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Chester Barrie
From my Samuelsohn wardrobe, 4 lapels have pick stitching and 1 does not. On a suit and a SC, the picking is along the whole of the lapel. On two other suits, the picking is only on the upper/back part of the lapel (what is that called??) while on the lower part of the lapel you can see the stitching on the back side but not the front.
Based on those gloves from a few months ago, these hands look half your size
IIRC, that was made in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A variety of them in hunter green, NWOT, have shown up in thrift shops recently, mostly made in 1991 as your label.
I just bought 12 pairs of RLPL socks, including 2 cashmere and 10 super 140s wool. However, I now realize there are no washing instructions. Has anyone tried machine washing these?
Here are some Dacks from my collection - the first two are kangaroo, the third is antelope and the last is bison
Look at the June 4 2009 entry http://www.pricy-spicy.com/category/expensive-shoes-unique-dress/page/2/
I've owned a few of these and they fall into the just OK category. The construction is reasonably solid, but the fit is on the boxy side. I always felt they didn't not integrate well when paired with a nice suit and tie. Kinda like Rick Perry chatting to a Mensa gathering.
Hi I wonder if anyone knows anything about a company that made outdoor coats by the name of "Noveline." The inside label says "New Imported Fabric, Noveline, Expertly Styled and Tailored for the Man of Distinction, All Wool." It says elsewhere the fabric was worsted in England. Any help appreciated, thanks
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