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sneaks for convenience (and to mix it up from my postal service wears) t-shirt under cardi if anything i think the pants are too slim. Should have gone with something roomier.
Deets [[SPOILER]]
awesome. would love to see it with those monkey boots too.
haha long time coming bud.just #greatminds
I don't understand @brad-t. I found him calling me out about my use of a pejorative term really useful and I now avoid using it. So with that he seems like a dude who is nice and doesn't want to make people feel bad. Yet he also is so randomly mean and catty to people on SF. WHY BRAD!?
Down jacket. +J was out in my size. (yeee yoox cred roulette!) and some SS
redwings postmans do justice to their name
fat kids in SSMoobs + Deets [[SPOILER]]
But i like the olive pants
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