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Why didn't I do pmnr.....faaaaak
Sounds more like you cut better when you don't fat on brownies
I feel like I'm the only one that likes the boxy Schneider cuts. If I wanted to look slim is just wear my gap kids t shirts ;-)
Lol were you the one who joked about this before? In any case it's all in RHET
Best proportions too. Cut of pants and length of pants work very well
If bae ain't about Schneider, I ain't about her
The polos are nice. I would have exchanged for a 6 if NMWA had it but someone sniped it very early on. This season in general is not friendly to 185lbs muscle bene. Big bros need love too Senor Schneider!
Nobody likes me :'(
Wtf are girls?? You mean grills?
No I don't. Decided not to buy anything this season.
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