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I dont like the scarf other than that its good
yeah oxs has some cool sneakers, i kind of want their burgandy rubber dipped sneakers but idk how cool they would be with me actually wearing them haha
Urban oxygen is the store
I wish that baltimoron fit had a different shape of pants, they seem too slim for that jacket
Looking slimmer, getting summer ready? Great fit though. Always tempting me to try MMM
Fuccboi Was also considering the BBS bambas but couldnt find a pair i both liked and could afford. Thought about ramones but didnt like the shape and then the tongues on the geos were too much for me. These look like a great middle ground and ive heard good things about Masnada esp from @Jbravo
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I was going to wear Schneider but I started benching heavy again and now everything fits weird lol
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Very nice! Would also look very sharp with black pants too!
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