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Just give me 4-6 years...
Thinking about these for my Schneider fits, thoughts?
Blue fresco buddies! I got the fields sands, and film coat in the purple/black weave
What'd you get?
Are you selling that scarf? Why?
[[SPOILER]] I might pick up that thick looking mossy green one if anyone stocks it, but the film and fresco were my go to preorders haha
I think I agree with the general spirit and probably its too much with that coat but i think, for example, with other subdued peices it looks great here: [[SPOILER]] I personally think that a t-neck looks better with the hood coat, but that the patterned one was too much fashunz. I also think I could probably stand to size down on that coat, #notswole
I've lost weight #residency
Again I think all those peices look good except the coat, I've worn the same outfit with a different jacket to good reception. What do you not like about the sweater? Thanks!!
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