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That kapital jacket is amazing. WIsh it were my size ;p
Generally thicker, my experience anyways but there are exceptions... like generally lamb offerings range much thinner and to a lesser extent calf. Horse is much tougher and more durable. Potentially stiffer as well. I've had scratches unindent on my horse leather jackets... after being super bummed about the scratch.
Thanks again The details and construction are just ridiculous. I'm way too short for them though, but hemming them seems so criminal. Maybe I'll just archive it.
Curse you El Bert for bringing this to my attention, luckily he hooked me up vs his asking. Last purchase for the year for sureeeee. I think this is the same matching fabric as the sentinel coat I have Synthese So I can go full on lone space drifter on planet hoth cosplay. [[SPOILER]]
I think we are about the same size and I sized down to a 5. I can layer a bit with 5. Normally wear 6 in shirts, tailored pieces and 5 in coats and knits.
Yup those are must stops. MAC is a great store too. All three spots are great to visit and have awesome staff and have fantastic sales. Sometimes I stop by Darkside Initiative as well for acronym.fist help me find some slash pants in that fabric in size 2! you guys have sold me.
Haha buy those. I think it really depends on where sales season is at when you land. Based on my review of past emails and affiliate threads looks like it'll probably be largely over by then. I don't know that San Francisco has such a great selection or deals that necessitates hardcore saving There are great stores that maybe necessitate a purchase here and there, but the buys generally aren't so deep that you have that many mind blowing options at reasonable prices....
Haha I saw that too thankfully his size is nowhere near mine. The fabric looks great and how the shoulder looks when worn... is very impressive.
Yeah I saw that and was like man maybe I should put on someone should buy. That was a nice piece.
Actually I hear a1923 is produced in a magic garbage can. Dude throws in a small pony and stirs it around a bit and boots come out.
New Posts  All Forums: