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i take 6 in both. the botanical is slightly slimmer through the waist
It looks like it's made of two different color fabrics, one on each side
I had to wiki that How is robin lawley considered "plus size". I ended up googling what a size 8, 12, etc are. CRAY
oh no these are my mauro grifonis. I wore them pretty hard tho. Im going to take them to the tailor but I am 99% sure there isnt much she can do. Oh well.My thighs are teensy now. I was able to wear a pair of 38 slim margiela trousers just fine.
My current black speckled pants are starting to tear at the seems so im glad to see there are options in this collection
Does anyone have HQ pics of the womens collection?
If im ever skinny enough to wear the NNs im going to so heavily regret selling my HL bomber
Additional pics + deets [[SPOILER]]
How about this?
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