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I'm just glad to hear it's common to just move apart. I thought I had messed up horribly or something. I just don't get how because you courant be a couple all the things you liked and shared go away
Idk I've almost always been friends with exes and fairly close. If I liked them enough to date them but it didnt work out then they probably were friend material in the first place. Maybe im just a weirdo, seems it :|
Rhet bros I had a rough week. ICU sadness. Baby with poor prognosis, and grade schooler with serious serious problems. Also ex is making life shitty by deciding to hate me after wanting to be friends. Bullshit
Yeah those pythons must be destroying the sleeves.
@FrankCowperwood - just my potato-phone cam. I am glad you like. I like using my cell more than my dslr sometimes. Lighter weight and I have to work harder on thinkin about composing
Hmm idk that's a longer shirt than the gap tee by at least 2 in
Ended up wearing sandals because it's finally warm. Probably could have worn those white sneakers
the rock is on gear?
How so?
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