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I already have a juncus in artic and the check jacket coming in from sipang so i really dont need more short jackets. The more I think about it the more the film seems appealing and would be pretty amazing in the burgandy. That being said, the blue grey twill and the navy are both very very nice too!
haha i mean at that point its pretty much hidden but sure that is not how it comes across on that model. Good luck!
I'm trying to decide between nmwa thinner in the burgandy or the SF thinner in the Navy burgandy blend. Decisions....
Haha yeah I'm an inch shorter and I think 7 lbs heavier 😓
Not feeling that shirt at all. Makes me think of sketchy euro dude at dance club
Was about to say this exact thing. It's a big risk for stockists to stock unique big ticket items, pre orders circumvent this.
Very nice, I might get the thinner in that. What is the fabric weight like? And any sizing advice? I'm a 5/6, the rock and algae I took 6s, my bust is 41-42in (meaty lats haha)
@LA Guy - the other question I have is about the oil and thinner jackets in the Navy with the cool backing. Are those both the exact same fabric and lining, and are they the same weight? My impression is that it's exactly the same just the style is different.
Maybe loud isn't the word but definitely striking and I think challenging to wear. They definitely are beautiful!
Yeah that's my sense too, they seem to have the players cut but it depends if he is wearing a 3 or a 4.Not sure if I'll get them though. I tend to shy away from very loud pants. I rather have a solid color and then have unique tops
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