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Were you swinging hammer?
I enjoy wearing this coat a lot. i think one day ill get a nice voluminous pair of yyph trousers to wear with it
Throwback, wore this around the mall. Got some weirded out looks haha
Dressed in my yohji at the mall. Getting strange stares. One compliment though.
I went 6 on the algae On the sage, the knit liner/scarf is a very nice touch it's also a very nice fabric with different textures/colors Mine looks solid closed too with minimal puff
What's the coat?
Ive never had to pay customs
Are you asking me? The scarf is part of the knit
yeah the jumper is truly very nice. i got it in a 6 to wear oversized, i wish i had gotten it in a 5 as well to wear with slimmer pieces as well. What size did you get the sage? i really like wearing it, its very comfortable!
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