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naw more like nerd clique-y, even most neurospine bros are not jacked bros
Truth. Sometimes in the depths of my lifts I think Neurosurgery was the wrong call for bro life. But then maybe it's up to me to bring brodem to nsgy
I meant also what they originally were haha. I should get back into sewing
Tell me more about the diy...
i coughed up my soda all over
This is a very valid point. There are times I feel like this. Like why am I on grailed as much as I am. I already have a sweet Schneider collection I should just enjoy and wear it to death.
Yeah I'm definitely guilty of it but I will point out that I'm just trying to refine that fit and maybe SC is doing that too in which case he can totally ignore what I'm saying.
I wasn't saying stop posting I just thought it wasn't unique. It was more a point to consider. I thought my tone was overall accepting and encouraging
? Are you talking about me? Why those were pretty solid fits, anything in particular you disliked?
Hehe "dong"
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