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Ha ha -- damn the sz beware of scammers thread. I guess wormwood is the rasputin of artisanal pants. I think you got off lucky Nahneun -- it seems like when you have a successful transactions it indoctrinates you into the bastard child of a pyramid scheme and a cult. His purple koolaid is strong. Pretty sure no one really knows the mind of another person. Family/friends of school shooters and rapists certainly don't know them as well as they think they do. It is truly...
That was actually how I originally typed it -- thought about leaving it but it didn't seem more fattening so fixed it. Food dyslexia for the win!
Unless nahneun just started eating bacon wrapped butter -- perhaps it is not unrealistic to expect that the design and construction can handle some weight fluctuation? Or is it actually a m2m subscription service that sends you a new pair of pants to match your weight fluctuations.I dunno I haven't been super active -- maybe nahneun mr moo'd out. Then I offer my most sincere and abject apologies.
But coolron had 1 good experience!!! That clearly outweighs all the others because his experience is 100x more meaningful than the rest of you all and you clearly are just being dicks to a man who is just trying to create and share his $500 dollar pants with the world!!!The artists who sell pants in the domain that you price yours at @wormwood -- not all of them have gone through formal training, but all of them have made and thrown away countless pairs of pants before...
Damn -- fear the 3D dick squiggle fly. I am glad I was not an early adopter. Jbravo, I think in this case expectations are set not by whatever challenges the manufacturer has chosen to take on (Solo startup vs apprenticing through the industry with the training/infrastructure it offers for dealing with bullshit of others -- is his choice). Expectations are set by the amount of money the customer has paid. I think expecting that you get dick-squiggle-less pants when you...
Yeah -- i rarely come here these days. All my time/money is going into high end bongs
Could fuck with that hat -- any chance of a proxy nicelynice? ;p hit me up on the f of b plz if so!
I have the first In Aisce backpack -- don't really recommend it. Maybe itll be better after the leather is broken in or something, mine was very stiff. The bottom backpack where the straps connect basically stabs into the small of your back. I ended up using it at burning man and haven't fucked with it since, but it's partly because its now covered in l-wire and dust. Vaguely unrelated, recently got the devoa backpack from current season in both grey lamb and ballistic...
got any belted harnden pants for me ddohnggo? ;p
which model of pant is that? american or 5 pocket or overpant? indeed a fantastic fabric have the american pant which is my favorite pair of pants hands down. pnp still owes me on my pre order on the 5pocket.... @uzairh!!!
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