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Stephan Schneider, head over to the forum. Its a very interesting brand!
Thats fucked up
I'm supposed to get mine Wednesday. Eye on that basket weave
Dead meat t?
I really like how la garconne did their women's stylings. Especially the one with the Margaret howel large coat Unrelated, might be letting go of my Rick Owens intarsia. Going to try it on again when i get home and decide.
Yeah Hermes is fucking insane. Watched a documentary where they talked about that
Just purchased from there:Some SS stuff while the weather allows: [[SPOILER]]
My initial thought was no, and im always giving the wrong advice.... But seriously, i think theyd look great especially as they get dirtier Also random question but why part with the beeswax?
Ended up getting the steel grey, i think itll work best with the most peices. Especially the weed print jumper.
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