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Merry Xmas!!!SSx3/A.ok Sandals (ended up wearing redwings when i actually went out!)Deet Shots [[SPOILER]]
i wouldnt expect it to i wear a 6 in his shirts and the 6 blazer i have is slim on me
BNWT in Size 5. Shipped CONUS. I got the black version at the same time and I never ended up wearing these. Price is firm. If they don't sell ill just wear them!
Last time i measured my chest it was between 42-43 inches around. My shoulder to shoulder is 18-18.5 but so much varies with the cut of a garment. Like i said its usually easier to use the model on the site as a guide in reference to your self
199 (not including shipping) for a BNWT SS Clover in a size 5. A bit too slim for me. Also willing to trade for Clover in a size 6. Size: V (5) Shoulder: Raglan Chest: 21.50” Length: 28.00” Sleeve: Raglan (Long-sleeve) (From SP)
I like the algae too much hombre If I match in texas or somewhere else mad hot, ill let u know!
if you ever get bored of the jjve, hit me up!!
idk jet bro, i feel like i could totally see 50+ year olds wearing it in a retro cool way i thinks its a cool jacket/should kop if you like it
Also does M/S ever do sales?
those kva boots are probably my fav thing KVA ever made. so many regrets at not getting it
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