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Hrm I should check on the humidity of my cigars.
No worries! And to clarify I wasn't saying I think it'd look better with brown or purple pants. I was picturing a pair of nice darkish grey pants with bit of a brown or purple in the tone.
Well shit dude if I knew you were going to weigh in I wouldn't have bothered. From the man himself after all.I saw a fit which generated some thoughts and I shared them. Honestly couldn't care less how he dresses, let alone like me. How do you wanna handle this going forward? Maybe I can forward you all my comments and you can let me know which ones I should share. Or maybe you can just give me heads up when you are going to give your reaction and I can just not...
Not an expert, but I feel like you might need a cleaner fitting/looking pair of pants for that blazer. A more solid black or a brownish grey or purple-hinted greyish pants.
early adoption of apple oses is a sucker's play these days
Honestly I think you'd be surprised, the fit on IE pants is borderline magical to me, but then again I'm sure you have much higher standards when it comes to looking good. Trick someone into stocking it in Japan or selling pairs secondhand ;p
Man so jealous of the linen t. need some 100% linen t-shirts
Yeah I still don't buy that silk doesn't bring an unwanted delicacy to the equation I got a rip in my PH silk classic blazer and I haven't worn it since. Linen, ramie and hemp + wool blends for lyfe.
Thanks el Bert! Have to slow my roll for a bit but I'll reach out if money permits Let me know when you move to SF sir!
I think you misconstrue my intentions. If I was that focused on quality or whatever I'd only buy Hermes products. I in fact don't own any Hermes products. Sure you can play the quality is completely subjective card. Sure, people have different sets of values, but I think the closest thing to an objective quality standards is one that is driven by those that pursue it as a life-objective (e.g. craftsman who have dedicated their lives in pursuing a particular...
New Posts  All Forums: