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Excellent!! I thought it was ghost for a second
deep trolled
Slightly better view of what I wore yesterday. Didn't get to take a HQ pic because I got back so late :-( I think the fabric is starting soften and drape now. What do you guys think?
Sorry I'm not sorry
Its a more crisp cotton than the flannel garden shirts. Its very nice and i think works well for a more dressed up occasion. I think you would like the fabric. I tend to have a preference for the brushed cotton/flannel materials but this is caters to that while still being crisp.
SS garden shirt SS burhead trousers Pollini derbies
id say the 4 is more of a 30-31
I think I like his spring and summer collections much more than fall/winter even though I love those as well
Yeah. I want to remove the knit portion of the burheads. I never wear it visible and folded in it distorts the drape
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