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those guidis are ugly as sin but you rock them well tcwalter legend
damn so fucking good next level
if i remember right jet hates the mohair i like my figaria too, it def adds to my top heavy bulk tho
Pretty good, if anything the shape of the blazer looks a little strange at the abdomen but might just be the stance. Seems to fan out and give an exagerrated hour glass like shape
I am not sure which season/collection. Got them from @sipang. Maybe he can elaborate. I guess the fur is a little out there but what can i say, I likey
Im listing a size 7 double alpaca soon. Was too large now that I've lost weight. If anyone here is interested PM before I get around to listing! Oh will trade for same or diff colorway(possibly) in a 5/6
SS x2 Pollini
Are those new shops driving out the old ones that are more to your taste or is it just their presence that bothers you
Meh Also I thought you were a 40/42. How do you get away with wearing devoa
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