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Really? Is j crew more expensive now?
I think it's different since I'm pretty much only looking at SS these days. Waiting for sales or Grailed leads to buying things I wouldn't have at full price but now that it's on sale why not. Which means it's not a peice I truly love
Cos has definitely borrowed from designers including Wu. I remember they released pants very similar to her moto pants and to her laser cut blazer
I am ditching myself to only by at retail. It forces me to really think about a purchase. When stuff is on sale I think people just tend to think oh man I'm saving so much cash getting it now. The other thing I'm trying to do is only buy one of each type of item max. So only one sweater, one shirt, one jacket, one coat, one pant, one shoe, max. Already got a sweater pant shoe and jacket!
I think it's because her sizing is erratic and cos gives the cheaper alternative in easier to size fits
what is the fit like on the counting trousers. I am trying to anticipate if i am a 6 or 7 in them. THe black charcoal pair seem fantastic.I think given that i have the sage already, ill probabably pass on the score.
My legacy
I have the sage which is similar to the score. I can't decide between getting the gray score or the patterned one
Needs gats
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