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All those items are bad Also, for fun I bought a 10sei leather from YOOX. Mostly to try on haha
[[SPOILER]] love the fit picdo not love how it makes me feel about margiela not fitting me
The color isn't anything like that idk why it's coming out like that. This is much more accurate
The electric blue suit is actually no where near as brightly blue its actually more like the dark navy suit which is actually a shade or two darker than the picture
Thanks. It's all Schneider. Pants were from last spring!
You are the scientologist of style
I am. You own the black cat so you own the bad luck, it can't catch you un aware.Jk
Yeah I wish they had the next size up to try
Haha thanks man. Yeah I'm in decent shape but too muscular/far for that cut. It looks almost fine open but really it's too tight!
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