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DW I don't think teger will change Regis. Long live the King
But.,. but... dressed by Styleforum...
Some of the recent nn fits have been really hit or miss for me
Yohji Sweater from the 07 Collection. Oversized 3 (only size it was made in) Measurements Shoulder to shoulder 50 cm Length 72 cm Sleeves (top of arm to middle of the cuff) 64 cm Body (directly below the arms) 52 cm Body (bottom) 55 cm CONUS Intnl shipping extra
Yeah sorry! Will do. I originally wanted the size 4
I want those jeans. Would rarely get to wear them though
My bad, ill provide deets Cardi is stephan schneider shirt is gap pima v pants are cos sweats and shoes are pumas
I have drank the cool aid SO NICE
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