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Guys don't worry. Let me bust out ma wide yohji pants and (black) Michelin man jacket...
I was speaking to the other guy. I don't get this inability to understand that with central heating you can have -10 outside but a warm 75 inside. That's why I wear a down jacket with a v neck
Do you not have central heating?
Unicorns suck
I took a 5 in the Figaria and 6 in the oxalis
I like that fit with the jeans and the gats. Id be curious to see how the sweater would look/fit like without the undershirt or whatever is poking out from beneath it.
I wanted to be paid to cut people and help develop devices
Why not just wear sweatpants for a while? I guess in the scheme of things its nbd but i mean 50 bucks is 8 meals at my fav indo place!
Styleforum. Where 50/bucks is nbd.
I got a new pair of denim jawnZ
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