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Maybe black sneakers
Finally got paid but took late
I don't buy the Schneider can only look good on skinny blokes. It might look better on them (and even that I'm starting to question, I haven't been on sf as much and been more about the gym so everyone looks too skinny). I think it looks different on me and bigger bros because of the puffing buy I think it's a nice casual puff not a constricting overwhelming puff. That being said. The non cardigan knits ate pretty hard to size because of the very narrow arms. I just get...
Never. Come fight me nahneun san.
Are we gathering the pitchforks???SJ!!!!!!
Last rp was roshes. Wear them everyday at work.
I like the shoes. Looks good. SF is wrong on polos and wrong on loafers.
I'm on the pediatric general surgery rotation right now. It's great! No brains but lots of guts!I've touched many brains. Probably over 20.Thou can touch brains lightly. You can even take parts out with not much defect. Heck people can have small benign tumors and they are fine!
Broke at the moment Would have picked up both of those trousers. Synthese be damned :P
[[SPOILER]] There are things at work....
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