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Yup sz 6 for the film and 5 for the fresco, the model looks like its fairly oversized on him in what i assume is the 4, so the 5 should work out well
Fabric pre order dump, enjoy! [[SPOILER]]
Pre-ordering the film in the purple black weave, the blue fresco, and the sand fields turtleneck. Still regret not getting the SF thinner in that navy burgandy blend
a bunch o schneider
I'm 42,I take a 6 in shirtsAlso totally getting that blue fresco
It worked for me during Ramadan
tbh I don't even remember what you bought which I think speaks to why no one else cares
Thanks @LA Guy! In general I think burgandy and wine colors look good on my skin but so do blues, perhaps that particular blue a little less so?
Trying to decide what to get, so far the list is: Film in either the burgandy basketweave or the blue-grey from SF Fresco in either wine or black Fields in sand Thinner in the SF navy fabric I wish the brush shirst was in some other color, i already have 4 SS grey shirts, but still contemplating it haha
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