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Mostly holding out to see drops in greater entirety. Patience is a virtue (within reason haha)
Why you selling bud?
Looks cool although seems a little cropped on you? Might just be the effect of the shirt underneath or your strangley morphed body?
Lol what
Must keep holding out for trousers
I just never liked those RO pants. Shape to me is fugly. I have a strong bias towards tapered sweats/casual pants like the silent parang pants or the new astair sweatpant pant at totokaelo. And i agree with BCD that it dissonant in a bad way. TBH this is something I would imagine to be worn by someone that was a new being #dressedbysf +#idkwhatimdoing Sorry man, its just my gut reaction. Nothing but love otherwise. Also, damnit parker is so cool
sorry NN not feelin it
I hear the call of the dunks
Haha well if it's too big maybe we can negotiate a trade :-)
Nice. I hope the alpaca I got is a hair larger for a roomy fit
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