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Got the pax2 because I'm a douche
Comtemplating a darkshadow exploder bomber, wahts the word like on sizing on these? do i need a rick xl?
Size 6 Arctic blue juncus by Stephan Schneider The shoulder to shoulder is 19.25 in The chest is 23.75 in Measured it buttoned and lying flat, shoulder seam to shoulder seam and then edge of jacket to edge of jacket under the arms (the armpit seam itself sits anterior)
Going to post my juncus but would ideally love to trade with someone who has a juncus in 5 that is a bit too snug!
i could probably have a cobbler take a whirl at it, no?
you think so? i thought the slipper vibe would work better with my casual approach to schneider?
Loafer search continues
why are you sellin dawg? it looks good on you!
. Too big I think
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