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those heels damn
the shape reminds me of the QH coat I have.
Where these kd pics at?
I wonder about brands like G and A1923 and what their profit margins are like. They dont realy advertise or do fashion shows etc so what often is a big part of the budget is not there. I know they have supposedly high production quality and associated costs but im often skeptical.
Lol cmon son
When I saw the Franck's fit I knew jet would vibe to it
Garden Size: V (5) Shoulder: 18.00” Chest: 20.25” Length: 30.00” Sleeve: 27.00” Botanical Size: V (5) Shoulder: 17.50” Chest: 20.75” Length: 29.50” Sleeve: 26.50”
Measurements are different as is the cut
I have one SS HP and never had that issue. I bet it comes down to material. Stiffer cotton probably keeps its form
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