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Oriental. SP carried it.
Ute/SS x3/Redwings (didnt notice the hiked up pant leg when i originally snapped the pic lol)
wrinkled white shirt would look nice. I have one that still has the tag (too tight fo me) and is band collar with a raw edge. if we ever do a secret santa ill probs gift it to someone who it would fit. its actually very nice, just tooooo tight
I like the MC guys crtiquing idea. It could be like top 3 from our voting then get judged by a 3 judge MC panel for no1.
OG HL bomber in size 52. If you are looking at this then you probably already know tons about it. I bought it from void and I wore it a lot for 2 months. It is in the same condition as far as I can tell as when I bought it
the hat is not my cup of tea but the tee is very cool
I dont mind the pot belly effect. I think it looks just fine and if it bothers you its worth it just to wear it open. It can be worn a variety of ways (see below!). Im undecided on the clover. it doesnt feel small and i think sizing up one might not really improve the fit. Ill think on it,yeah i just did that with the lining and it looks amazing. U can also turn it partially out while buttoned and it looks like a shawl collor under the jacket covering your neck. I am very...
Also the clover and the burheads (just trying it all out, excuse the MMMMMMS) [[SPOILER]]
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