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everytime i see platypus post something its a trying time for me. Sure I love the fit but it always reminds me of all the things on SP that i missed out on because of not having money very bittersweet
Got my board (Step 1) score. Scored fairly above the average for people who successfully match (get accepted) to neurosurgery programs. Downside is applying and interviewing is going to run me SO much cash :'( And I'll need interview clothing!
is it manageable at all, i think if u styled it it would look really cool great fit tho!
its not me being ashy, its baby powder in ma shoes. feels great and minimizes stank
if it was just a tad wider on the shoulders and chest i would
reminds me of the feature article on iwri partner in crime; mr. grey
Not only do I listen to Wu's music but I also trust them with many of my important financial investments They protect ma neck
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