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What's the pit to pit measurements?
I had a date last weekend, we went out for ice cream and for a walk. After good conversation she pointed out I had a stain on my Polo, so while cleaning if off, I noticed I had a couple stains on my leather moccasins! I wiped but wasn't too concerned because I was having such a good time. Next morning I go to clean the shoes with water and nothing! Can some one give me some tips? They are mid-brown colored.
Sorry for the name mistake, I just wanted to rush it out lol Can someone tell me around what time frame this might have came out?
It's something about that tag that doesn't sit right with me. Is this suit fake? I know it has a very different fit to it (one that I need), but for that price on a Zenga, it kinda have me iffy...
P2P- 25.5 Shoulders-22 BOC-32
Grey J. Crew Wool Peacoat, size Large. Good condition. $40+ Shipping.
Uniqlo 02-05 lightweight denim. Good condition, no stains, tears, rips. Unhemmed.
PRL Interlock polo, never worn. Classic fit. Please include 4% paypal fee or as gift. Thank you $25 Shipped
Buy what, 5 bucks? It's a great buy nevertheless, plus it includes shipping CONUS.
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