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looks real good tho
woops made a mistake
I appreciate your very serious response to my not at all serious question Get fabric and have tailor make custom pieces.Schneider wool/cash/nylon blend muscle tee + sweats. YESSSSS
YOU ALIVE BRO!?legit about a week ago i was like man I havent seen brotha around these parts. Hope he is ok. Word is bond yo.I wonder if I can become baller enough to be a private client of herr schneider and he make some fatboy bro cuts of a few pieces for me?Probs not :'(
New MMM a la anti semite?
I'd be all about this but I'm working on getting aesthetic/gym bro so I can't dedicate yet
Schneider fo lyf
Holy shoot that's beautiful
Only if your bae is a beta bae. Happened to me. Her:"I feel like I'll never live up to your standards" Me: (in my mind)"lol, no one lives up to my standards. That's how you keep grinding. #stayhungry"
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