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i should kop a scarf and drop some weight. Only one of those things will actually happenn
Fuck you guys
actively lookin for the right pair. Schneider look books tend to always have loafersm and i like the easy of wearing them. I just havent seen the right pair yet
Warmer day today
haha yeah i didnt think so either, ill forever lament missing out an 5/6 in the shawl collar sweater
JW - whats the fit like on the SS shawl you sellin. Am i too swole for it?
I mean that as a reason why she is fairly small/underexposed. I think peir fits the mold of futuristic designers (in a shallow sense) and I think many of the sense and the corner cutler's would fail to appreciate the uniqueness of her items. Also I don't think the dichotomy is that great. You yourself own or owned cos and peir
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