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Can you repair a fused suit that develops bubbles?
I have this .....Hugo Boss suit I bought about 3-4 years ago..VISUALLY a nice suit but I couldn't fit it every since I started weight lifting and bulked up. Was ready to sell but I noticed bubbles forming. After doing some research and noticing this is a unfixable, what could I get for this suit? Is it even sellable? 
Would you do 50?
I have these , and you're not lying, they run tight! I know that suit is nowhere near modern, but can you tell me which era of PRL suit that this suit might be from?
Hey, ready to make transition. Is it still available?
You can't do that here. If you want to set a set price. I'm willing to work with you. Like the suit.
I can't believe you guys are actually telling him to keep used shoes that he paid retail price for. Would you buy a new car with 50 miles on it? No. Dude, take those shoes back and get shoes to create YOUR OWN creases.
HELL YEAH I'd make a fuss! If you didn't buy Seconds, why should they look like you did? Send them back. Now.
Ok, maybe not fakes as AE is not a major brand known to get duplicated like Ralph Lauren, but 80% off the price when some of them barely even had a toe crease....hell of a drop.
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