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block function being utilized to the max
Yeah sorry my post was cut short. I meant to say " but I can't believe that Zam wouldn't come through. He is a great designer and a great dude"
My order took some time but the leather jacket turned out great. A pair of pants were sent back but Zam was willing to work with me on it. I feel as if custom orders from a small artisan have wiggle room. I'm not sure how egregious the situation was by
that red leather!!! love the coat too, gives me a yohji-esque vibe
Ive been eyeing the high neck inner leather. My only worry is the 52 not fitting me since i ended up having to size up on the leather henrikson to a custom 54!
If only one of them had it, it wouldnt be expressed
Outlier has a tapered pant with a generous thigh
its more so that many tops end up being slim on the chest and shoulders and then drapes on my torso
I think it's this jacket under the coat
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