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[[SPOILER]] There are things at work....
I lold
I like the yeezys. There were done kvas that might jive well there too
[[SPOILER]] hmm maybe ill see it in time and look back and go D'OH! Right now everything seems like a nice casual/relaxed fit. Replicant army is def a cool idea. I always am looking at Y-3 and wondering....@RegisDB9I am pretty sure we arent the same size. IIRC you are a 38 trouser in the slim right? I couldn't really fit in the 40s because of my thighs.
marjeely doesnt fit me well. Schneider somehow fits me well i think but it just doesnt fit the way people want it to fit (what teger said). The size 6 shirts fit me in a nice straight cut way and the cardigans (esp the longer ones) work well too. I think the loser trousers work very nicely too.I think if i never said my items were SS they might actually get a better reaction. My shoe issues aside that is.
I think I'm just awesome and you guys are slow to catch on :-)
Old coming soon coat.
You guys are so strange. I posted that and people were so lukewarm to it.
@Dr Huh? I think Schneider works just fine for me. Just need to not be lazy about footwear. I still do that second fit but less occasions to wear it.
Lol you guys are so schizo!
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