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I actually kept staring at the jacket version of it. I could get it and I could wear it with my black jeans and some white lows but I dont think its really my jam.
thats awesome, id have gone with a white shirt (or and this is the wrong call; a knit). How is that our legacy coat? heavy weight or more so medium?
Scarf looks great color wise. idk what type of pants would work best with that look and still let the scarf work the way it does i think my scarf game is worse than my footwear game, which is already terrible.
which coat? the solid black one from the last fit? I think that or even the SS coat would look good. If you meant my grey VB coat, i disagree, the pattern on the coat would be too noisy with the pattern on the knit (which is sewn similar to but perhaps tighter than the way the algae coat is)
I think a non t neck shirt same length in a lighter (but still dark) blue would look better. I also took a picture with the guidis but I think the gats look better. I might be biased though.... [[SPOILER]]
The oxalis is a slim cut I'm surprised the pine fits the same. My pine is roomy as a 6 where as my oxalis is slim
Nice snark. Brief so points for that, but not very creative. Some might say classic but I'm not really sold on that. 6/10.
The coat moved when I raised my arm, it was originally ruched in when the cost was buttoned
Sorry for the quality
New Posts  All Forums: