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Pretty fat. No offense but there might be something off with your diet or training. For as long add you have been on here, those are pretty underwhelming pics
Am I the only one who likes it because of the bags? I wish the sleeves were the same sort of suiting cloth the body is and the bags were cinching them, i think what would look cooler rather than the sweater fabric. It just compresses rather than wrinkling more words without thought
Getting in much better shape
I wish I could still buy dead meat t shirts from american yoox.
I dont really know any brands that make long tees that are my proportions ill have to keep an eye out.
Just trying out a new pair of sneakers. Not sure if to keep or not.
Dyel? Jk great fit!
Aw :-)
[[SPOILER]] I like everything, i think the jacket could be a tad looser but whatever im sure open its great. The other thing might be a shirt that isnt solid black (?dark navy) but has a pattern ot print etc?Just thoughtsOh and @cyc wid it those sweats are no bueno. I actually love your fits because I think they are the most applicable to me in terms of styles I can probably pull off but this one is a miss i think
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