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what? the picture with the coat?
Atleast Im not a fatty mcfatt fatt anymore :P
My secret has been discovered.I think the stance is what set it apart made the shape seem more appealing. Idk?
Nice!! If anything is say the jeans are a little too slim for the top block (I think you had a slightly wider pair the last time you posted a similar outfit)
Im so sorry @nicelynice They are going to regret not doing a running play for ages....
Looks YOOX
credit to breezy for telling me to not button the bottom few buttons
Pricey but kinda cool, vest is detachable (sz 38) http://www.yoox.com/us/39473161DE/item?dept=men#sts=ip_baynote&TypeRequest=Contextualized&bnrank=3&guide=AlsoUsed&req=ProductDetailPage&cod10=39473161DE&sizeId=3
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