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I hope i dont get super out of shape on nsgy. Been doing decently so far on the AI (which i think is the worst since you have unstable gym access and even worse food supply)
[[SPOILER]] Looking good man! You ended up going PMNR? I keep thinking about how non-surgical specialties are the way to go if you want to become a medicine patient
Less excitingly got this too:
Hung out with @lmaozedong. Really awesome dude! Ate and shopped in true SF meetup fashion.
Charcoal alpaca
Also a cool g-lins coat. Would get if it wasnt near identical (and imo inferior to my qh coat, in design atleast)
Thats how i feel about both those items. Dont keep man
Scalped off of yoox
Shit I thought I was average Joe
Is 5 9 Manlet
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