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The coat seems out of place with the cut off the pants
I never thought I'd become a Luddite but the more technology becomes immersed in life the creepier it feels
i think it would look cool with a t shirt, jeans and combat boots or sneakers. You could also just siki out get a HP shirt some cool siki pants and some cool footwear and fashion out hardcore
[[SPOILER]] What do you mean weird to wear? Ive always liked siki im outerwear.
the pricing is better than rick owens even at full price. I had a RO intarsia that was about 1.5k retail and it was not as nice leather IMO.
i wear it with a t shirt and jeans and my guido boots for when i want to cheat on schneiderthat being said i could easily wear it with the knit trousers and a grey button down and itd be fine.
Picked up a zb calf henrikson, very happy to have gotten it. Very soft and flexible calf in a nice mid weight, good on its own down to the 40s and I can layer under if it's cold
I bought a quilted jacket from I believe rugs in a 5, is there anyone with any size 6 outerwear that might be interested in a trade. It's just a smidge tighter than I'd like
That's what they all said about my boy McCain, still kicking though
What really?? I went to buy them in a 6 and they were both gone!! So you still have them??
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