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Even on the side view?
What is your opinion on the shoulders?
Thank you. I just came back from the hardware store and no one had any clue what I was talking about. Where can I get this stuff?
BTW I have not tailored the suit at all.
I bought this suit off of a member on SF, loved the fit, but the shoulder pads were too big imo..I try to justify it by taking out the pads, but I've heard that might destroy the suit coat. What do you guys think?
I'll try Fuller's Earth...would it be ok to rub on the entire area or just the stains?
Ebay it is.. :-(
Can I get shoulder pads removed from my suit? Bought a suit from Ebay, love everything but the shoulder pads, as I have broad shoulders at it is.
40 S with a P2P of 20"?
Here are some pictures the best I could take
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