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Seconded. I did Jj for a little while before the instructor left and god damn was it taxing. I was def towards the smaller end of the dudes there too so they had experience and size. The instructor was a small wirey dude though.I got my ass handed to me on all kinds of platters.
Naw, too skinny
[[SPOILER]] is this actually you?
i dont know how to get into Y-3 pragmatically speaking, but i like it a lot!
haha i dont think I have the muscle structure where I could be at a bfat sustainable enough to have a visible 8 pack.
Fabric matters a lot. The rock I have is stiffer than the algae You are going to have to list a fit pic
Some progress pics Older Newer
Dropped a ton of stuff off at the tailor rather than induling in more new SS FINALLY taking @Synthese and LHBs suggestions to taper a few of my pants that had been disturbing my fits via sloppystax Also has anyone spent time describing their sale item so much that you start having second thoughts about selling it?
Yeah take a shot at it, why notAs far as sizing, [[SPOILER]]
I'm probably 41-42 right now and the 6 is good. 46 on a 7 will be tight. If you can return I'd be wary
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