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Zam vtb zam Masnada +Zam jacket
not feeling that print, makes me think of just cavali or Ecko in a bad way
I thought this was a pretty cool jacket
UC jacket?
Depends on the cut and I took a size up!
How's the leather? I've been on the prowl for a thick thick leather but so far nothing hey
Tricontinental J pants arrived and they are perfect. Maybe could ask for a sliver more thigh space so i could jam my fat wallet in my pants but otherwise excellent Will have to post a fit pic some time soon
how do you size on these? i wear a 45 MMM boot
I spoke to SP about it and they said they seemed to fit like a looser gesso. Im actually debating changing my order from 5 to a 6. They look certainly looser than the players trousers from 2 seasons ago and those fit me fairly well in a 6
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