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This is Scarborough thrifting in the summer of 2014
I noticed this opportunity to score some Church's shoes. I have no association with the seller; found this while surfing. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-mens-shoes/city-of-toronto/nos-80s-churchs-shoes/1136808185?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
No googling required, it was front page of cbc.ca/news
Problems at Frenchy's Thrift Boutique http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/israt-khan-frenchys-complaints-1.3352614
After Christmas last year the Bay at Queen put all remaining1000 Miles at 40% off, so I bought two pairs. I have no idea if it will happen again, but worth watching for
I noticed that Marcello Tarantino in Yorkville is having a sale. Has anybody been and are able to give a report?
For Thai, there are 4 places I really like: Suko Thai - 274 Parliament St. Not the greatest neighbourhood, take a cab and don't expect to do anything else in that area. Safe though, as most of Toronto is. It is closed from 2-5pm, can be tough to get a seat a lunch, but early dinner time it is easier. Pai - 18 Duncan St. Walkable from anywhere in the downtown area, located in the entertainment district. Place is crowded, so try going a bit off normal eating...
I have 2 pairs of To Boot and agree they're worth it only if on sale a lot, like at least 50% off. Their quality seems to be variable from shoe to shoe.
At the College Park Winners is a caramel colour suit labelled E Zegna mainline. I am pretty sure it is a fake because the font is not real clear, the inside label is not the one on real EZ and the stitching on the shoulder is pretty poor. Be careful out there!
Those are probably made in England by Cheaney. Look inside the shoe near the middle and you are likely to see something that says "Made in England." If that is the case, then most likely they're Cheaney.
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