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You need a cap
I came across an older pair of Dacks that are likely from the early 1980s. The name "Dacks" is in cursive script and the leather is described as "Imported Harra Calf." Does anyone know anything about this shoe and the leather?
I recently saw a pair of Dacks that looked to be circa mid or early 1980s with the following on the insole "Imported Zebu Grain" -- I forgot to take a picture, the leather was chestnut and pebble-like. Does anyone have any information about these shoes??
Sammy for sure - the model name and serial # are in the right location
Bruce Trail?
"They do have the "made in leather insoles England" stamp on the insole which again is Cheaney. Can anyone confirm Cheaney and possible age as well?" With the stamping on the insole that you note, it's 99.9% likely they are Cheaney.
The other two, black made in Canada, burgundy made in England by Cheaney
I have 2 more at work, including a burgundy slip-on and a black slip-on (so a total of 9, not 10).Just as Dacks sold rebadged Cheaney, so too did Hartt -- see the carmel colored pair second from the bottom.
I think I own 10 pair of Hartts and all of them have lasted extremely well. IIRC, they made the boots worn by the RCMP, which, if you've seen, look pretty well indestructible. Here's a link to a story about the company: http://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-reg/place-lieu.aspx?id=2850
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