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Picked up a zb calf henrikson, very happy to have gotten it. Very soft and flexible calf in a nice mid weight, good on its own down to the 40s and I can layer under if it's cold
I bought a quilted jacket from I believe rugs in a 5, is there anyone with any size 6 outerwear that might be interested in a trade. It's just a smidge tighter than I'd like
That's what they all said about my boy McCain, still kicking though
What really?? I went to buy them in a 6 and they were both gone!! So you still have them??
Very nice! No light colored pants in beige huh?
Any trousers?
haha you are really about voluminous pants these days! Im not tall enough and wayy too stocky to rock those. that being said i can somewhat understand, i havent been as into recent fits or runway pics and i think its because ive just gotten really used to the slim shape.
No its the calf leather henriksson, i initially got the horse but it was tooo tight and lighter weight. Zfactorie was baller about working with me and getting it more according to my measurements.
Something with the proportions makes it seem like el bert has crazy long legs, sweet fit though
thats why im here, to supply some meh and horrible fits.
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