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Take it from a black man, FUCK NO.
I would've been all over this if the waist was 32-33.
39 coat with a 36 waist? That's not right.
SPOT ON MEASUREMENTS TO THE TEE, But just not my style. If you have any other suits this exact size, contact me!
I wanted to buy this suit, but something is funny about the tags. Can someone help verify that it's a real Z Zegna? http://www.ebay.com/itm/ZZEGNA-Natural-Comfort-City-Black-Wool-Dress-Suit-40S-33-/260930437669#ht_1353wt_1163
What's the BOC!? Pm me ASAP!
just adding text since I can't delete.
GOD, I wish it wasn't so long.
That would fit me perfectly, but I'm not feeling that suit jacket.
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