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That's when I'll get to wear non scrubs and make a real salary (hopefully).@RegisDB9 I rather wait to just go to boutiques and try stuff on and not fiddle around with YOOX.
I want to get a navy jelly sit but with darker almost red boots and wear a cream u neck sweater. I guarantee in 7 years I'll be jacking your style
If I had to pick someone on SF that I'd want to be it would be Regis. Or tira. Or ivwri.
Whoa that's low blow.
I'm glad you know that the whooping is serious. Better wear devoa You are going to need all that anatomical freedom
Interview dates. Lololol why would I schedule my life around me giving you a whoopping?
Jan 14 or 21. Outside uniqlo. It's on.
Lol didn't understand your insult. Way to suck at insulting lololol.
Waited outside uniqlo. Where were you bro!?
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