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Ended up getting the steel grey, i think itll work best with the most peices. Especially the weed print jumper.
Ended up getting this, liked the wool cashmere blend and the darker steel color Maybe will get a blue juncus to round things out in the future (or just the basketweave off NMWA) BTW I recommend if anyone is a 32 bottom to pick up the size 6 pump trouser from lagarconne. There was another pair left. Its truly a fantastic and comfy trouser!
Straight on pic
SS pants and jacket Pant texture: Its got two panels, one is a textured slightly wax paper like mico check blue front and the other is a grey sweatpant like material with subtle checks made from the way the fabric is woven. Fit is great, i took a 6.
Will post this weekend
LA garconne SS order arrived. It worked out
I dont really like any of it anymore. Looks uggers to me. Its fun yet painful to flip thru old fitpics
Kai aakmann
Haha well it's now my little brother's
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