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Individual items look good but the fit seems off but i understand the desire to throw on a new fit and new items
I just think we need fuller cut pants in general. I always Amen that. The fit looks fine.
Did anyone get the fresco in a 6? My 5 fits great with a sweater or shirt but it's not roomy enough for a thick cardigan.
That coat looks nice, deets
until you suffer for fashion, you will never farm thumbs
Happy New year!!! VTB tee Cos Nike Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
Happy New years!!
Does anyone have a copy of the look book they'd be willing to give up. I never got one with my pre order
Those sneakers are kinda fugly. Also what can I do to make my sneakers smell less gross. I end up wearing them like 26 hours straight at work and even if they are out of circulation for a week they still have a an odor 😑
New Posts  All Forums: