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I just never liked those RO pants. Shape to me is fugly. I have a strong bias towards tapered sweats/casual pants like the silent parang pants or the new astair sweatpant pant at totokaelo. And i agree with BCD that it dissonant in a bad way. TBH this is something I would imagine to be worn by someone that was a new being #dressedbysf +#idkwhatimdoing Sorry man, its just my gut reaction. Nothing but love otherwise. Also, damnit parker is so cool
sorry NN not feelin it
I hear the call of the dunks
Haha well if it's too big maybe we can negotiate a trade :-)
Nice. I hope the alpaca I got is a hair larger for a roomy fit
Kill the phonies
excellent! great post King G!
Bottom half is onn point. Top half is good but still needs some work. Have you thought about more structured blazers in the same vein?Although maybe that would be too much? Just a suggestion
I love you stitches but you seem to always want validation. I can think of three times you've posted pointing out someone overlooked your fit as the congratulated another
I just meant if he wwants to take casual pictures a point and click will give him great resolution and great exposure. I agree but it seems like a huge investment for not what he wants.For the record I have a dslr but I did not get it for fit pics lolYou can hit a nail with a hammer. It doesn't have to be diamond encrusted (despite the SF catchphrase)
New Posts  All Forums: