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She is super into fashion too. We talk about Dries all the time. She wears some pretty awesome aggressive stuff. When I'm an attending I'll post stuff for you ;-)
We have a radiologist who wears Jil and Raf all the time. And yeah she wears it to meetings. Not every professional field everywhere is conservatively minded.
Laced with some random black laces I found in my room haha
You could just wear it with dark black jeans or pants and a t shirt when you wanted a break from schneider ploier goodness. Even I sometimes just wear my cos sweats, tee, and down jacket
Is it pretty much accepted that YL shoes run +1?
That might be one of my favorite fits from you sir!
It pays well. And its delicious.
lol oh nanbangs and his severe body dysmorphic views :P
color blocked
im losing weight (intentionally) so the coat actually fits me a bit better now. I used to struggle to clasp the upper button on that loop toggle thing. And now its easy. To be honest I like the dramatic flair of the shoulders. I already have my VB coat that has no tailoring to its shoulders. Also, I went to pick up the cattail a few days earlier. Sold out in the 5. SO SAD.
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