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Trying to decide what to get, so far the list is: Film in either the burgandy basketweave or the blue-grey from SF Fresco in either wine or black Fields in sand Thinner in the SF navy fabric I wish the brush shirst was in some other color, i already have 4 SS grey shirts, but still contemplating it haha
Haha just teasing my friend. I don't think you should take zoolander memes too heavily :-)
I have the rock coat in a remarkably similar material and it is very nice
Pretty much yeah, thats why i like coats that can be buttoned up high, then i just loop the scarf around my neck. Otherwise sometimes i just tuck each free arm of the scarf off to a side.
There is something sinister about that last fit.
Made in JP? Must be a very old item
Jet bro, what is your bust? I feel like you are bigger than me iirc, 44? It gets hard to rock his outerwear at that point I imagine
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