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You guys are amazing. How in the world do you keep up with the industry with such precision? Do you know people on the inside? Secret websites that tell all to a select few? Very envious of your knowledge banks..
Cool, I ask because I happen to hear the name often enough to recognize it while sifting through the coat rack at the local second-hand shop and came across a rather nice sportcoat, very spring-ish, with a tag that said Bill Blass Diamonds or something of the sort. It was a whole $5 and it's quite a good fit. Just never really paid attention to what the Blass was all about. Thanks for the info.
HI, just a quick question that I've had no luck finding a sufficient answer to online. What or who is Bill Blass? Are these clothes decent? Thanks.
Okay, I can understand the difference between bad patterns and good patterns of shirts to ties, the way pleats look bad on some men but good on others... ...but how in the hell can you possibly tell if a suit is made by Armani or Gucci? Or Zegna or D&G? What is it about a suit that can possibly distinguish it from a higher-end designer, if your'e just looking at a picture, or a movie, or whatever? Is there some kind of suddle colour difference or the amount of buttons or...
No really, I agree with you. I guess what I'm asking is what purpose does this store serve? Why in the hell would people wear, with such beaming pride, the crap that this place pushes? Or am I missing something?
...what is it good for?
Ah hah. Now I can see and begin to understand. I think. I just have to get my hands on a few of the labels you mentioned to really know what's happening with that wacky denim. Who knew it would be so varied. Well, aside from all of you fine folks. Thanks, Mike C and LA Guy.
Yeah, see, that's what I'm not understanding. How are a pair of jeans more "advanced" in cut? And how does sophistication fit in with jeans? Darker colours? I'm not trying to be difficult or an ass. Just...trying to figure out why certain jeans are so saught after.
Hi, new to the group, had to ask one question. What's so great about these jeans? I don't get why everybody's in such a fever to try and get some. How are they any better than Diesel and all the other brands people mention a thousand times a day?
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