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I dont understand whats happening My brain cant handle this
haha i hope this is real
i wore a nazi flag jk guidis, also my luscious indofro made the whole thing more safe she actually messaged me on fb, i think we will do something again. I have an exam coming up so idk when exactly but if not before then soon after
Oh dont get me wrong, being savvy is a good thing for sure! But there are definitely pieces from collections that are just very unlikely to make it to sale and are also in my size.And as el bert shows us, you can be baller on a budget (or make a big budget bigger)
I look forward to one day not having to wait for sale action/alteratively pillaging BS haha
Black peacoat, leggings. It was nice. I think I am not picky when it comes to what girls wear.I meant of my attire, as far as I can tell she had fun. She stayed a while, I had to excuse myself because I had work that I had to take care of.
I wore a slutty t, slim black jeans, and MA-1 jacket (aka SF approved uni) to meet a girl for the first time for coffee I wonder what she thought, if anything
you should look into some of poeme blazers on yoox right now, some of the more structured ones might fit here really well?
I need to put some stuff up. I think I am going to start adding the options for trades to everything just to see what people have to offer/think id like *queue B!CD joke*
http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAISON-MARTIN-MARGIELA-MMM-10-moleskin-brushed-cotton-trousers-pants-black-48-/291092017247?pt=US_CSA_MC_Pants&hash=item43c66fb05f MMM slim 48 moleskin pants
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