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I get some carbs still like half cup of rice in the AM if its brown rice or like if i have to get a sandwhich from ABP i take the meat out of one half add it to the other then eat that and throw away the half of the bread.
haha man im just joking! btw, been cutting the carbs out. Switched to snacking on nuts or lightly chocolate covered nuts and no baked goods. 1 week and already made a huge difference
lolololol pwned
I used to be on the fence on the proprotions that el bert liked to go for, but I like them more and more. Its kinda like a mad max gang lord vibe
@gdl203 and @conceptual 4est What are the versions of the rock coat you guys have like? How heavy/wintery are they? I keep being drawn to them.... Also does anyone know the footwear used in the lookbook for this season? @sipang
that leather looks really nice! what is it?
The lifespan is ~whenever a new one is release/upgrade is available
Thoughts on the SS sweater?
Dayyyyyyum #yakuza
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