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Donut, arent you looking for that jacket in that size? Just tell NN its super ugly and youll take it off his hands haha
+J suit came. The jackets are sized big. The large was far too loose on me. Returned and ordered medium. Hopefully it works out!
I have a tee from them and its ok. Washing it made it lose some luster but not enough that id recommend baller 100 dollar tees over it
if it bothers you then it really doesnt matter what we think because itll keep nagging at you! But id keep it around just because its so nice and i feel like u probably have a few clean pants u can wear with it if u ever feel like rocking that vibe
I think it looks pretty good on you. There are probably pants that would work better with it that are still casual. I think it needs a bit more taper to the below the knee block. I feel like most of the peir wu pants have the shape to them.
Hands in pockets. Or trying to embrace femininity. God!
Hand in pocket stretching it out and the angle too. Put up a new pic but it does look a touch bigger when open. Its much less sprawled when buttoned up
[[SPOILER]] SS x 3Alternative apparelRedwings
Some nicer quality pics i took but didn't get to upload till i got backedit [[SPOILER]]
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