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Yeah dude AI on fourth year
Fasting plus acting internship = running my gains
Amazon for 72
For people who have gotten the SS exhaust trousers and have been wearing them for a while now, what are your thoughts. Any thing you really like or dislike/wish was different? Thanks!
Picked up the Nike Free 5.0. Sized up to an 11 since there were comments onlinez about the shoes running shorter than normal. Thank you parker for the heads up @Parker
Different functions man.
SS is real nice. Has anyone ever wanted any SS by hand? What detergent and how did you dry it?
Dirk had a cool polo fit. I think polos are cool.
Thanks man thats a good idea. I might be falsely recollecting a shirt that already has darts ( I dont think this one does) But yeah i really should just MTM. Who does that for hidden placket shirts?
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