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Fear of the name only heightens fear of the thing itselfVOLDEMOORRRRTTT
Tbh I love it in calf more but it's just a personal preference. I might get the bottle green too haha.I like the hood it's nice when it rains
[[SPOILER]] haha no its still good just have been in a really sweat pants and pseudo goth ninja mode for comfort reasons (only partially because traps/pecs/shoulders make drapey tees preferably to SS shirts)
My apartment is very dirty and crypt like
I got fat and beefy again :-(
Interestingly enough I'd had heard of jmc before I knew about UC
I googled that line "she brings the rain" finally after having seen it on UC items and its funny, I really freaking like the band Can. Ive pretty much been listening to them all day,
Did you get that off eBay? I had seen it a while back and was seriously considering it
That Eddie fit is incredible
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