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why didnt i buy these....
Ah i see youve used a more drastic version of the bene angle Idk if it works there. I wonder how itd look on more formal pants in like a light slivery gray.
they dont make those for actually fat dudes right?
There was a size 7 available. I was thinking about it. I have the 6 and its a tad tight so maybe the 7 would fit better. Too late now
haha thanks, i raised the camera height instead of my normal ledge. Probably made the proportions less crazy!
@einstine Man the grey pressure jacket would look so sick with that fit +/- shirt tuck. How do you like the exhausts. Ive been living in them but i wish the waist was elasticised so they were easier to get on [[SPOILER]]
Nahneun killed my family. I then had his mistress brutally murdered. We now just bicker on sf because we got to real and it takes a lot of time to kill people
That's when I'll get to wear non scrubs and make a real salary (hopefully).@RegisDB9 I rather wait to just go to boutiques and try stuff on and not fiddle around with YOOX.
I want to get a navy jelly sit but with darker almost red boots and wear a cream u neck sweater. I guarantee in 7 years I'll be jacking your style
If I had to pick someone on SF that I'd want to be it would be Regis. Or tira. Or ivwri.
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