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boots look like some crazy raf sizmonz collab very crazy cool
I Grindelwald-ed that shit. GOML
Im hoping my size 5 bee will be like a slouchier longer version of my size 5 POA
I have the blue version from our boys at NMWA. It is awesome so we are still oxalis buddies
whoa thats awesome also i hate you for getting that oxalis, totally wanted it :*(
I think it might look better with a less is more approach or perhaps more subtle use of layering. that being said its much better than stuff i could cook up
Yup, on the plus side the shirt i got from sp fits really well!
It feels fine just looks in between like jet said.
Joseph is a really fair dude. Works with you a lot on sales and gives good advice IMO. Anyway, got this recently, not sure about the fit, I think I should have gone with a 7. I ordered the 7. Will post how that one fits and ill return one or both
I gave it some really serious thought but decided not to. I don't think I would wear it well enough or often enough to justify it. I look forward to seeing you rock it though!!
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