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I don't do lower body at all anymore. I just run. Trying to optimize my life for medical school.Bittersweet
qasimi homme was featured on the young and hungry forum a while back. makes some really cool stuff and makes it well. My coat game will be pretty epic once this and the VB coat from sipang arrives
Sorry stiches I just don't really know much about the style you dress in to give you any real feedback. Its always solid stuff just not my jam sadly
yeah i really liked them and seeing them in dishy(?) fit was a pretty strong vote in their fever but I never got a look at the back
the back sorta killed them for me looks weird. would have been better without back pockets and the dividing line being the same
lol that was kinda anticlimactic
I mean i guess you could be the white leather guy but i also wear my yohji coat pretty much everyday. Im the hoboknit coat guy White leather jacket guy seems like a mantle i can handle
Looks like ill be buying a dodge caravan side mirror Some moron clipped my car while I was on my rotation
I like the new incarnation jackets at H.lorenzo. Gonna try and save up this year for one. I think id be an XL but perhaps you guys can advise me Either: or
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