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This needs to return
I ended up getting a longer tee and this blazer the fabric is a dark speckled brown similar to the brown ute ploiers i had but sold a long while back
Looks great
Pretending to be Spope
Lol you goon
I want my kids to have to work really hard. I actually was fortunate that my parents bought me toys etc when i was a kid but it definitely was SO satisfying to work my first job, get a paycheck, and then think oh god what is really worth spending this on. I f'd up and spent some of it on trashy yoox. But still.
I honestly think that the pants (SS border trousers - one of my all time favorites by SS) look better when worn that way, for example here are the border trousers on a slimmer fellow:If i had to guess it looks like FC probably went with a size 2 (maybe 3)? I also think it would look better with the top since it would balance it out (its got very agressive and heavy weighting). Then again i prefer egg-like shapes to triangles or rectangles so that is my strong bias.
I need a longer woolier blazer. Something by LUC/that crew
Yea but fuck you - I guess that is probably enough reason for them :'-(
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