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Ha... welcome to Style Forum. I say, get a grey or navy suit, 2 button, double vented (since you have an athletic build ), dark brown shoes, grey shirt would work great too.
What about Milwaukee area?
Thinking of buying a suit with a 35" waist, and I'm a 32...would it be worth buying just bring the waist in? Or would it not be worth it, seeing how everything else might be overly baggy?
Where was this place? I live in Milwaukee.
I have a very nice white 100% Egyptian cotton shirt, but I usually sweat in the pits. An undershirt makes me look too bulky no matter how tight I get them. Are there any alternatives? Pit guards?
Yeah, and ending up staining the damn shirt. It took me and God to get that thing off! lol
Should I get brown buttons or black?
Removing gold buttons from blazer to transform into sportscoat: good idea?
Got this nice Egyptian cotton white dress shirt from Brooks about six months ago, first time I ever encountered one with a barbell collar stay. Tried to take the damn thing off, couldn't, left it in the closet. I want to wear it tomorrow for work, so I pull it out, try my damnest to take this thing off, but it does NOT WANT TO COME OFF! I tried unscrewing, pulling, tugging..wth? How do you get this damn thing off?! Frustrated.
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