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tooooo brooooooookeeeee :'(
Some really heavy wide wool pants and bulbous shoes/docs would be pretty interesting wit dem cardiz
Cardi looks intentionally oversized and cool, ill be sad if normal angle isnt like that :'(
Awesome stuff everyone! too cold here for any more pretty fits from me, just wearing michellin man down jacket over everything haha
I lost my one and only ring Hvanet found any that I like better
Guidi, idk the model number but reversed bison
Yeah might be worth giving it a whirl especially if there isn't much closet competition We all know my stance on black blazers
That sucks man. That must have been a while back, I dont even remember it anymore.I hope it ends up being worth the wait
I think you would probably wear it really well but Idk how versatile it would be for you/how often you would reach for it. Do you still have that very angular plokhov blazer?
New Posts  All Forums: