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Your decision but it seems ill advised to buy a coat that looks so out of place. It would drive me crazy (speaking from experience) Those glasses say "I'll eat your firewall for breakfast" not "well yes but I do so dearly enjoy the later works of baudillard"
Brad pretty much caught my sentiment exactly. A fellow linguist would be someone id imagine in those coats. Especially given the vibe of his glasses.
In Houston, any places to check out? Any sfers here?
I should have bought sips alpaca. #sfregrets
For any of the guys who kopped the exhaust trousers, what sort of footwear do you pair with them? So far i thought derbies, sandals, and gats. Any other pairings?
Good luck man!
I def agree on the umit and jet point
Nike were meh. Maybe should have sized up more, still a tad bit tight. Tbh my puma sneakers are better for prolonged standing.
something seems askew...
You ain't seen nothing yet
New Posts  All Forums: