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yoox credit rouletteDetails [[SPOILER]] Sized up on both since from what i remember both are fairly small and looked slim in the pics. Hoping it works out!
@thearm Great fit!!
Sorry Brad, I hope things work out!
so sad that i cant buy those pants
in f*cking credible snow and kgfan are just too much also random thought but i got SO many compliments a few days ago when i worte that yohji knit cuff jacket from kids in my med school class. It felt really great to have others appreciate yohji's work who werent super into fashunz
Just a reflection on body shape and fitness. My last fit I think is a good example of what is wrong with a lot of posters here, most recently abraxis. We are too top heavy for some of these aesthetics to really look pleasing. Ive skinnied down but im still border line and too many layers (like in this case) make my fit seem a little off. I personally don't think its so much to do with the aesthetic as it is the cut of clothing is not amenable to that ratio off the rack....
a little better [[SPOILER]]
Not doing justice to the pants. Nice wool blend with great texture. Will attempt a better shot later
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