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But both feet obv
Would look bad ass without the hat. With hat it's just goofy
hahahahaha this is probably the funniest thing ive read on here in a while!
Yes. I have this done all the time
Anything less than 7.5 and I start looking too top heavy
My KVA bomber still looks fantastic as do the trousers. Quality fabrics are definitely there
USPS shipped something to AUSTRIA instead of AUSTRALIA. I have my reciept thing and it clearly says Syndney Australia Some tired inattentive USPS worked probably had a dyslexic moment?
[[SPOILER]] I dont think the height is bad, its a great great fit but i wish there was a longer version of that same shirt like maybe as low as mid thigh, it would look so grade swaying in the breeze + that hat
I think it's Schneider
I really like it but does anyone wish that the shirt was longer, would look so money. Nonetheless, fantastic!
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