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Meh Also I thought you were a 40/42. How do you get away with wearing devoa
I hope kanye keeps at it. I don't like him but he is very tenacious and I think he has potential because of that. He just needs to take a step back, pause, and thinkWishful thinking
Stitches is a casa nova type. He sent me a "half" too...
I like franks fits. Really appreciate the way his pants break. Not done well at that in between state by most people
No worries man. My gf and I had vday dinner this Wednesday. Did not want to get swarmed by other vday noons.
I'm in Boston today and tomorrow, meet up? Also got a speeding ticket. Fucking speed traps. It's an empty highway. Let me do 85.
You gotta give yourself more credit man! You wore them really well too!
I was just about to post the same sentiment!
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