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It's an interesting bunch. Surprisingly heavy though (430 gms). [[SPOILER]]
My experience with VBC Perennial has been similar.
Yes, I've ordered swatches and cloth from Pepper Lee before, no problems. My experiences ordering from Harrisons of Edinburgh have also been very positive.AFAIK Dormeuil doesn't sell directly to end users.
Apart from the prickliness I find that the 100% summer kid mohair hangs well and is comfortable to wear. I've also had a suit in their Explorer range ( 2-ply by 2-ply, 27% mohair; probably adult) that feels a little more prickly and also feels pretty stiff, appreciably more stiff than the 100% SKM.
I'm not familiar with the Smith Woolens' Formal bunch per se but the other bunches I've had experience with have been excellent. I have a length of William Halstead 100% summer kid mohair that I intend to make up into a tuxedo. It is 260-280 gms and comes in black and midnight blue. I made up the latter into a business suit but no longer wear because it is too dark. Since it is mohair, it would be prickly to wear, but it hangs very well and has a very interesting shine to...
+1. H. Lesser 9.5/10 was marvellous cloth. I understand that Harrisons is not reissuing it because it is too similar in weight to the Frontier. While the extent of my experience with the Frontier has been with physical bunches, I've never heard anyone who has had experience with both say that the Frontier was on par with the Lesser 9.5.
I love the Blue Riband bunch myself. My suits from that bunch are not the most breathable but I find them wearable in the tropical heat. I have not used Schofield & Smith before but I understand that their Best English Tradition bunch has grey sharkskins: http://www.schofieldandsmith.co.uk/cloth-en.php?n30=T-1600X-22
It is a 3-roll-2 suit made by a local tailor. Cloth is VBC Perennial, wide chalkstripes on navy design.
Very happy with my first H N White burgundy grenadine tie. Knots up well and looks great! Excellent price as well.
Finally a high quality yet reasonably priced tie maker, with ties in a 9cm width! (Apart from Vanda and Sam Hober of course) I have come across many nice designs from high quality tie makers that I could not use because they were too thin. I hope that this brand continues to grow so that more designs can be offered. Edit: In particular, personally, I would like to see more striped designs, both printed and woven, but especially the latter. Vanda and Hober have put out...
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