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regis fits make me want to get margelly but then i see the price and that deters me. I don't want to just kop the left overs.
Fact. The milk in S. K where they are waaaay more strict about what you can do to milk, tastes way better. Shelf life is shorter but i mean i rather flavor.Also why is this still availablehttp://suspensionpoint.ca/stephan-schneider-jumper-romanit looked awesome and the texture and shape seemed nice.
I thought u can just pop a lactaid?
Anywhere else carrying the new season?
i feel like the shape of the pants doesnt look as good witht he way the body is right now but idk it looks mis-sized unintentionally rather than intentionally missized in general though you have a pretty good sense of siize and fit so i defer to you
Dont do it @Caveat idk who its by but it could be something by ice iceberg for all i know
No but my fam and I would go every weekend to get sundaes from friendly's and they had those long fluted containers.
mj accidentally makes something cool every now and then
I wasnt in a waffle cone mood. Sometimes you just want an ice cream sundae for nostalgia.
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