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UC jacket?
Depends on the cut and I took a size up!
How's the leather? I've been on the prowl for a thick thick leather but so far nothing hey
Tricontinental J pants arrived and they are perfect. Maybe could ask for a sliver more thigh space so i could jam my fat wallet in my pants but otherwise excellent Will have to post a fit pic some time soon
how do you size on these? i wear a 45 MMM boot
I spoke to SP about it and they said they seemed to fit like a looser gesso. Im actually debating changing my order from 5 to a 6. They look certainly looser than the players trousers from 2 seasons ago and those fit me fairly well in a 6
I learned that the hard way
Definitely had a lot of looser silhouettes but I feel like they were cut to be loose on really skinny people so just fit terribleon jacked dudes
Haha my gf also loves it. Probably because of amendola and Edelman. And all the hipsters
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