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I wonder about brands like G and A1923 and what their profit margins are like. They dont realy advertise or do fashion shows etc so what often is a big part of the budget is not there. I know they have supposedly high production quality and associated costs but im often skeptical.
Lol cmon son
When I saw the Franck's fit I knew jet would vibe to it
Garden Size: V (5) Shoulder: 18.00” Chest: 20.25” Length: 30.00” Sleeve: 27.00” Botanical Size: V (5) Shoulder: 17.50” Chest: 20.75” Length: 29.50” Sleeve: 26.50”
Measurements are different as is the cut
I have one SS HP and never had that issue. I bet it comes down to material. Stiffer cotton probably keeps its form
Pants are unit I think...
haha i think you have made this exact same joke before (I think I have too).I think it would be better with something you could tie more tightly like the vitellos or even laced boots without side zipping. I think the sheen of the zip sorta breaks the cool dark color pallette.I only can be bothered by sucjh trivial things at fits of this level haha
from the spoilered view, it bothers mei mean its still a fantastic fit overall, KG fan is a heavyweight no doubt
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