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i like the para fit but i still feel iffy about the boot tuck
dont be silly
I like comfy loungey stuff. I like the way regis does MMM, it feels very relaxed and easy. In that sense the boots make sense. But I think the stuff people have in mind with those boots and what style works for me, it just aint me.There are two other similar suits that might fit me better that i ordered. If they work then the boots might look nice with them. We will see.I am a lot happier with my fits these days even if there are small tweaks to be made for cut and (esp)...
i work out to ima read
this is what i mostly think of
Aright, imma wait for something else i ordered to come in and see how it works. i still got time on my return
I don't think they would look good with most of my Schneider stuff. Hoping the white sneakers will do the trick when I don't feel the dress shoes
Wool. I'll try a 42 next time.I don't really wear much stuff that they would look nice with :-!
haha thanks! idk the jacket is def too tight. The pants I could get used to im just spoiled via sweatpants all day.
im going to wait for a diff pair of pants i ordered to come in and see how they pair but if i end up sending themback ill hit you up!
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