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I just like to argue about dairy.I've never even had milk
Oh god i cant wait to be able to buy stuff at retail and be choosy
We might be laughing but you are misrepresting the science (potentially). its like when medical researchers have some drug that causes 2% increase in some lung function measurement. Its ok cool, does this COPD patient actually clinically notice it or is it a trivial number? Is slight intolerance worth not being able to dunk my brownies in milk? or eat ice cream? or cottage cheese? idk until i get some real bad osmotic diarrhea, im gonna keep at it. Maybe ill just take an...
Link me? I mean lactase levels drop but that's kind of a stretch to make it teleological. Plus many people aren't symptomatic or are minimally so Basically drink milk with cookies. And have a lactaid. Science! Letting up bend the dumb rules nature makes for us
them pentz
just to clarify I only think that the quality of milk is bad not that it causes intolerance I don't do that bro science
regis fits make me want to get margelly but then i see the price and that deters me. I don't want to just kop the left overs.
Fact. The milk in S. K where they are waaaay more strict about what you can do to milk, tastes way better. Shelf life is shorter but i mean i rather flavor.Also why is this still availablehttp://suspensionpoint.ca/stephan-schneider-jumper-romanit looked awesome and the texture and shape seemed nice.
I thought u can just pop a lactaid?
Anywhere else carrying the new season?
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