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Idk about design, he doesn't really do much drastically innovative Fabric and ease of design is the best imo, I obviously have my gripes with cuts but it's still fun stuff
i love you nahneun, but you wrong. So wrong. Curved boots would take off the aggressiveness that the ccps add. It's a better choice. Not everything needs to have that asian restraint
99% sure its the jazz trouser from this spring season@Pangolin - great fit man although I cant imagine wearing that these days. Sweating like cray in my short shorts and slooty tee
Have you seen an ortho surgeon for it? It should have resolved on its own, sometimes there is bony spur formation that may require surgery because the spur constantly irritates tendons.How good were you about following RICE?
yeah i think you might have been able to do like 5-10lbs more on both the squat and DL
Traded for this. IMO a better version of the clover and looks to be thicker and slightly roomier cut!
Sector b7 peace keeper alerted. Order will be restored. Thank you and have a nice day!
caveat, droppin plates on yo azz betchiirc you were kind of a fatty. Been workin out? If those are lean stats then keep on rockin
He had his metallic grills in
how tall are you shah?I am 42-43 at 5 10. Thick manlet.
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