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Still haven't bought CPs though 😞
its been great got my weight under 180 for the first time in a while and looking really leaned out! probs will get fat again in the winter though
Grapes -> jelly -> more jelly -> marjelly -> margielaTHE TRUTH IS OUT THERE
SP put up a little teaser for the new SS17 collection on their insta, looks really cool. Lots of nice greys and blues, made me think more of FW which is a compliment
I own the cross trousers, roomier cut, usable pocket
I can see how it might look too cropped
Started biking to work, helps shred down like whoa, its 6.4 miles one way!
It's just really boring and forgettable. It doesn't have to be expensive although usually designers who try to do things well and pay attention details are
I'm looking to look on swim trunks and elevated my Rhode island beach game
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