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ah looks good. does anyone have a tonkotsu broth recipe that isn't too crazy and yields a good result?
oh yeah for sure. i think i've decided those and derbies are my favorite laceups of carpe's original offerings. the tall boots are just too much of a hassle to get on and off for me... so only zips for those. i got one pair of the 6 holes from re-porter. one pair from sz and one pair from eckblk. They were all pretty much approaching like new thankfully.
Yeah in my grails that got away list for sure. Definitely would like to have a long sleeve flower shirt at some point.
Mmm well good to know. It isn't really for slippers themselves, but I want something sleek, low profile to wear with drapier fits a la my fast-developing horde of jjve stuff. Really some basic slip on vans probably would fit the same purpose, but guidi slip ons are sexier and have that wabi sabi feel which I think will work better. For now I'm going to stick with my hender scheme gats in black.
Wow, not much of a sandal guy, but not a sandal hater either. If you are going to get a pair of flip flops though.... those are pretty hot. I really want a pair of white guidi slip ons. And black slip ons.
wow those are beautiful
You and your whacky soles!
Maybe its like destroyed horse where it's been waxed down hard and over time it reverses. Might just be angle and how its styled, but that shaft looks kinda fat in proportion to the rest.
man speaking of julius i keep kinda wanting these
that knit was schneider? for some reason i had thought it was dries, very nice either way
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