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Yeah. I want to sonchus to hit sales!!
@WBaker My favorite so far. Except the Clark's but whatever
Huh someone told me that discounts get lower and on more items in store... Maybe I'm just senile
Lolol this guy
My 5 was tight in and I'm 41-42in
Idk how cold that is but it was -16 a little while back and I just added down jacket and heat tech leggings to that and was good. Just meant that a nice thick pair of sweatpants and warn fashion sweater does both :-)
From what I hear prices are lower in store and stock is different.
I just pack my cos sweats and a cardigan (right now it's SS bee)
It's whatever I'm wearing at the time. I like the grail idea. You pick one item and style around it but also include a blurb about it (why you like it, how you finally got it, etcetc)
New Posts  All Forums: