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I meant i hate SF because now i want schneider khakis lol dont make me dig up all the times youve admitted to your skinnyfatness
i hate you SF
Challenge accepted
its pretty awesome wish i could rock that sorta fit
The way wbakers sweater fits him is how id want the sweater to fit in t3hgs fit
I think esp for a work fit looser weater + blazer is the way to go. And probably not all black depending on where you work. And yeah the new +Js are really nice. Interestingly I got 32s in black and grey and the former were a bit tighter. Going to send them back for 33s or maybe even 34s and just have them hemmed and taken in a splash.
I stand by what I said. It doesn't look that good. The top looks mismatched. Maybe if there was a blazer over it but the tightness of the top block doesn't look good with the looseness of the bottom.Kind of looks like a tighter imitation of Archer. If anything perhaps untucking it might help but i imagine that the shape of the hem on that devoa would not look flattering with the straight but not as severe lines on the trousers. I think regis fits work the way they do...
[[SPOILER]] top doesnt work well here. Its tooo tight and g-ninja. Aso its just one big homogenous black fit
I wore a size 5 in my fit pic. Also, they look pretty awesome with the knit part tucked in too
Im sorry unless its the standard spope stance/pic style idk how to process this
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