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I wear the 6 with a t and knit
i just wear my rock coat full buttoned = nice and warm!
second SG fit lost me
Poof is ok
The poof isn't that bad at all
A lot of oversized isnt really oversized all around. The arms are just longer and the core billowy. Which if you are muscular or fat, isnt the problem. It usually is the shoulder/pec area. Also the width you add visually needs to be compensated by height. if you are 5 10 and bulky wearing an egg like fit, its not going to fit the pallete of a lot of people. I personally like it but thats your call and dont expect to get rave reviews. There is a lot of fetishizing the...
What turned you off?
Stop buying jackets at baby gap
I was eating a cookie when I read that and I still finished it Oh lord
But it's true :'(
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