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Thanks I'll try them out. Currently on that higher rep bbing regimen and seeing some noob gain like results lolTrying to eat cleanCan't do anything about those wide birthing hips. Lower bf will probably help mask nature cruel joke.
Real lean brah. The bicep game isnt bad at all if anything id say the pec shape is whatever I need to start dropping the cals a bit more. Weightloss has plateaud but strength has improved a decent amount at this caloric level. Just did ATG squats earlier today 305lbs easy. Probably could have done more but it was one of those weird fixed racks so i had to squat outside of the cage and didnt have a spot if i started failing I started incorporating more stop at parrellel...
Naw, no one thinks anything is worse than your posts. And yeah that includes starving children do don't even ask.
It's less exciting to read your posts
What have I become....? But I actually meant it light heartedly. He has posted some good fits and I've said that. In any case it still looks like any old department store stuff thrown together.
Thanks for inviting me... :'(
I thought that fit was all over the place. If you didn't look at the brands you'd think he was gang banged by sears sales rack
My trusted ksubis are nearing their end. The seat is about to blow any day now. I think I've had then for at least 6 years. Definitely contentment thread worthy
Looks solid but idk if the leather is the best option there
Clean and press would if you have decent form. But I agree probably varies by muscle
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