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I am intending to make up a dark grey suit for business purposes in a conservative environment. Has anyone had experience with both Hardy Minnis Fresco II (280-300 gms) and Smith Woolens Abacus? Is the Abacus less rough/fuzzy than the mid-weight Fresco II? Also, Abacus does feel somewhat stiffer. Is its ability to resist wrinkles and hold a crease comparable to the mid-weight Fresco II? Many thanks in advance.
Not sure if the colour is what you are looking for, but Ariston has a range of herringbones in what they term "summer tweed", and is 80% silk and 20% linen: http://articlesofstyle.com/52086/a-cooler-tweed-silk-hemp-for-spring/ I have a sports coat in it, and I find that it wears surprisingly cool. However, the coat was very expensive.
Look who's complaining now.The pictures I try to post are very large when they show up on the thread. Since I wanted to preface the photos with descriptions, the spoilers help to group the photos together. I find spoilers helpful when I am reading off my phone and figured that may feel the same way, even if others may be bent on finding fault with anything I post.
To follow up on my previous post, here are some photos of my fifth pair of Vass shoes. They are the River model, with the addition of heel counter seams, in brown museum calf. Once again, K last, in G fitting, double to single leather soles and flush metal toe taps: [[SPOILER]] When worn (trousers are H.Lesser 13 ozs 29706): [[SPOILER]] My second pair of Vass shoes. U Last adelaide oxfords in brown musuem calf. Soles are double to single leather, with flush metal toe taps:...
All four pictures in my previous post are of the same pair of shoes, which are in plum museum calf.
Thanks! Here are some photos that Vass sent me before they posted the shoes: [[SPOILER]] A couple taken by a friend of mine: [[SPOILER]]Vass sent me my shoes before they shut down, but I cannot say the same for another maker.
I'm sure you'll be satisfied with them I should also add, recently I received a pair of Edward Green Advanced MTOs in their new 890 last. They were excellent, comfortable shoes but twice what I paid for my Vass, and yet they do not seem to be any better in terms of quality.Also, the 890 last looked incredible to me in pictures, on the display cabinets and when I tried them on in the store, but as silly as this sounds, when I look at them on my feet, they somehow did not...
This is a pair of Vass plum museum calf shoes in an adelaide design. I asked for double tapered to single soles, with flush metal toe taps. K last in the wide (G) fitting. This is perhaps my favourite last from any maker, Meccariello's Habu last being the other. I also fancy the Bestetti chiselled last but have never owned a pair of those myself. I already have four pairs of shoes from Vass and I have always been immensely satisfied with the shoes I receive. Their...
With respect this is a different point. This latest post was about setting the record straight that I had not lied. But if you are unable to distil different points in posts that do not contain effusive praise, for your benefit I will add that in spite of our disagreements, Skoaktiebolaget did expend considerable effort in trying to make things right and I acknowledge that it was very commendable. Edit: I also promise that, as long as I won't have to respond to any...
It has just been confirmed that EB did indeed go on vacation without finishing my order.I do not know what your motives were, but you are the one who has been proven to be wrong. I would have apologised if the statement you had quoted was incorrect, but it has been revealed to be true. Perhaps you should have the integrity to admit your own error as well.
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