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I think I agree with the general spirit and probably its too much with that coat but i think, for example, with other subdued peices it looks great here: [[SPOILER]] I personally think that a t-neck looks better with the hood coat, but that the patterned one was too much fashunz. I also think I could probably stand to size down on that coat, #notswole
I've lost weight #residency
Again I think all those peices look good except the coat, I've worn the same outfit with a different jacket to good reception. What do you not like about the sweater? Thanks!!
The coat is obviously contentious but the pants and sneakers have both been in fits that were pretty well received. I think you are just over reacting to the coat when you say that.@Eddie thanks I'll give it a try. What do you think about pants with roomier thighs that taper?
I'm hurt
I'm over here trying to fight the patriarchy while rocking Schneider and I'm getting no love
That's hot
haha the infamous labial coat!!!
SS x 3 Yoox sneakers
I couldn't decide if it looked tooooooo over designed. Hopefully you rock it well!
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