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Maybe loud isn't the word but definitely striking and I think challenging to wear. They definitely are beautiful!
Yeah that's my sense too, they seem to have the players cut but it depends if he is wearing a 3 or a 4.Not sure if I'll get them though. I tend to shy away from very loud pants. I rather have a solid color and then have unique tops
What is the trouser sizing like? Are they more like this season's player trousers or more like the crosswords in terms of seat and thigh? Thanks!
Oil? What oil? You cookin??
But more importantly I think it speaks to a difference in fashion goals. I'm no longer interested in innovative crazy new fashion. Maybe here and there. I rather have a stable interchangeable intimate collection of clothing that I hope to wear to death over years and intermittently replace
I like that Schneider is reliable and I can wear it consistently. In theory I love dries for example but it's just impossible for me to really enjoy
Yeah he has some nice stuff in his relaunch
I think it's really classy of you guys to offer exchanges if available. I'll probably go with a 5 since it sounds like the thinner is not excessively narrow at the chest or shoulders
I think I'll get an item each from here, sf, and I'll have to see the sp preorder
Or just Schneider in my case....
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