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That's post residency.
You and your kitten thighs.
I want to find a girl that could be cool with living in a house like yours.
Just not my thing. I think the cardigan will soften with wear and stretch which I think will improve the fit. I remember people discussing the rigid nature of this piece.
So cool!Yeah I've got really big traps. I used to shrug 800+ barbell. It's weird as fuck...I went with something a little less conceptual/straightforward this time and went with fewer layers to offset bulk. I appreciate the feedback! (I think the cardigan could have been sized up +1 but it fits similar to the lookbook. Hopefully as i continue to drop lbs itll look better!) [[SPOILER]]
What kind of american eats half a burger....!?
Read this as I was having a burger :-/
busy interviewin and savin lives#goml
lololol me avoid you lololololol
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