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Awesome, I like the darker denim way more. I cant rock crew necks anymore (too constricting) but it looks good here. Makes me want to get a leather again/regret selling my giorgio brato
put him/her in the burlap sack for the beatings
haha thanks man. yeah hopefully will be able to capitalize on that although probably not as much the first few years since it'll just be bad hours and not so much $$$I actually had the weirdest dream last night and she had a small cameo in it. I need to stop eating before I go to sleep.
We actually hadn't had a single fight. It came out of the blue so that really caught me of guard. She had a hard time vocalizing what bothers her during her relationships including ours
Yeah. If I had known I'd have just been friends. It's the same, I miss having her as a buddy for things we both liked to do. Oh well.
Cotton poly, certain lighting gives them a sheen
So sad
Kiko was good but definitely not the most interesting. Iwri and David easily take that claim. I can only remember one kiko fit and while good it was not particularly special
Thanks RHET bros
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