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But what about aesthetics? I'd like a study where they get bros to rate aesthetics Because in the end, isn't that what it's all about?
I like the incarnation jackets a lot. Structures shoulders look way better on me than soft or (even worse) raglan/no seams. Also it lets me feel like im in DBZ. And if you aint about that, then I aint about you. THUG LYF. - Dr. Benny
This a more should i shouldnt i sell. Was thinking about letting the algae coat go to finance a purchase/the move but goddamn that coat is so nice. The thing is im sort of a creature of habit so if its cold i just grab my down jacket and vary the degree of zipping
its more so the texture of the pants. i think the structural differences are cool too.
Idk about the Geller's there.
Graduating in Schneider
Yeeee gym master race
^damn deaded most of my current fits
Ah! Cool! I ended up getting a place in north Providence but I considered that area heavily. Sorry for forgetting but where are you coming back from?
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