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Idk it's a nice break from variant of white shirt that people usually do with this sort of look
Gotcha! Well it looks overall great!
The boots look like they are too big based on how it's crumpling in on the back, could just be a trick of the light
The sweater fits me perfectly, not too baggy not too loose. I might pick up another in a different colorway. I also got the blue fresco. Its very nice and warm, if anyone is considering it id would say go ahead and get it! The only draw back i could think of is that it is not slim cut. Its not overly bloated but its def more suited for looser fit trousers and louchey fits imo
Pre order came:
check your PMs. I just want someone to arrange a border trouser reissue, those badboys in a 6 were perfect.unrelated note has anyone ironed the brushed cotton SS shirts before? what settings do you use?
spoken like someone who doesn't even liftalso i dont know what you mean? you still have to drag wheeled luggage around...
unless you are swole [[SPOILER]]
the nmwa are a softer drapier cotton fabric as opposed to the thick moleskin cotton fabric or the technical cotton
Its not that weird, that shit drags around on the ground hits bumps throws up mud when its raining or snowing, and it just looks aesthetically more pleasing to carry a bag
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