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https://www.g*ailed.com/listings/1298070-Stephan-Schneider-high-neck-asymmetrical-buttoning-padded-coat Interesting SS piece. I miss these padder outerwear pieces, there were some cool bomber-esque jackets like this i have one but its a size too small.
[[SPOILER]] I did and its great. I got it in the 5 and it fits pretty well, maybe the 6th would have been better to layer underneath but i think it would have been too big
I've never had an issue with this. I put my cell phone and wallet in my pockets without issue.
Schneider Glanshirt Schneider Mmm Hung out with gvhvvvdzy (sp?)
The knit sleeve and the hood itself looks different but very similar coats. I might pick one up down the line. Despite people not looking the anatomical correlates ;-)
Peel look slimmer than I'd expect!
naw in rhode island. lasst i checked spope was still around these parts
@spacepope - we need to hang out soon dude!
Schneider x3 Sorry about the mediocre pic quality. Nice camera in the shop!
Lol lol
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