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Jan 14 or 21. Outside uniqlo. It's on.
Lol didn't understand your insult. Way to suck at insulting lololol.
Waited outside uniqlo. Where were you bro!?
i giggled bc it said "wang"
wow so many great posts!! great to see bows back in action!
Hey so i was looking over some of my older fits from last fall and I came across this one: [[SPOILER]] And I was thinking about ways to improve it. One thing that ive already done is that ive had those pants hemmed so the break is a bit better. I'd love to hear more suggestions and ideas. It is one of my favorites and I think i did a solid job with it but id love to get the brain trust to weigh in.Thanks!!
Reminds me of marbles in a can. I think SS 12 or 13
I already have one man. The vine print one
Which color/style?
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