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Used to go to Nuda, but I'm tired of the guys there. Any other suggestions? I'm on a bit of a student budget now, so it would be appreciated if it was 45 and under! Thanks
Last time I went there was for a suit for my prom. I will never be able to comprehend how a salesman can act like he's such a big shot when he's paid, what, 12 bucks an hour? Never going there again.
Quote: Originally Posted by TallWhiteDude Take a guess, lol what for? Idunno lol. Since you mentioned your ethnicity, I'd guess Doubletree lmao. Banned for posting porn I think. lololol I kinda looked for it tho, wanted more time to study. Addicted miscer is addicted.
Quote: Originally Posted by TallWhiteDude Sup brah... I thought this GBear character was aware, guess not he's just mirin hard What's your username on the misc? They banned me until may 1st man.
lololol strong miscer up in here. U mad bro?
because you touch yourself at night
They want you to dress nice (go figure what they mean by that), but if your clothes are better than theirs, they definitely won't like it. It's like a woman criticizing a man because he's really in shape. "Wow, what a gym rat! and blah blah blah". Makes her feel better about herself and less guilty about how she let herself go. Women are in competition with other women and the men they see. They'll feel insecure if you dress really well. That's from my experience 8-)
Still waiting for the update :P especially for Duo and U and I. Does TNT still carry menswear?
"by the way something interesting about the Gardens mall washrooms , in order to enter the washrooms there are things that you need to present or else you have to pay MYR 5 If you present any of these only then you are eligible to enter their washrooms for free: ISETAN membership card Garden Hotel & Residence room card Receipt of over MYR 100 from any boutiques Platinum Card the idea is a lot better than Pavilion's VIP toilet because they dont put any...
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