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idk why but i loled hard when i read "It just felt like the thing to say"
STAWP POSTING AFTER ME YOU DICK Turtlenecks + long coats = awesome possum
I took this pic using a Nikon DSLR potato
Almost bought a SS piece on ebay that i thought was a VI but was actually VII. Thank you snipers!!!
i like wearing coats, thats too warm :\ And I love fall colors!! I hate snow tho....
damn is that warm enough? yyph yoon qasimi homme redwings
Haha just like debates about the q-word
I think this fits the bill?
people are giant babies and afraid of a little labial loving respect the vaj
some of the pants im wearing have the vibe, i feel like you just gotta wear the break really sloppy. I think the top block fits the pants well. Maybe if the footwear was more casual/rugged? Just ideas
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