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Just expressing what everyone who has been on this forum and enjoys YY work feels when we see a post like this.Dude obviously does not care much about Yohji since the answer to the question can be found by reading the forums which if you like yohji is fun to do.
No one is saying you cant be both. However, just as you have the right to pursue whatever ends you want, we have the right to not want to be involved in the mixing of those two ends. We see this as a community and aren't looking to make money off of each other. It would be in as much poor taste as doing so towards a brother or friend. At least in our eyes.
Maybe i should get this from the VA
always wanted the peirwu coat but felt like the cut of the neck made it hard to stay warm on chilly days. What are your thoughts breezy?Also would love @snowmanxl weighing in
its the principle of coming on here and trying to get us to do your research so that we can help you flip your wares at a hiked up margin. Most of us sell our items to others without the dreams of profit but because we have not been wearing the item and its time to let it go to someone who will. I have a few listings and they were at dramatic discounts. I took a gander at the prices you charge on ebay. absurd.
For anyone who likes Nick Cave or Mark Lanegan!
nice! it looks fantastic!! happy to see you posting again!
@dishy the coat looks like an SS peice, is that it or is it something else?
if only they were a 10
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