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Oh don't get me wrong I like the bikes I just love the look of cropped pants with the yangli boots
A pair of yangli boots would look so right there
lol thats the stock photo
I mean I could just keep it and layer sweater + shirt. It's just a smidge bigger on the shoulders and it has a boxy cut like my rock coat. I was just hoping for a slimmer coat to throw on over just a single layer
I just received an artic juncus and it might be a smidge big for me in 6. Does anyone have a coat in 5 or slim 6 that they might want to trade?
Haha not quite that level of fanboy. Someday.
SS pants gone so fast :-(
This is why i can't have nice things
Haha I didn't mean that in a bad way!! I love the look. You don't always need to look like you are some lithe male model. The pooch is cozy!I think the amount of pure Schneider I own and wear speaks in support of that
New Posts  All Forums: