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holy shiz i thought it was fuuma for a second
i love jetbroscience but really i do remember learning about how your thyroid hormone levels adjust to your climate and that has a big role in temperature sensitivity (heat and cold tolerance). As LA guy astutely pointed out, the range varies from person to person
pair of black jeans and boots? the only additional investment i can see to make it work is maybe getting a void t shirt if u dont have one or some dunks and go full rotard
Day trip to NYC to wander around and play with the new lens a little (was with friends so couldnt really compose shots as much as I would have solo!) [[SPOILER]]
Do it!
Seconded. Super super creepy....
No idea where I put them... Might need to order some....
my camera has been sort of blending greys and greens, they look different! i thinks its the relative overcast and lack of bright light? idk I was thinking of an oatmeal color shirt
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