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When you hang polos, do you keep the collar up, or fold it down?
What size is the BR Jacket?
Wearing a button up with a moto leather jacket, can your button up extend pass your jacket to look right?
My RLPL casual shirt doesn't have the white "made in italy" tag on the left side of the collar as it do on my RLPL dress shirts, is this normal?
never mind, waay to narrow in the chest :-(
Pit to Pit is 19? Yet so is Shoulder to Shoulder? I'm confused..
I was wondering how is the PRL a 42, yet the Montefino is a 40 and they pretty much have the same measurements?
Quote: Originally Posted by chenzhongbi I own the same RLPL shirt in another size. It's truly amazing. I have this shirt too, is it me or are the french cuffs kind of small?
I know that, but I was just curious as to see where I could find the numbers. I bought a couple RLPL and BL shirts of B&S also.
Hey everyone. I was wondering where would you look for the tags on shirts authenticity? I know they are 7 digits (94xxxxx), but I don't see them on any of my shirts, and most are bought straight from Help?
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