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I have two shirts from their Royal Voile Lino that have turned out very well. Feels similar albeit slightly more luxe than G&R Zevi. Less luxe than Romentino Connery.I've heard from more than one person that S.I.C. Tess is difficult to deal with. Personally I would just stick with the Zevi since that is cheaper and yet performs well.
Has anyone had any experience with the Holland and Sherry bunch HS143, "Triple Crown"? It is somewhat light at 250/280 gms, and is a Super 120s, so I'm curious as to its durability, whether it drapes well, and whether it wears cool. Interestingly, it has a 3 ply construction. Here is a picture:
I have a suit made out of their semi-milled range and it drapes well and like the other posters above have said, the cloth appears as durable as stuff from other makers I have tried such as Harrisons of Edinburgh, Lesser and Smiths.
Try this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUPERFINE-WOOL-WORSTED-SUITING-FLANNEL-SEMI-MILLED-DARK-GREY-3-5MTRS-/111168131743?hash=item19e223129f
My experience with Supraluxe has been similar. It is one of my favourite shirtings. Supraluxe is easy to iron and has good wrinkle resistance yet is both softer than most 120s or 100s and is lightweight for a 120s shirting.
Those are beautiful tweeds, jerrybrowne.Has anyone ever had any experience with a bunch called The Bard by Lovat? I have come across a few scattered mentions of it - once in a Huntsman newsletter and once on a forum post - and I think it is likely to be suitable for my purposes. I have tried to email them a couple of times but they did not respond to my emails.
PM sent.
You could try Art Tailor at the basement of Liang Court for trousers. Prices are reasonable.
The brown reminds me of this: http://thesuitsofjamesbond.com/?p=130
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