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Hey, is it's any benefit when yo corrected me about me using the term "tranny" I stopped using it.Not everyone feels the need to hold on to prejudicial opinions to affirm their masculinity.
Too much smart talk. Thank you shah for simple pictures.
Forgive me uncle, for I too don't really like that fit Especially the boot shorts/legging interface.
Platypus is so next level that I felt meh about the spacepope fit that came after. (That fit is actually great spope!)
i wish your jacket was my size....
I like the colors, list gets a pretty diverse buy.
You occasionally get the time but its only for really shit hospital food. Rather eat healthy good for you shit in a tiny window and feel satiated (plus pigging out feels great).
Idk which version of IF you are talking about but for what I am saying you cant just eat garbage. Its IF with a keto macro composition. It just fits better for me in terms of eating habits and med school time demands.
Trying out IF and switching to eating more fruits and veggies/cooking more. @GraphicNovelty - i might hit you up as time goes on for recipes.
Lint is part of authenticity
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