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Nobody likes me :'(
Wtf are girls?? You mean grills?
No I don't. Decided not to buy anything this season.
What about the crystal trousers? They looked like a roomier amor to me.Fwiw, I love estaicized waists. I think the exhausts would be perfect if they had that aspect to them.
The size 6 has a 12in thigh. I got the 5 and it was too tight@Pangolin the jazz looked nice but the pleats and rise made me see much diaper butt
Haha that Asian aging. I'm reverse aging. I looked like I was thirty in my middle school picture
Always thought 17
Been thinking about getting a TOJ
Usually on history and physical alone. Although now that I think of it there is a paper that cited a 15% overall miss rate.
Bro science.
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