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I call people out when I see that happening.
the fabric is actually very nice. For me uniqlo the fit isnt flattering but this and the turtlefields fit great
My size 6 fits the same as my 6 algae, maybe a touch more roomy
ya id probs just replace themand dont worry nanz, im pretty much schneider only. what didnt you like specifically
What do you think of this attachment jacket, i kind of like it
go f*** yourself, im going to enjoy this moment
That weird moment when you find out your resident bro is also a styleforum user and been on it longer than you
https://www.g* Interesting SS piece. I miss these padder outerwear pieces, there were some cool bomber-esque jackets like this i have one but its a size too small.
[[SPOILER]] I did and its great. I got it in the 5 and it fits pretty well, maybe the 6th would have been better to layer underneath but i think it would have been too big
I've never had an issue with this. I put my cell phone and wallet in my pockets without issue.
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