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New black jeans. Need to be broken in more!
i bought a 5 and sold it because it was too tite
Roberto Collina cardi (was pretty low price esp with coupon and freeship). Its mostly synthetic but looked cool enough to see.
if the thigh was bigger id get it to pair with ma coat
if this was a 6 id take it off your hands
The 6 or 7 items I bought from sipang finally reached customs. I can't wait for them to arrive here. Hurry it along USA. I'm just small beans.
Do they manage to keep the snow out?
How durable are the cp combat boots. I'm going to try and find a cobbler that can add a zipper to my boots
Thanks!I think the length is probably the bigger issue. Taper is a nice fix because it stacks nicely but for wider pants you need to get the length right. I can't just wear aggressively tapered pants. I think jet had a great point about the value of fuller cuts once they are hemmed to a reasonable break
sorry about the sleeves @in sitches they keep riding up cuz im so swole/chubs but I wanted to make an entry
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