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awesome! i only wish the top was something more flowy and crazy!
think the thighs are atleast 11.5 in across? also any sense of the hem width? Thanks man. My current black jeans are sort of chinoesque in how they are woven. Big fan but they are starting to wear down.
let me know how that works out/fits looking for something like that
not feelin it
New thread!
blazer looks a splash too formal for the rest of the outfit but i like the idea and the colors!
how do christophe lemair tops size up (sweaters) also KJ if it doesnt workout for you hit me up!
Sf is only serious business!!! Also stitch if you can afford it the go ahead. I made some questionable purchases but learned a lot about what I like. I wish more users experimented and shared but sf has a history of not being open to it and noobs being put off and lashing out.
Stitches is going to be a sf baus in no time
Just for you nahneun [[SPOILER]]
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