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white and blue pants seem nice, hopefully the short sleeve shirts will fit me. The leak from last season did which was nice.
so many items that wont look good on me
Which size for the bur
Size 48 NCB pants Too tight for me. Never wore them out. Some dust got on the pants from storage. I think it can be washed/dry cleaned out. Measurement for NCB pants Waist: 17.25 Thigh at crotch: 10.5 Hem: 7.75
good fit but idk about the boottuck
id say its mid weight maybe mid to lght
Returned something to COS for an exchange. By the time it got to them the item was on sale. Got back a refund for the price difference
I have a rock in 6 and it fits fairly slim and i owned a clover in 5 which i thought was too small. If you have a full black/delts/arms then id say same size at 6.For reference; here i am in a 6 rock and a 5 clover [[SPOILER]]
yo that cardi looks bad on you let me dispose of it for u
no narrowhead is the name of the tneck haha
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