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looks good! the only thing that i didnt like was the extent of the drop crotch and perhaps the slimmness of the pants.
? The trousers have an elasticized waist. So that 31 is probably a functional 36. I wear the size 6 which my 5'10 185lbs frame just fine!Here is how they fit
Idk after loving my bee cardigan and ksubi jeans the way I do, I try to be stringent. I'm actually on the prowl for new jeans, the ksubi crotch is due to go any day now
Those player trousers are amazing. I think they are the ones I have. They rock.
And white sneakers
Maybe perhaps Schneider polos :-)
What should I wear for my date? Brunch.
i should kop a scarf and drop some weight. Only one of those things will actually happenn
Fuck you guys
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