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Succes? I have the diving jacket from spring and i loved it, what dont you like?Then again I like the bulky egg shape so that might just be my peculiar tastes haha
Yeah I am also contemplating this jacket in the black moleskin
Looks cool but so so tight! I think the pants could look really good even if they were a smidge looser
you are right its not super helpful! And thats not at all what I meant by it, i guess what I should have done was give some feedback?I think something as simple as a graphic t or maybe a more interesting bomber or boots that werent just solid black would be more interesting. Definitely did not mean it to discourage people from posting I just honestly felt that it was very SF cookbook fit.We are supposed to be about discussing fits afterall, I dont think saying you were not...
I just meant the black bomber + white t + black slim pants is pretty ubiquitous and lessamurai has posted other more visually diverse fits before. Its definitely not bad by any means its just not very inspired.
What is it?Sometimes i want to go full tech tard
Good but a little boring?
[[SPOILER]] E1 jumper in green
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