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Something about the last two fits seems stiff
Ditto on one brand approach. The only Schneider I've let go were items that were longshots and didn't end up fitting :-(
I usually am not a huge fan of the stylings on SSENSE but this looked super cool: I would probably only attempt it with loose slightly dropped pants (already top heavy as it is) but still, i like the gestalt
I saw the racks of clothing. I got it still just seemed creepy haha. And corny.
I thought it was a girls frame at first, regardless of gender, cool fit! Digicamo crew
how roomy are the thighs, i kind of want pants in that shape but less agressive below knee taper. Like down to a 7.5 hem from a 13in thigh
Mhmm this and the basket weave
That's a great fi
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