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only way to settle this is with a fit battle
Is that the grey trousers NMWA had from this season (the SS)?
Both trousers look nice, what are they?
yeah A/H does have triclosan. People get all pissy about that. And EDTA. But I think people are just getting raging hardons for the phrase "natural" without any good evidence for or against product safety.
Yeah idk I'm not too bad either but Tom's does not work for me. Bad things happen. Worth trying though I guess
Tom s mixes with my sweat and actually makes it smell even worse
I wear arm and hammer natural fresh. Idk how hippy friendly it is but I like it
I usually button the cardigan and I hate it when the tee pokes out
I like it better with gats (obvs) [[SPOILER]]
fit seems off
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