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I liked that aspect, softer shoulders make me look blob like
I got the wrong weather version. My rock coat is in that blend fabric so I wanted something else
I like my 5 except the sleeves could be longer
I like, margiela?
Momceptual 4est
[[SPOILER]] Cool fits, do you ever feel tho as if the tee is not thick enough to be under a coat visually? like as if u need to be wearing something more substantial?
I was thinking about it too but it looks like its a baggier fit than the figaria, it might end up being tight on your pecs/shoulders and then really baggy on your midsection.I guess it could be worn in a sweatshirt like baggier fashion? if you end up getting it please post a pic
haha yeah my posture was better on the other pics!
carven, were on sale on ssense
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