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head trauma guy at my hospital has tats and is ripped. he also chain smokes his ecig. he gives 0 fucks. depends on circumstance and if moo interviews you. i upvote cool tats
No fun zone :'(
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-original-HELMUT-LANG-black-leather-motorcycle-jacket-/261473810113 48 but fits a small
lolstrategic snack placement
Anyone have a link to watch the real and Valencia game? Pm me!
What are the pants? Looks sweet
thanks on ob so i just wear scrubs and if its cold i wear my leather on top of it. So far its not been an issue. Mostly I cheat and wear sweaters and dress sweats a la KVA for rotations that require "formal wear".
I think with some dropcrotch RO pants and your suggestion of long t shirt + chunky shoes the length will actually be more of an asset? My top half is really stocky so stuff at my waist tends to look disproportionate.
New Posts  All Forums: