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Stop blowing my spot haha. Yeah I'm just trying to decide on the blended fabric versus the solid wool twill.Sounds like 5 should work. That's the sense I got from the measurements.
@gdl203 What's the fit on the board coat like? If I'm a 6 in the rock do I size a 6 or can I do a 5?
Getting it. Then just need a leather jacket and ripped up jeans....
Oh man I thought the coats were nice especially the shuffle coat. I also like y4 jumpers and the green shirt!
Noob has been killin it keep on rockin bro
new inventory at maas. As always some interesting and great peices
Im sad this isnt gettin more love. Whats the t shirt? im diggin it
She has a crazy look in her eyes. The food tower of babel robs her of her sanity
Lol makes me think of this sketchBut I meant more so people generate this crazy hype and emotional dedication. Just have fun with it!https://youtu.be/THNPmhBl-8I
I think a small part is that people take things way to seriously. It's just a dude(ette) that makes clothing. It's not the second coming. Relax! Smile, enjoy.I hate the first few introduction paragraphs for designer interviews. So over the top. I would just write, I like this stuff a lot I hope y'all do too - here's the interview!
New Posts  All Forums: