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I was never smitten by the merino but I love the bomber version! Especially in that blue.
I'm going to be p000r
Qasimi Ssx2 Guido Can't make out the fur lined neck of the sweater
Do the trousers have an elasticized waist? I found that with the exhausts (which do not have this) it can be an inconvenience getting them on over teh waist.
I'm all about this
God help me
yeah i actually have the same one as the SP in a 5 and it fits really well, so much so that i got another 5 from WW in the cotton. The SP version is very nice, its a lightweight but fairly warm wool. It is looser in the thighs than the players though.
Its these from NMWA; http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/counting-trousers-in-ebony-black-cotton-moleskin.htmlHow do the countings fit, they look slimmer than the players? and how do you like them both?
thanks, i just have this nagging feeling that something is still off
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