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cool hat! i dont like how that dude dresses though, who is that?
huh well i guess everyone is different. I like how my wardrobe is developing too but there are definitely styles I wish I could wear or do that I am not at the moment. I guess I appreciate having a diverse wardrobe more than a singularly focused one (even if im too lazy to actually do it)
I like what I wear now! But who doesnt wish they could pull off others looks? You dont ever look at other posters with different styles and go dayyyyym.I think if i did to tech wear id end up looking more like rais than like kg
I wish I had techninja pieces. I keep thinking about picking up y-3 pieces but then I might just stop trying to put outfits together and just be gymwear all day
There is a variation of the poa in the new ss season.
Yeah. I want to sonchus to hit sales!!
@WBaker My favorite so far. Except the Clark's but whatever
Huh someone told me that discounts get lower and on more items in store... Maybe I'm just senile
Lolol this guy
My 5 was tight in and I'm 41-42in
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