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I think it's the length of the sweater and the roll of the pants. Makes the legs look stubby.
Something a little off. Not sure what...
Hey now! I don't only wear tapered stuff. Besides it's not too bad in the case of this fit with the cardigan open.Overall though I agree! I think half an inch on the thigh and .75 on the opening would be good
Thanks B!CD, i was thinking that too about the jeans. Probably would help the fit more than changing the gats out. geos would look absurd i think, maybe something less gaudy like these?
i want to get a pair of addias stan smiths. i wanted achilles but i think they are too narrow for ma feets
if only
:PIts a fashion forum, someone cares
I actually kept staring at the jacket version of it. I could get it and I could wear it with my black jeans and some white lows but I dont think its really my jam.
thats awesome, id have gone with a white shirt (or and this is the wrong call; a knit). How is that our legacy coat? heavy weight or more so medium?
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