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The HL suit looks way more awesome in these pics than the last time i saw it. Anemone reminds me of marlboro from FF!
recycled fit is actually one of my favorite fits by you regis!
It doesnt look like an MA-1 but i dk if it looks bad. I feel like its got potential and the stance is weird so it might be distorting ratio
I instantly thought of the opening of American Psycho.I am uber previous level. I use water + neutrogena. Some days I only brush ma teeth and roll out
Thats awesome. He looks adorable. I love tattoos!!
Lol i was actually being serious, wasn't sure what he was trying to do. Usually his fits are very interesting and stylistic. Although I guess sometimes you just want to look like the average dude but throw on your RO jacket. I've done that before too.
What exactly were you going for?
I wish diff tee and footwear
Are there any real life pics of the pants? I was hoping the taper was not tooo intense otherwise it ends up looking like those baseball pants on me
Has anyone tried either the tech jersey trouser or the jersey drawstring trousers on COS? Thoughts?
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