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Yeah take a shot at it, why notAs far as sizing, [[SPOILER]]
I'm probably 41-42 right now and the 6 is good. 46 on a 7 will be tight. If you can return I'd be wary
I'm a 6 but I've been losing weight. What are your measurements Gut feel is that it will be snug but ok
Haha but that's changing. Almost have a 6 pack now, then lower abs!
Every where is cranking the heater inside. The biggest downside to wearing my Schneider knits is the dramatic overheating from over eager heaters
lagarconne I wish it was this material/style in the cut of the botanical shirts but I have the garden as well and it fits me just fine
I caved
I thought jet had posted a fit when I saw my subscribed threads.... Let down
i dont understand them. i was going to write that i like how they look with the jacket on but without it they seem strange to me.
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