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Thanks guys. It was so out of the blue!I find out this Friday!!! So scared!
I was actually thinking this too. We should also just turtle it up until its becomes the visual norm. Then we can tell the skinnies they look weird!
[[SPOILER]] Sweater buddies! I want to get those docs and have a cobbler install zippers on the inside/back for ease.My cyc wid it impersonation (should have gone with a white v neck tho )
Lol baited
I need new glasses. It's time to stop looking like I'm about to give an NBA press conference
I love you nn, and the individual peices fit great, but looks so weird together. Like some wizard from harry potter trying to pass as a muggle. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks man :-)
I'd like to take credit for that. But seriously, I'm surprised you hung on for that long. He isn't really innovative in design and I feel like a lot of his stuff wouldn't fit ideally on you (at least to your standards) Yeah so like everyone, stop kopping
Proportions seem off. It looks cool though
Yup, slowly but surely
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