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lol tbh i should have gotten the red and black one.over the top...yes but sometimes thats what the heart wants
Its a lenovo. I never got into apple. Ended up giving my ipad to ma mom and never liked using macbooks. I just like ma boring PC lifestyle
seems short at the sleeves and waist
it might be i didn't notice much till i looked at the picture just now ( but i also have been trying to work on my posture so i might have been overly extended) thanks though
yyph glanshirt yyph Rw
def the latter it takes real talent to incorporate that shit into a good fit!
I am totally enjoying the CM team feedback! Thanks for posting guys. Lots of great fits!!
I love that the description of snowpants include a disclaimer that there is no "diaper butt" loool Love you snow!!!
^coming to BS near you [[SPOILER]]
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