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For when i want to feel pretty
Not really an exceptional fit but very comfy.
I want toJust waiting for fundz
I like your style conceptionist! I think often times i want to dress like the cozier version of what you do
Any suggestions for a sub 150 pair of summerweight black sweatpants. Ideally with a taper or elastic cuff at the hem? Danke danke!
zara sweatpants are actually really nice although i think i should have sized up to a Large for a slouchier fit T shirt in XL was a good call tho! I think ill reorder the sweats in large and see which i prefer
maybe its an issue with the kicks? the way the pants fit is sorta remiciscent of how bert rocks his pants (which is kinda how i like to too, extra length for frumpiness)
yo lmao, where did you end up matching bro?
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