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Gpope has more than 30% in store, and second sale item is $0.01. Hit the store instead.
Sounds like he is referring to an inverted box pleat. However any pleat (when the pant fits properly) should stay closed when standing.
If I remember correctly, it was a $5000 research grant to fund that establishment, yes?
HF - the way I understand (at least from the Italian tailors that I know) the ideal "hinge" as you speak is so that the bottom button on a DB is half covered by fabric when closed.
Thanks for the feedback B. This is the second pattern he's cut. The skirt has to be taken in, not the waist out. There's a few tweaks to this jacket to be done yet, but he's on holidays for the next month, so I'm just wearing it for the time being. Unfortunately some of it comes from having been an athlete for 18 years...
Yeah UC I'm rather blessed. I use a retired Italian who I worked with for a while. He's had over 50 years - and we work well together. If only I had his skill...
New goodie from my tailor. Little late in season but where I am this will still be useable for some time... and yeah I forgot to take pics with the tie still on.
^"comes with naked bear"?
Perhaps... and yes I can assure you the suit was no cheapo
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