never heard of either.
I'm glad it looks like Devoa has moved away from the circular heel. was not a fan of that at all.
damn what happens to your safety pin karma after you acquire one of those giant designer safety pins??
I think I want a darker colorway. what does he do besides shades of reddish/brown and black? any greys? ;p
Maybe I'll join you in your madness
I could take or leave the inner layer, but the outer one is awesome
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