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Depends a lot on fabric and max heat of the steamer. It can take a while to get out really tough wrinkles
Different t and it's be fine
Costume national?
Thanks man. I will definitely read this when I get the chance.
Where is he getting those 1/20 and 8/10 numbers from?But there def is a huge bias against negative results which can amplify false positives. The problem is that when people apply logic and probabilities they do a shoddy job of holding their own beliefs to that same rigorous standard. They feel like if they can weaken position x, whatever crazy position y they may hold is automatically true...
Ive been adding milk in to cool it down so I can drink it more quickly
i love the nerdiness of this post. There are things I would speak in the same manner about that are equally nerdy.
tbh if i could get any leather it would probs be an isaac sellam one. there was this awesome white/cream one that i reallly wanted
Thin the herd Poor immicomp people becoming the collateral
I definitely feel this is remarkably true. I have no problem paying for people or buying people random small things here and there but its very uncommon for my American born friends to do the same. Some of them are frugal because they have tough situations (very ill family that they will have to care for so they think about every penny) but some are just not very considerate.
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