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Simple interview dinner fit
Holy crap. Got an invite to interview at Mt Sinai.
I know that SS spring summer is never big but I finally wore the float top today and it is amazingly comfortable!!
When my legs were a lot slimmer was when a lot of friends remarked about my height seeming taller. It adds to the illusion of height to be slimmer throughout but atleast the legs. That being said, and I know my advice isnt a big deal for you mike, i think you put together great fits in a variety of proportions. I initially did not like your fits but ive really come to appreciate them and like them a lot more than other similarily oriented styles that post here and get a...
dat cooooatttt what is it?
Toasty does a really awesome MC i think, casual and not! Also, finally under 180lbs!! Weighed in at 179 this am. Hoping to get to 170 and then reassess. Props to @jet for tips. Im not as good at carb cutting as i should be, but I def have minimized it way more.
Which CCP?
naw he had a bunch of pretty awesome fits. Esp one with the beeswax coat.
Lol I want to be slim. Not pre-pubescent.
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