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srsly it was equally parts you commenting on someones appearance and the words you chose to do so ugly as fuck is pretty not nice
im trying to wear more sweaters with dress pants. Ive found that sweaters with ribbing tend to work the best. Any suggestions Regis? Also emart =
I thought she was attraction neutral because I don't register those sorts of things
lol idk why worak isnt getting any heat. The implicit point of his post was that the girl looks bad one angle and good another but really i dont think it was a big deal to call a gif girl ugly.
@in stitches and @RegisDB9 How does sizing run on the shirts. Is the chest/shoulder area roomy or very slim? Thanks!
Lol I just saw DW posted. This could easily have been stiches homage to a DW fit Where are the pants from. They look nice. Easily tapered by a tailor?
Sizing makes you look slimmer and taller! On the cell so I can't really speak much about the details but happy to see this fit!!
But do you pull it like this:
i think its probs the extra layers up top that give that appearance. idk, maybe dude just likes dat upper bod workout. Gotta fit into them euro/azn thigh pants!!
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