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Those sneakers are kinda fugly. Also what can I do to make my sneakers smell less gross. I end up wearing them like 26 hours straight at work and even if they are out of circulation for a week they still have a an odor 😑
I went normal size
Yeah im trying to eat cleaner but its hard, the real killer is the time crunch and sleep deprivation. Also ive been enjoying a fantastic relationship so i pretty much always prioritize her haha
Time to lean out a little. Schneider shirt too tight
Dear lord ive snuck on weight. Went to wear a a schneider shirt and it was tight tiight tiiiight. I hope its just because i just got back from the gym but lets be real i need to stop eating so many freaking desserts all day
Schneider Qasimi Schneider Schneider Mmm Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
The juncus in 5, 6 ended up being tooo big!
[[SPOILER]] Tell me more about winterized roshes
Looked like a bad ass yoox stock pic for a second
no, usually when they say burgandy they mean the solid smooth textured wool/nylon. The wine is a darker color and speckled
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