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In stiches my friend i give you best leder bootz from guido just send low price 400 dollars thru western union
i think the hands in pocket make it look like you haz a beer gut but regardless amazing stuff i would have liked burgandy or earth tone trousers with more volume but beggars cant be choosers
unwearable because of shrinkage? did u machine wash and tumble dry? I usually just hand wash and hang dry
i was going to make this joke, and then you beat me to it so i was sad :'(
One second
i didnt like because i dont think any of the pants will accomodate ma thighs
hard to say, havent really worn them much yet. They seem nice. The leather is solid but I cant claim to be an expert. It is not as nice as the guidi suede but its also more distressed and intentionally rougher. For the price I really cant complain without sounding like a total dick after a few months ill update y'a;ll
Got better pictures of the bootsSpoilered them for those interested! [[SPOILER]]
I got the asos scoop neck in smoked pearl. More promiscuous than the stock photo suggests. Will post a picture soon. My only wish was that it was longer (its long but not RO long)
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