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personally prefer the top one slightly. the shoulder seamz and the lack of hook closure. both are great though
I like the last fabric choice but all are good!
i may have narrowish shoulders but im generally a size 40/42 for most brands and wear size 4 devoa... so my guess is you'd be a size 3.
my monitor can't even render the image of that blazer in its true color
Haha I feel like that's what pictures from SZ meetups from Paris Fashion week look like
have that schneider shirt its great
yeah pnp firenze is awesome
thanks gdi/tween and nmwa great fabric choices on that clover
Yeah I want the wool version of that suit bad.
He just kept making the dude redo the shoes until he was satisfied with the fit and how they looked all through a chain of assistants e.g. a game of telephone. He was compensated well for it but it sounds like it was a frustrating experience he never wanted to repeat again.
New Posts  All Forums: