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yoox credit roulette
street fighter...or streetfighter? HADUUUUUKEN
seems too slouchy, especially for the colors and textures. I think mostly i dont like how the jacket sits and kind of gives you a pear shape and makes your shoulders uneven but what do i know! colors themselves are really great though!! and i really like the tie.
I want this SO bad. I blame platy's recent fitpic + U black tee + yohji zipper blazer = awesome!
not todayeleven parisqasimi hommeciro lendini
My most important coat
ssdd - soloist x 2 ann d x2 ?? just wild guessing
I am an expert on bad ideas ,but really, you like the velcros? Or were you just ribbing me
i strongly agree with this!
haha I've pretty much only been wearing dress pants (neil barrett/ute/one pair of slim cut yohji) and dress shirts for a pretty down to earth fit. I save the yohji for the weekends and even then with the heat its just been the linen pants and a linen shirt or t shirt with shorts
New Posts  All Forums: