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My humble submissionDirty mirror shot [[SPOILER]]
No i mean instead of splitting the bill evenly 1 or 2 people told the waitress to split the bill according to who ordered what (after the bill had already been brought out). The annoying part was that everyone roughly bought the same amount of food/drink. I think the difference between high and low was around 8 bucks.
You cant be like oh look at the absurdly expensive SNS herring sweater I bought and then follow that up with be frugal on 2 dollar tips dog, that shit adds up....
i hate you so much right now because you cant seem to realize how stupid you are.I am hoping you are just trolling me for being an ass about tipping take out...
I might have done this a bit liberally since I didnt bother compounding so poo poo to me....The point is you are making a stupid argument and should have thought about what you were about to say before you said it.
Is it ok if I put something up a little after midnight? I have the pic taken but I wont be home till much later (i think)
Are you math stupid? The difference in the bill even if someone bought something 20 dollars more expensive than everyone else comes out to Also buying from eBay or yoox is only remotely like splitting the bill. I am sure you can give some tenuous reasons as to how its similar, but that tends to be the strength of humanities majors. Making weak links and strutting them like good arguments.The point is you are an asshat. And you are a hypocrite since you routinely sell on...
Went out to eat with classmates for someones birthday. I definitely appreciate the cheapo sentiment people on SF have for medstudents. Itemized a 12 person bill at a 15 dollar an entree place. HOW CHEAP IZ YOU SON!? And that was after she brought the check out. I ended up having to pay for the bday person (cuz who is gonna ask to split the already split bill AGAIN) and i felt so bad i left a fat tip. God i hate my classmates. I just hate med school in general.
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