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No worries man. My gf and I had vday dinner this Wednesday. Did not want to get swarmed by other vday noons.
I'm in Boston today and tomorrow, meet up? Also got a speeding ticket. Fucking speed traps. It's an empty highway. Let me do 85.
You gotta give yourself more credit man! You wore them really well too!
I was just about to post the same sentiment!
damned if you dodamned if you dont
Ss fur lined sweater
Hemmed these pants. Prior fit in spoilers (hard to compare since the other fit was outside and fancy) [[SPOILER]]
DA is very strange. Some really awesome pieces. I have these great moleskin trousers in a light gray. Too slim on me but definitely great. Nanny can't call anyone short. Let's be real. Lessamurai had a great fit GATS with the exhaust trousers. Originally where I got the idea. I just had way to much length on the pants and not the right top. Proportions and fit are probably what I need to really keep refining.
@nahn, wtf is the carry themselves better than you. Come off it. The other stuff is on point. Gotta get the SS game down tight. Just dropped some more pants and shirts off to have the hems adjusted. the size 5/6 items are def sized for taller people id say 6-6'2''.@synth. Yeah that stuff just wont fit me right. I think visually you could theoretically cut clothing so that it looked the same but the pattern would have to be much different to work out for me. Also I don't...
New Posts  All Forums: