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She has a crazy look in her eyes. The food tower of babel robs her of her sanity
Lol makes me think of this sketchBut I meant more so people generate this crazy hype and emotional dedication. Just have fun with it!https://youtu.be/THNPmhBl-8I
I think a small part is that people take things way to seriously. It's just a dude(ette) that makes clothing. It's not the second coming. Relax! Smile, enjoy.I hate the first few introduction paragraphs for designer interviews. So over the top. I would just write, I like this stuff a lot I hope y'all do too - here's the interview!
Met up with @ghdvfddzgzdzg earlier today! All around nice guy. Subjected him to the gats though :-)
The deal ended long ago. I just keep holding on :-)Haha but really I'm not sure what you are asking
As long as Stephan holds me down in happy
Just got a notification that barims liked something I posted Life win
Haha thanks
Some HQ pics. Altho cant really top a meet up pic SSx3
Which model did you get?
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