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Yeah. You are right. I just was too tired to argue and just ate my slop and went home and to bed,
I was going by the SF policy of not being a dick since I thought people made good arguments for why you should tip and stuff. Having tried it I now I just feel like a sucker.
went to a restaurant to get an ice cream sundae. Lady brought me out a bowl of nearly completely melted ice cream, no whip cream I wish i had not tipped her or even paid that shit hole restaurant. I mean goddamn i had had a long ass day since i was over night and all i wanted was a stupid sundae. Didnt even bother to bring it out in one of those cool flutes. Just a bowl.
Fashionisto already has Schneider SS15 pics http://www.thefashionisto.com/stephan-schneider-springsummer-2015-collection/
Let me know how sizing works out on that
The cardi was a tester buy for sizing ideas. Maybe I'll hit up c4 for advice on the kimono
I like it a lot but I have for a while. I really liked this collection and a lot of the pieces i wanted were amazingly slept on. Not as excited for the new collection. Its amazing for sure (the coats looks beautiful) but I cant legitimize buying a new coat when I just got the VB and the QH coats recently. It would be wasteful especially if I end up in the south. My spring summer wardrobe is pretty much non existant. Knits I could use a few more of though....
yeah i hope it fits right! thankfully forward is very good with returns!
i like it but i think id like it more untucked!
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