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thank you @mumma
Saw this fit in real life, fresh!
Maybe, its just patterns ive noticed that I like versus I dont like in fits. I guess that makes it rulebook like. At the end of the day though you know i endorse wear what you want.
Spark notes: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=15135&g2_page=1 [[SPOILER]]
My fav metal band is still "Death"
untucked shirt with more casual trousers sweater with more casual trousers that schneider shirt looks meh with jeans imo
Really!? Oh gosh mister! WOWZA
I am with GT. I think you could wear pressed pants or if u wanted to keep more casual you could wear unpressed pants ut i think the former would look better with the aldens. Ive always wanted to wear tapered sweatpants or sweatdresspants with dress shoes, idk if that would work but i think the MA-1 is conducive to that pairing. I always imagine SS shirts with trousers =my bias
the rest are dollar bills on the inside
yeah i meant your fit but i was doing something else at the same time so i just e-stroked.I think something clunky with laces would look awesome. Like anne or docMs. Maybe even a darker grey instead of traditional black.
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