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Huh if fuji's friend had abs he would be aesthetic imo
Def not a bad thing
My original post was poorly worded.
My bad i meant i didnt like what he was wearing. No comment on what he is like or anything of the sort.
not what the word guide means....
@fuji - whats the guide to no-gear aesthetics. I have been in the big lifts game and then in the lazy turd game too long.
cool hat! i dont like how that dude dresses though, who is that?
huh well i guess everyone is different. I like how my wardrobe is developing too but there are definitely styles I wish I could wear or do that I am not at the moment. I guess I appreciate having a diverse wardrobe more than a singularly focused one (even if im too lazy to actually do it)
I like what I wear now! But who doesnt wish they could pull off others looks? You dont ever look at other posters with different styles and go dayyyyym.I think if i did to tech wear id end up looking more like rais than like kg
I wish I had techninja pieces. I keep thinking about picking up y-3 pieces but then I might just stop trying to put outfits together and just be gymwear all day
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