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I'm fairly confident shadow is a black
I'm not cool at all. Still wear my leather!
Which Schneider trousers?
Aw thanks man!!DW I'm working on it. Going to try some things out soon. I'm sure it'll be ruinous
It's cdg. Wool blazer jacket.Why didn't you pull the trigger. I remember you had a thicker pone in blue that was a little shorterIt's black but I'll post a picture one I get it!
i think haha
i was waiting for @kindofyoung to point that out hahai think its the right length for the jackets shape and size no?and post a real fit you scallywaglol it used to be black. i think thats just from salt in the winter, inspired by whoever it was that totally beat up their wjk boots i keep wanting to say it was NN but i remember saying that and being corrected that it was not
reverse leather, i forget exactly what they are. I just beat them up a lot so they are dusty and, imo, better for it haha
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