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Np bud but I don't think this particular forum has what you have in mind. If you take a look most of the posters do not have the sense of style that I think you want to develop.That being said, you should lurk around. I think you will learn a lot!
I think so
Your style seems more CM than SWD
oh boy...
roshe a la snow would be even baller er
http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/751606-designer-poeme-bohemien-stand-collar-coat-item-10520646.aspx?storeid=9108 cool hobo poem coat
What does forme d'expression outerwear sizing run like?
I think the fit will be good post hem + sipz coat. I have a pair of really nice derbies but I have decided to save them for interviews/till i find a nicer interview pair
I probably need to hem deez pants but whateverHappy New year!!!Deetz [[SPOILER]]
Thanks guys! I had a feeling that was not a good idea.
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