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You.... But.... What
Algae from SS
haha well i wont just take you there then abandon you!
Your prize is ill take you to the bakery i got it from if you are ever in Providence
Actual fit for weirdos that care [[SPOILER]]
Decided to take nations advice. Wearing my Schneider algae coat. No synergy though. Black tee, cos sweats and roshes.
@Para what's your avatar from/of?
It's about how happy/comfy it makes you man. Might be as basic as a pair of jeans
Short answer is yes. Long answer is that I wonder about having the same item in different colors, feels too much like collecting/hoarding rather than enjoying the item you have.If anything I'm still looking for the right black pants/joggers. These COS are near perfect except for how dramatic the taper is. If these came to a 7.5-7.8in hem I would be happy.
New Posts  All Forums: