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yeah you are right. eating clean i got pretty lean without much cardio (15 minutes hi intensity after a lift). Sleep dep makes it hard to make good eating choices. Im gonna try once my away rotations are over and Im not living out of a suitcase.
Fuck dude how are you guys at these weights.
And 6' 2''? Thats pretty freaking lean. When i was 165-70 i was pretty shredded.
Jesus that makes me feel fat as f*ck. Im 5'10'' at 187
jeeze, how tall are you man?
Shorter than intended
I hope it works, thats how i intended to wear them haha altho i dont mind the stacking either. If you end up trying it out take a fit pic id be curious to see. Good luck!!! I might pick up that colorway if they make it to sale!
Thank you sipang!
have you tried folding the knit all the way up reversed like they do in some of the lookbook pics?
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