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i actually keep them folded and in this airtight giant tupperware container with moth balls. I put them up for a fun photo
Growing collection
YYPH jacket in sz 3 from the late 80s early 90s. I used to have a runway pic but I cant find it. I dont really wear it much so looking to sell
Botanical Garden Shirt came in courtesy of NMWA. Fits great!! Thank you kyle and greg! Ill be getting more shirts soon enough
50 bucks
No one here is going to help you price items
Forward has it and maybe Maas and stack too Thanks everyone. I'm a 42/3 around chest. The coat is fairly generous there. Arm holes are hi but not horribly so that I'm constricted. I think a 7 could work too the measurements aren't too much different.
Thanks. Perhaps its just not my cup of tea but I do see the beauty of the blue coat. Wasnt a fan of the boots in the rest of the fit.
Solar is always interesting, i enjoy his fits but I never get the excitement. Altho I do understand that there is that whole look floating around esp in japan, i think in general its not my cup of tea. Still its always interesting. Im sure one of these itll click in my head
Rock coat arrived! Very pleased! Is not heavy but feels very warm. I went with a 6 so there is enough space to wear a thick knit under and look fine. The material is plush like. Makes me want to get the basket weave rock...
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