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The coat is obviously contentious but the pants and sneakers have both been in fits that were pretty well received. I think you are just over reacting to the coat when you say that.@Eddie thanks I'll give it a try. What do you think about pants with roomier thighs that taper?
I'm hurt
I'm over here trying to fight the patriarchy while rocking Schneider and I'm getting no love
That's hot
haha the infamous labial coat!!!
SS x 3 Yoox sneakers
I couldn't decide if it looked tooooooo over designed. Hopefully you rock it well!
I've become fashion complacent. I just grab whatever Schneider items catch my eye. I used to check the runways every season now I only do if someone on SF recommends it (like the Tim coppens collection)
Yup sz 6 for the film and 5 for the fresco, the model looks like its fairly oversized on him in what i assume is the 4, so the 5 should work out well
New Posts  All Forums: