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Whoa what
I think of the surgical specialties neurosurgery is probably the least bro and ortho is definitely the most bro.
naw more like nerd clique-y, even most neurospine bros are not jacked bros
Truth. Sometimes in the depths of my lifts I think Neurosurgery was the wrong call for bro life. But then maybe it's up to me to bring brodem to nsgy
I meant also what they originally were haha. I should get back into sewing
Tell me more about the diy...
i coughed up my soda all over
This is a very valid point. There are times I feel like this. Like why am I on grailed as much as I am. I already have a sweet Schneider collection I should just enjoy and wear it to death.
Yeah I'm definitely guilty of it but I will point out that I'm just trying to refine that fit and maybe SC is doing that too in which case he can totally ignore what I'm saying.
New Posts  All Forums: