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Nvm Second thought I'll clarify in a mature manner. Hindu get married in Red catholic-Indians usually do the traditional wedding dress and then change into either white or gold....happy?
So what's the general idea here about sneakers?...more so running sneakers like flyknits and such?... Acceptable?...
Got it man, thanks.
Please tell me how I wasn't receptive to those who were constructive? me...also show me where I'm being arrogant other than calling out this guy JET for what he is, an absolute douche and something that appears to be common knowledge on here and I didn't know....argue back??....I'm sorry but I'm not gonna back down to someone being an asshat simply because he has 16k posts, not happening...lastly I don't expect everyone to like what I wear, style Is subjective, just...
Guys really type essays for a cheap laugh on here?...MINDBLOWN.
Glad to come accross this thread, greetings fellow photogs A shot I took of my wife last 4th of July Some firework shots Anyone else rocking the moneymaker from holdfast?
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