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Lol you guys are so schizo!
Oh hmm idk if I can do much else about the proportions. I thought they were good. I agree with the idea of a jacket but it would be too toasty!
Comfort. Its great I think up to the shoes and the derbies would look good but I know the mikes are comfier!
No I just have to grab them from home
Haha yeah I should have grabbed the boot!I was going to wear my derbies but I forgot I left then at home :-(
i think the shirt and pants go well together, shoes are a little out of place but i thought it was still ok haha
dayyyyyuuuuummmmthe 6 almost fit me. it weirds me out that we can almost wear the same bottom size.
my feet are wide so i have to up a size for things to fit. By size charts width im 11-11.5 but length is 10.
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