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That would fit me perfectly, but I'm not feeling that suit jacket.
Does striped shirt and a solid tie work with a glen plaid suit?
Nevermind guys. Ebay ninjas snatched the suit up.
Well, luckily I didn't win, but hypothetically if I did, how much would it cost?
Shit. I bidded. Even if I just need it released a half inch?
Bump. I need to know before I pull the trigger.
A seller on Ebay is selling a nice Canali suit, he said that he turned the 40 to a 38. The p2p is 21, so I'm betting that he suppressed the chest size, but i didnt think you could? I need to know if it's possible that you can and he did, and that it's possible to release the chest back. Thanks guys
Oh...GOD! Is there Chest size an EXACT 21 or 21.25-.5? I want this as my christmas present!
I'm definitely the dasher.
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