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I randomly hopped on Ebay to see what would a pair cost on there just to find alot of decent conditioned Park Avenues for under 50 bucks. What's going on? Are these fakes?
TOC is 32.... but pants are 30 L?
Take it from a black man, FUCK NO.
I would've been all over this if the waist was 32-33.
39 coat with a 36 waist? That's not right.
SPOT ON MEASUREMENTS TO THE TEE, But just not my style. If you have any other suits this exact size, contact me!
I wanted to buy this suit, but something is funny about the tags. Can someone help verify that it's a real Z Zegna?
What's the BOC!? Pm me ASAP!
just adding text since I can't delete.
GOD, I wish it wasn't so long.
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