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I learned that the hard way
Definitely had a lot of looser silhouettes but I feel like they were cut to be loose on really skinny people so just fit terribleon jacked dudes
Haha my gf also loves it. Probably because of amendola and Edelman. And all the hipsters
I like the jugend cut, easy to manage.
block function being utilized to the max
Yeah sorry my post was cut short. I meant to say " but I can't believe that Zam wouldn't come through. He is a great designer and a great dude"
My order took some time but the leather jacket turned out great. A pair of pants were sent back but Zam was willing to work with me on it. I feel as if custom orders from a small artisan have wiggle room. I'm not sure how egregious the situation was by
that red leather!!! love the coat too, gives me a yohji-esque vibe
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