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I wish the bomber had something else instead of the panels but still gf is a beast. I think i (not so) secretly want to steal a lot of his style
I like that kaftan Prague. I want something like that in the distant future Also, Just delivered a baby!
I love colabear posts. Comfort beats everything else though.
KG you will be the first to know when I want to pass it on. I really enjoy wearing it, its very comfy and I think the shape makes me look kinda badass. Also random thought but I find when I spend a lot of time on SF i want to slim down so that I can wear more things. KG, for easy example, has a pretty great physique in that he still looks muscular but isnt bulky. When I spend time at my gym I just wanna become as big as i can. THe struggle
I thought about that but this felt more comfortable. I would have worn the guidis but it was an or day.
better pics [[SPOILER]]
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