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Lemaire slip on, I hope they work out :-)
I would throw any of you into a sweat shop for that sweet sweet schneider jawnz
ugh i hate it, it always looks unintentionally short to me. I feel like its becoming more widespread too
Also, not that its an issue in this fit alone, but i dont like semi cropped no break pants i feel like it should be cropped either slightly higher or have a slight break. Otherwise it just bothers me
Individual items look good but the fit seems off but i understand the desire to throw on a new fit and new items
I just think we need fuller cut pants in general. I always Amen that. The fit looks fine.
Did anyone get the fresco in a 6? My 5 fits great with a sweater or shirt but it's not roomy enough for a thick cardigan.
That coat looks nice, deets
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