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Ok, Ill buy the damn boat shoes lol...but I need some better pics of them, especially in the front. You say it has wear in the front but I don't see it, I just want a better look.
Bump for measurements
What's the length on the RLPL linen? And is it a button down or a dress shirt?
What are the measurements to the polo khaki blazer?
Are mercerized Polos really worth it? How much better are they over mesh?
Would you sale the polos separately?
40 R?
Quote: Originally Posted by zxcv I have paid for item 6 3 weeks ago why hasnt it been sent and why is it still for sale?? whooaaaa *closes paypal*
Damn athletic body! I need a 32 waist trousers :-(
Geez, whats the code?????
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