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I've said it before, but i will say it again, I feel like the fits look awkward on kunk. Also, the latest stuff has been really unforgiving of 50cm shoulders
Rick owens is for lithe people who know what a gym is. I'm pretty sure I can out run and out lift gt but my shoulders and lats are just too wide This is not a dig at gt
spotblownbut seriously, yoox is a fun game
a lot of kva fits that first pic style and goes for a lot less. id do no2 though but i would like to never have to dress up if i can.
I think repeat instances of homophobia probably deserves a ban hammer.
Yohji scrubs
I hope that a lot of the current poor students keep posting when they are making $$$$ I like to remind myself of the koppinz i could theoretically do on a neurosurgeons salary!
Hand in pockets obscures another fit , Good stuff none the less
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