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I wish diff tee and footwear
Are there any real life pics of the pants? I was hoping the taper was not tooo intense otherwise it ends up looking like those baseball pants on me
Has anyone tried either the tech jersey trouser or the jersey drawstring trousers on COS? Thoughts?
damn dibs on that camo sweater if you ever decide to sell
@jet - I admit defeat. Was using my lenovo today and some lady asked if she could borrow my mac charger for her laptop Plus side, I never have to loan chargers to strangers since no one uses lenovo
Me too! I just don't have the physique to do it justice. I think a slender lithe frame is the best for that sort of stuff.Keep living the dream for the bulky bros like me
i love your love of bright floral shirts i remember you had a fit with a jil bd shirt with a giant flower
I would be so tacky and gaudy if i had mad funds
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