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Quote: Originally Posted by runner-guy When it comes to cars, the Chinese are such losers you are from the US&A, correct?
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar LC3 in the chaise/lounge setup. pics! want to see your home
Quote: Originally Posted by legorogel this is the wrong forum for this argument. it's not. this is a very valid reason to prefer plywood/laminate. most people want to change the decoration of their homes often, maybe every 5yrs or so. what would hurt more to throw away, a €300 centre table, or an €800 one? nontheless, I prefer real wood. however, I only purchase it for very punctual, quasi-timeless pieces.
Quote: Originally Posted by legorogel dont you prefer solid wood over that glued together sawdust ? And the design rarely strikes me... solid wood is expensive as hell
in Portugal IKEA gives like 10yr warranty for some items, and 30yr warranty for some other items. Where as I see myself having the same decoration for 10 years, 30 years is a very long time!
for 900 bucks I'd get a 50in fhd plasma.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik There's a difference? you get a mutt for loving it. you get a "brand" dog to show around! I got a mutt, 2 months old. was abandoned, I got her at the kennel. So cute, now has a virus, not sure if she'll make it. I also got a set of portable speakers for €16. The thing is, they're not brand name, and I was surprised when they beat all portable speakers in the price range. Including the logitech I'd...
the zonda is my all time favourite supercar ever, so much, a lot, very! LOL A really dazzling car: in looks, in performance... And it's just, if not more pretty on the inside as it is outside. A really amazing feat. A fantastic gathering of engineers creating something for pure amaze and enjoyment.
why do you want to know? lol @ arimony
hmmm... if the dating lasted for under 3 hours, try "daikin"
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