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I just remembered that Huddersfield Cloth has a grey herringbone in its Luxury High Twist bunch. However, IIRC the herringbones in this bunch are fancier than those that I have come across in other English suiting bunches. I only have one pair of trousers made from this bunch, and they hang very well (as is to be expected from a high twist cloth). Slightly heavier than the Blue Riband, though. In terms of performance, I would pick these two bunches over the Premier Cru and...
Smith Woollens Blue Riband SW5806.
Thank you for that. Did the oatmeal one look like this?Sadly I do not know which bunch this is from.
I have just had a sports coat made up in one of their 75% hemp 25% wool designs from the Blue bunch. The cloth is 310 gms and drapes very well. I have only worn the coat once and it wears reasonably cool as it is quite porous.May I inquire which bunch(es) these new colours are found in?
My limited experience with Bonfanti has been as follows: New York - 170s "voile", somewhat sheer and very cool to wear. Feels slightly crisp and is not incredibly soft. It is described as a voile but I am told that the New York doesn't use voile yarns. Dallas - 170s poplin, not sheer or as cool to wear as the New York, and decidedly more luxurious. Capri - 120s poplin, weave seems quite compact, but cloth still creases rather easily for a 120s.
Sarto is right. I am not familiar with the 2015 catalogue, but in previous catalogues that I have seen, Zephir Soyella was also available in other weights as well: 70, 75, 80, 85 and 95 gms. Personally I have found the latter three weights to be the most desirable for me, and they appear to me to be crease less easily than could be expected of a 170s. I agree that the 65 gms ones are a little too light; that said, I have found them to be very durable and comparatively more...
I shall not begrudge anyone's right to an honest living. I have no problems paying the mark up of an agent who has added value to me as a customer.
If they wanted support, they should have paid more heed to their end users' requests. It certainly is regrettable when companies that may otherwise be putting out good products face difficulty, but it may well be a consequence of poor business decisions, or failing to evolve or innovate to respond to changes in the market.Just last month I put in a group order for more than £2,000 worth of cloth from a different cloth merchant that had sent me their bunches. That was the...
They are quite an appalling company, and their Singapore agent is unbelievably incompetent. When they announced their new mohair bunch early this year (even offering on Facebook to send the bunch to customers), I tried to ask them for the bunch and they simply said they would inform their Singapore agent. After many weeks and several entreaties, their response was always the same, and I never got to see the bunch I was looking for at any of the tailors whom I used. I...
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