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haha probs
Stephan VTB Stephan Masnada
Exactly! Maybe I should have said people who have really developed an interest in fashion but id say that websites like ours are little ecosystems. Think about sz vs SF for instance.The point was that depending on what you spend time looking at shapes your aesthetic.
That's not my point. I just meant that for most people who aren't very in depth into fashion the way we are, it takes a bit to appreciate. This is ultimately a pointless debate but my point is a much more reasonable statement than I think you are understanding it to be.
Why is this so crazy? I feel like people who haven't really spent much time on SF don't initially appreciate the cool fits
Girls that aren't on SF are just like dudes not on SF. They find the styles here weird. Their loss
Sweet congrats, what in?
Congrats dude! What where you doing residency?
Fits a little weird
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