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I just wear v-necks and short shorts in the summer so I can get as yoked as I want and not worry. Will worry about that in the winter haha.As far as leg length my SHR is at the median. Its my core abdomen that is short relative to my chest. Big pec real estate but at the expense of ab realestate.
If its the gray fabric then it's a light weight wool with a nice hand and drape. It's the same as the burhead I have. The cut is slimmer
Which fabric?
I agree in theory but if you have some pics of muscular average height guys pulling the look off then you'd be doing me a great service haha. And not fashion shots mid twirl. :-)
Its similar to the diving jacket from last spring season and I can vouch that it is slim thru the arms!
Nope were too tight.
People just gotta stop making so many cottdamn baybeez. Everyone was so upset about dat negative growth rate in Italy except for me. You dont need more jobless bodies.And as far as art goes. Thats the sort of shit that gives life that shimmery warm happy quality that makes you feel good once your basic needs are secure. Unless you are fuji. Then all you need is cash money, hos and dat T+gym hnnnnnnng
I think you need to be fairly slim + tall to pull off that sort of pant volume and break
SP you mean?i mean schneider peices tend to be sized for waifish men who while 6ft tall have 38in chests
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