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Hi,Please email us at sales@moderntailor.com so we can check and resolve the issue fairly for you.Cheers,Dave
Hi,Please let me know the Order # and I'll check on it. You may PM me the order #.Cheers,
Hi deveandepot1,I checked our mail archives and i think we replied to all your email to us. I believe the last email you sent us was regarding the linen shirt, which we refunded to you in full. Please correct me if I am wrong. May I ask for the Order # ? You may send your reply to sales@moderntailor.com or pm me here.Thank you.Cheers,Dave
Hi sharkw,We do have a separate category for skinny ties. It's right after the "All" category in the tie navigation menu. We're adding more ties over the next couple of days too.Cheers,Dave
Hi,Please PM your Order # or email address and I'll have a look at it. Thanks.Cheers,Dave
Hi clapeyron,We appreciate the feedback regarding this issue. As for the stitching of buttons, we have already reminded our tailors on this, also on quality checks. I personally apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.With the incorrect measurements, if you would not mind, may I request for your Order # so I can check if there has been any lapse in responding to your concerns? You may send the Order # to me in a private message if you prefer. Thank...
Moderntailor 2012 Spring Collection Photos are now up. View on Facebook http://facebook.com/moderntailor and Google+ http://plus.google.com/100039719635110459709 Cheers, Dave
Hi zzdocxx,Replying in behalf of Leah. The 2ply fabrics are 2ply (2x2) weft and warp.Cheers,
Dear Sir,We apologize for the late reply here in Styleforum. Please send us an email to sales@moderntailor.com, provide the Order # and we'll attend to it immediately and verify why the reply may have been delayed.Cheers,Dave
Hi. Please send us the Order # and we'll check what happened with your package.Cheers,Dave
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