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My gosh, you guys are crazy. I'm away from StyleForum for just a few days, and instead of sending me an email, you contact the police, the University, and file a police report against me? Please understand that I have had some important family matters going on in my life, as well as other important events related to my schoolwork that I've had to deal with; this is the first opportunity that I've had to address all the issues that have happened over the past few...
Quote: Originally Posted by aceofspades923 Does anyone know anywhere I can find these below retail? Maybe through a coupon code at checkout or something online? Thanks. APC doesn't let retailers discount their jeans. The only time you'll find APCs on discount is if a retailer forgets to put it on an exclusion list for a sale they have, or if they're going out of business and it's just a fire sale.
I would've kopped the black MMMs if they were a size larger. Snowman is a great seller, ships incredibly fast, and is a real good guy overall. Those mint MMMs actually look really good in a fit pic.
Price drops on nearly everything!
Price drop on everything but the APCs. Everything must go!
Price drop on Marc Jacobs raincoat: $130 -> $115
Added more BoO, and EG Henley. Price drops on EG CPO.
Bump - many items added. Everything must go!
God fuck, stop. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking STOP.
Bump for snowman. This dude is a really good and prompt seller. I'd already have picked his stuff up if I weren't headed back to Asia in a week.
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