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more cats [[SPOILER]]
i did! still going down but too much lats for euro suit
th...the.....there....there...isn't....a..a...aaa... size up
[[SPOILER]] I like sloppy breaks but I think im in the minority. Whatevs, looks awesome to me. Is that the SS shawl neck from FWaves?
maybe a touch big BUT if you wore the right stuff with it (loose knit top a la regis or lookbooks) and some cooler footwear (sidezips or maybe derbies) it could work. i dont recommend getting margiela to wear as a classic CM suit. Need to drink the koolaid or just not even try
I think in general i only like boot tucks when the pants have more volume sort of military vibe. When its the same line i think the boot shaft breaks the visual effect of the clean line. I don't think its a huge deal though.Oh and I think leather jackets are more visually impressive sans leather shaft at the bottom because it sort of balances it out rather than focusing the texture of the leather to the top block.
i like the para fit but i still feel iffy about the boot tuck
dont be silly
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