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Condolences jet
Yeah if you are looking at used prices then Carpe would be pretty low tier too since it's not particularly expensive used. NIB from yahoo japan isn't that expensive too, certainly not like retail CCP/Augusta and probably m.a.+ levels.
Have it. It's better than it looks in the pics even. The sides/sleeves are a really amazing knit. I kind of took a chance on it because it was on sale at the boutique at the time, but when it came in the mail I was blown away.
Haha I thought you perma banned CCP from your ownership for aesthetic, comfort and durability reasons ;p Actually your stories of how quickly your derbies started breaking apart still terrifies me.
Yup I have a size 4 shirt that fits slightly bigger than most 6s I have. It happens. The sales person mentioned it specifically before selling to me (Tagged 4 but fits bigger than the size 5 they also had).
Haha shit what meet up? I'm guessing not if its this weekend (Or today)... have plans
Yeah it was between the wool blazer or PH for me as well... slightly different aesthetic I think the a1923 stuff is a little bit cleaner/sharper. Yeah I agree it's definitely easier to wear. It's not like the cotton or wool/ramie editions because it's a much less stiff fabric and crosses further into PH territory. Damn shame about the wool/ramie version for you.. both fit me pretty well. I do wear the wool/ramie less because it looks more extreme.
How are you liking it? I kind of love it.... the fabric is great. The matching drop crotch pants are actually great too despite my reflexive distaste for drop crotch. Super comfortable.
Speaking about boots and elements: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15542
Yeah KKA is the mainline. In julius terms it'd be the julius_7 while Attachment would be the ma_julius.
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