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Though I've taken a back seat I still love this thread :-)
if you want to let that cardi go, hit me up
Curious to see those sikis in a fit. The aerial view on ssense made me hesitant
I have some straight fit ones. I break then out here and there. Mostly for business casual situations.
What I wear when I have to fly 8/vanishing elephant/cos/mmm
More like elite 4
The pupal is not good for people with a large drop. It ends up being too tight up top and too lose at the bottom. The sweaters that are more tapered end up being better when sized accordingly but tbh there is so much up to cut. Just gotta order from places with good return policies.
Real question, how do you iron your pants to 1) Have only one crease 2) Remove any prior creases Also @ghdvfddzgzdzg, the SS pants? I see what you mean but i have this weird fondness for the frumpstax
Congrats man! Medical school?
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