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haha fair enough! its been interesting to see you post about what sorts of styles and brands you have currently been enjoying. I imagine it must be hard for you and other similarly seasoned members to find designers you find refreshing and enjoyable.My ignorance certainly keeps me blissful haha
Im too fat for this :'(
I don't think you meant it in a positive way but i love a lot of the looks from this collection [[SPOILER]]
Would wear
I'm always excited to see what the new theme is! I am a big fan of this upcoming spring collection. I think it looks better than the last two!
Haha I just wanted to make that joke
More like Tim crappens, amirite???
I personally think that crosswords are the second greatest Schneider trousers. The best are the borders haha.
Do you like it? I wish they had a 6
I am also a fan but it's all you
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