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what is the fit like on the counting trousers. I am trying to anticipate if i am a 6 or 7 in them. THe black charcoal pair seem fantastic.I think given that i have the sage already, ill probabably pass on the score.
My legacy
I have the sage which is similar to the score. I can't decide between getting the gray score or the patterned one
Needs gats
IDC if I'm not built for Schneider. I love wearing it
I should have gotten elberts cdg blazer
[[SPOILER]] SS/Gap/SS/NikeThe pants are the new players trousers. They have a very interesting knit nature. A slightly slimmer cut than the burheads so i sized up to a 6
I think that's a different Miran. Tone and style is off
Nmwa pre ordered it. Shouldn't have slept bro
Better pics later!
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