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Dr. Schneider Margiela is my goal One of the neurosurgeons in Texas wore this sharkskin suit, boots and a v neck tee everyday. Fit was meh but had to give him respect for doing his thing
I did :-\
I thought jets feedback was not too mean but it was genuinely really good. I actually wore the trainers with jeans but couldn't get a good pic because I was in a hurry
[[SPOILER]] haha i post one off fit and everyone goes crazy! That being said, jets advice was really good and clear. I know its annoying but he could be so immensly helpful if he wrote more feedback for people rather than just getting angry. But i guess thats personalities. I love giving feedback and being constructive, but I have been a tutor or coach for most of my life.Its funny you posted that picture, I have it saved on my computer in a file folder where i keep style...
its an online mens fashion forumits ok if people complain, you can scroll down and just ignore it.
I laughed a lot more at that than was justified. God idk why but I found that reply hilarious
Interview with SS from thestylechamber Get to know Stephan Schneider in our interview below. Mr. Schneider reflects on imperfection, status symbols, discount supermarkets, the color black, and much more! The Style Chamber: People around the world are fascinated by life in Germany. What would you like to know about life in the UAE? STEPHAN SCHNEIDER: I HAVE A FASCINATION WITH THE EVERYDAY LIFE. SO I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT A DISCOUNT SUPERMARKET LOOKS LIKE IN THE...
they are so comfy though!! im removing the laces tho, i liked them better without them I think. They def werent the best style choice for that fit. Ill admit it actually it hasnt been too bad. i have really strangely shaped arms they arent big in saggital width
stupid camera over exposed and made everything look absurdly contrasted overexposed fit pic [[SPOILER]]
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