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Living up to the username
haha yeah lookin back at this its not very cohesive/good. I really like that shirt, maybe with jeans and different sneakers?
It's got this weird creepy face in the style of a Shel Silverstein book illustration but with demonic imagery and a town on its head. I love it.
Does anyone know why the US Yoox site doesnt carry deadmeat anymore? I really liked they stuff/ Super bizarre
Just boring ole chicken (tasted great tho!)
Wearing boxers
Or sized up if you a fatboi :-(
Why didn't I do pmnr.....faaaaak
Sounds more like you cut better when you don't fat on brownies
I feel like I'm the only one that likes the boxy Schneider cuts. If I wanted to look slim is just wear my gap kids t shirts ;-)
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