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haha yeah my posture was better on the other pics!
carven, were on sale on ssense
[[SPOILER]] Probably slim derbies would pair well. These are a slightly slimmer shape than the redwings and i was thinking about wearing them with the burhead and algaeBetter pic of the jacket and pants [[SPOILER]]
lookin good!! the burhead trouser is really great isnt it? I dont wear it as much as I should with the knit exposed!
nothing that exciting just some shoelaces
Not going out till later, was just wearing this at the moment around the house. By then it'd be too dark to take a good pic
holy shiz i thought it was fuuma for a second
i love jetbroscience but really i do remember learning about how your thyroid hormone levels adjust to your climate and that has a big role in temperature sensitivity (heat and cold tolerance). As LA guy astutely pointed out, the range varies from person to person
pair of black jeans and boots? the only additional investment i can see to make it work is maybe getting a void t shirt if u dont have one or some dunks and go full rotard
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