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I'll give you 230, I'm not feeling 3 on a defect.
I have a 31" waist, but I wear 32. My Rescues are 30.
How the hell can I stretch out the thighs in these Rescues?! I had them for a month, wore them about 2-3 times a week, slept in them, worked out in them, everything stretched to comfortably except these thighs! I have "23 thighs, but APC's were suppose to expand alot! I'm real close to throwing these in FS, any help?
Could Desert boots survive in the fall though as far as keeping warm? I want to know before I'm buying boots I have to save until spring/summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese hey, what boots are you wearing?
Quote: Originally Posted by Roygbivuxg APC is not thin but it doesn't exactly keep you warm, either. Since the denim is so rigid and becomes even more so when its cold out, it tends to behave like sheet metal, i.e. cools down quickly and chills the skin upon contact. I never would have guessed that pants could do such a thing but it did and it sucked. APCs =/= warmth in New England winters this is what I'm talkin about.
Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot Most people don't know much about clothes, don't trust reviewers. The jacket probably is real leather, it's probably just bad leather. Don't buy a leather jacket in that price range. Leather is one of those things that really really deserves your money, quality of the leather and design will increase drastically as you go up in price range. If you only have 150, buy something from Spiewak or Carhartt. ...
How do APC's fair in the fall/winter?
either the billfold or the multiple wallet. Show me what you got!
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