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For shoes you can try afinepairofshoes. They're quite affordable during sales. Suits are really much better in HK. And please dont get black haha. Apply for mini-pupillages in hk! The advocacy in HK is slightly different from what we're used to in Singapore. Oh and the shape of the Singaporean shoemaker's last seem slightly off. At least to my eye. Zee's in HK make a good chisel toe thats not too pointy.
nice new dp spoo
Shirts wise, I suspect you'll be better off getting a couple while you're in HK in December.As for the suitings, it's hard to depart from the lightweight wools while staying within the confines of CBD.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett Err, since when? eh since time immemorial.
Hello I'm in HK for a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone would like to meet up for some drinks and perhaps share some of their opinions on the various hk tailors. I'm thinking one of the weekday evenings in the first week of may. Any one up for it?
The football managers in the barclays premier league wear them on certain weekends, I think.
I would get them on the inside of the collar; the part that sits on your nape.
so expensive!
Quote: Originally Posted by Flamboyant That seems excessively expensive, for what is at most a few hours work. I wonder how much some of the folk here bill per hour.
If only I didnt get water on my macbook…
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