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I just have this sudden urge to see overdyed belts become a trend. So if someone could be the originator of such a trend, in this moment, i am very much enthused for such a reality and someone stepping up i am sure this will pass quickly
Not that I'm invested either way, but realistically speaking... do you think anyone's ever regretted blocking someone that they are on the fence blocking? I feel like fomo on the possibility they might generated worthwhile content is vastly outweighed by not having to think "should i" or suffering the annoying stuff.
I hope this is a gateway drug to you overdying a judo belt, twice, and wearing in lieu of a normal belt in life-settings like work and clubs.
Also, sources say that thatoneguy just got a pair of m.a.+ and may be located in MELBOURNE.
your parka is like that adopted kid the parents just assumed was chinese and raised thinking he was chinese, to keep him in tune with his birth heritage, but then the dad realized kid was actually korean! while filling out college forms. except also switch chinese and japanese.
What is the treatment?
Fear the linen/wool blend guidis ;p Great looking shirt.
that fabric looks great
Man the video of the frozen waves shoot is great. Still my favorite concept in concept/palette/execution ;p That sand/color blocked light shirt is still one of my favorite schneider pieces.
Dunno man. Gantz isn't exactly a dense read. Probably could crush all 25 volumes in a one weekend day binge sitting if you wanted
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