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yyph coming soon KVA akehton and new haircut!!
There's not enough leather where there should be
i dont like the paneling on those MMMs but thanks for the suggestion! ill just keep my eyes open
[[SPOILER]] Naw coats hideous, let me take it off your hands But seriously take nahneun's advice. He gives pretty solid advice.
[[SPOILER]] Fact, i actually save all of regis' fits for when Im an attending/notdestitute and can ball out on some quality margiela. And also to toasty, man you have really done an amazing job with the direction you took. I have been really impressed by your fits recently! I hope things are going well on the gymbro side of things too!
Not actually getting it but sort of future browsing/curious to see what the hivemind thinks Thanks in advance!!
i agree with tagut except for where he says dress like him i think its the same reason i never really got into kunks fits because they still sort didnt quite look right fit wise on him
I like collar up reminds me of quaranta
My bad was on the fly while waiting to extubate. The pants kill the fit, the should match the structure of the top i think or be something really wild, not this blobby thing. I also think the tan boots dont look that great with it either and that it should be laced derbies. The sweater is not bad.The blazer in general might be a little misproprotioned for your build. It feels like it might be constricting and uncomfy
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