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In general or on nn? I thought it didn't look as awesome as in other pictures but not bad per se
Sweater (SS Oxalis in 6) and Coat (SS Algae in 6) courtesy of NMWA
what if you .....dont mind i love the oxalis but i wouldnt mind something with the same metallic blue sheen/color that didnt have the mohair texture. All in all though many of my knits have mohair and i dont mind the shedding. I just lint roll when i get back home. I dont mind the pet hair hobo look
why cant you just use a lint roller to get rid of the hairs? or is there color transfer to the sweater?
if you see something send it my way, im not sure if i have the eye for it and tbh im not sure if would look good on me eitherbeen thinking about stansmiths. cps are very narrow and i have fairly wide feet
sold some stuff decided to try this out. not sure if it will work out for me but was curious and free returns soooo
thanks, its not the ideal style decision but i was too lazy to want to lace. im keeping an eye out for something to replace my redwings with but they have so much life left in them it feels wasteful not to keep wearing them and they do fit the pants well!
i just went off of my measurements and sized up, i think the drape of the fabric helped
@conceptual 4est deserves credit for helping to enable me haha
Ute Scarf(no vis)/SSx3/MMM
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