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Nice! The jute laces are great. I didn't know he had m_moria. Pietro mentioned that they were friends and visit each others' work shops, one more reason to buy them if they do pair with his stuff.
Thanks laf, they came with the pants hadn't worn suspenders prior to ph pants
trying a hat, xpost from suit challenge [[SPOILER]]
trying a hat [[SPOILER]]
Couple of work fits [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
pm incoming
devoa tech jacket pre order on yangli bomber
Jealous I want some clogs. Gonna get guidi slip ons instead.
Thanks was looking at a wool overshirt and a bomber. Went TTS.
The short mac was on ebay then. Guy wanted like 1800 for it. If it was a normal sized men's mac it'd have been worth it. The price is a little bit too high imo for these pieces, but $1500 would be a fair offer for either imo.Edit: Wow that mac is nearly 3k nvm that's a total rip off.The long mac is great, but sadly it's probably too long for me. The zippered mac is just one of the more contemporary looking pieces like the jerkin, not really my favorite.The normal sized...
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