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KG you will be the first to know when I want to pass it on. I really enjoy wearing it, its very comfy and I think the shape makes me look kinda badass. Also random thought but I find when I spend a lot of time on SF i want to slim down so that I can wear more things. KG, for easy example, has a pretty great physique in that he still looks muscular but isnt bulky. When I spend time at my gym I just wanna become as big as i can. THe struggle
I thought about that but this felt more comfortable. I would have worn the guidis but it was an or day.
better pics [[SPOILER]]
I'm too fat. Maternity dress crew unite
Med school corrupts souls. Fact. Spent a lot of time this weekend just walking aimlessly in the sun to breathe some fresh air into life.Currently just the 1. Working on paying off the other.Lots of great fits these past few days. I hope it continues into the summer !!
Haha ya I look very unfriendly. I want to get a pair of o.x.s rubber souls in black
Deets [[SPOILER]]
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