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Lol nope
All I wanted was your recognition dad!!!
Lake Champlain chocolates are my favorite. And I eat a lot of chocolate. Theo's is good too if you can't get that LC goodness. LC dark chocolate peanut butter bars are the best chocolate bar I've ever had
I regret following @kgfan5 on instagram. It always makes me feel a little bad for getting/trying to get jacked.
I have no evidunce to back this up but I feel like throwing in heavy deads and squats actually improves my muscular gains in other areas probs because o dat T boost. I tend to do doubles of close to 90%
who is that bae after him dat cute blonde powerlifter has me like hnnnnng
I wanted to help but then you attached the shah and kg. The god can't pardon that shit
Much better with shirt. I'd wear with white cotton shorts. I disagree with Ethan and jbravo.
I bet this bro have love handles and thigh gapIn all fairness I too got sad feels when people were mean
Lol false. Typical dyel bro comment.
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