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Mmm brought my work headphone rig into my current work and I'm reminded of how good a good setup can be. Money put into a good headphone audio setup has always seemed to make sense when you work a desk job where you aren't interrupted by constant meetings and calls. Music Fidelity vlink async usb to digital converter -> modified Esoteric D3 DAC -> kevin gilmore designed dynamight (balanced dynahi) -> audio technica w-5000s. The w5000s are the first expensive purchase I...
Yeah I tried to special order that bomber :/ Don't think it went through. It's probably 5-10k anyways retail. Btw if anyone has a line on it in size 52 or 54 get at me Parker/Shah? ;p
shyeah the one true leather would never have epaulets.
And my point of view is, it would be nice if people did that, but they aren't going to. The word is going to be continuously misused because people think they know what they are talking about or they think others know what they are talking about. It's ingrained into the culture at this point. If you can tip the point, great, I'll welcome that eventuality, but in the end it may just be tilting at windmillz.
i feel like that's one coat in two colorways. not sure that's proof positive ;p
then what are the shorts!?!?
Are you guys actually the same size? ;p I'd be somewhat surprised based on the fit pictures. Though I suppose that ish looks good oversized.
My impression is that bergfabel's market is 90% located in Japan despite being a euro originated brand.
I think you misconstrue where I'm coming from ;p I personally have no problem making my own deductions and I'm not indecisive at all when it comes to making purchases that I'm thrilled with.I'd just love to talk about them without triggering a dieworkwear rant about quality conflation. This has happened to me a few times and it'd be nice to avoid them because I get where he's coming from. It was pretty clear after the first instance.But I'm not sure what the best route for...
It would be nice but I don't think most people operate that way and I'm not sure they are able to. And for me anyways, part of what makes me feel good when I put it on is this personal perception of "quality" It feels good to wear something that you think is nice. Or at least it does for me. I think my criteria is looks awesome, feels awesome when worn, has layers of interesting details for me to appreciate and lasts for as long as I want to continue wearing it...
New Posts  All Forums: